When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing?

When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing?

Most German Shepherds will reach physical maturity when they are between two and three years old. Every dog matures at its own rate, with females reaching their final size and weight sooner. Here is everything you need to know about when German Shepherds stops growing:

When is Your German Shepherd Fully Grown?

Every German Shepherd is different and they can finish growing at different rates.

When Do Male German Shepherds Stop Growing?

On average, though, male German Shepherds will stop growing when they are two and a half years old. Some dogs may continue to grow up to the age of 3.

When Do Female German Shepherds Stop Growing?

Female German Shepherds will mature faster than males – both physically and mentally. Most female German Shepherds may be considered full-grown at two years, although they may go on growing until they are two and a half.

Even though German Shepherds take long to reach full size, much of their physical growth is completed by the time they are one year old. After this point, they will often only grow 5 percent more in terms of height and weight.

What are the German Shepherd Growth Stages?

Here is a breakdown of the growth stages that your German Shepherd will go through until they are fully grown:

How Long is the Newborn Stage?

This stage lasts for two weeks. The puppies will often increase in weight from between 65 to 95 grams a day. They spend most of their time sleeping and feeding. A puppy at this stage can weigh as much as 4lbs.

How Much Will Dogs Weigh-in Transitional Stage?

This period begins when the puppies are two weeks old and end when they reach 4 weeks. They will continue to grow at a steady pace.

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At the end of this time, females will be around 3 to 6 inches tall and weigh between 4.5 and 8lbs. The males may be as tall as 4 to 6 inches and weigh around 5.5 to 9lbs.

How Long Does the Socialization Stage Last?

This stage lasts until the puppy is around 3 months old. At around 2 months, your German Shepherd may experience a rapid growth spurt.

As the period draws to an end, females may be up to 10 inches tall and weigh between 11 and 17lbs. The males can be as tall as 11 inches and weigh between 22 and 30lbs.

What is the Importance of the Juvenile Stage?

This period will last from 3 to 6 months and at the end of it, the puppy is considered to have reached sexual maturity.

When your puppy is around four months old, they will have reached the halfway point of their final weight and height. At the end of the Juvenile stage, they may have achieved up to 70 percent of their final size.

Female German Shepherds can reach 15 to 17 inches tall and weigh between 44 and 49lbs. Males can be 16 and 18 inches tall and 49 and 57lbs.

How Much Do German Shepherds Grow During the Adolescent Stage?

This stage takes longer – anywhere from six months to two years. By the end of the first year, your puppy will be almost as big as he or she is going to get.

As a result, the females can be between 20 and 22 inches in height and 60 and 64lbs. The male German Shepherds may reach around 22 and 24 inches in height and weigh between 71 and 71lbs.

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How Big Are the Dogs at the End of the Adult Stage?

This can last until your dog is around two to three years old. As stated, females will reach maturity faster than males. Female dogs may be between 22 and 24 inches and 66 to 70lbs as an adult. Male adults may grow to be 24 to 26 inches tall and weigh 79 to 88lbs.

How Many Growth Spurts Does a German Shepherd Have?

There is no set number of growth spurts that your German Shepherd will go through. They will grow rapidly between 3 and 6 months and may undergo multiple growth spurts.

This depends on how big your German Shepherd will get and how well they are developing. Female German Shepherds or smaller dogs may experience fewer growth spurts.

Every dog is different and will grow and develop at its own pace. Frequent veterinary check-ups can help to ensure that your dog is on the right track.

How Can You Tell How Big a German Shepherd Will Get?

The eventual size of your German Shepherd is all up to genetics. Their parents’ size tends to be a good indication of how big they can get. You can also check with the breeder and estimate how big your dog may get.

Smaller males can grow to around 24 inches and weigh up to 65lbs. Bigger dogs can be around 26 inches and weigh as much as 90lbs. Females can be around 22 and 24 inches and weigh around 50 to 70lbs.

It can be difficult to know how big your dog is going to get in its earlier developmental stage. By the time your puppy is one year old, though, you may have a clearer idea of their eventual size. They will not get much bigger than this.

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Nutrition can play a significant role in your dog’s size as well. It may not have much of an impact on your dog’s final size but may determine how quickly your dog will grow. Proper nutrition can help your dog to stay on track.

This is especially true when your dog is experiencing significant growth. At this point, they should be eating high-quality, nutritive dog food, but your vet may ask you to avoid overfeeding your dog. An excess of calories may cause your puppy to grow too quickly, causing joint issues later on.

It is best to speak with your vet about proper diet and nutrition for your growing German Shepherd.

German Shepherds can continue to grow until they are three years old, although many stopped growing several months before this. Females will develop faster and will be considered physically mature sooner than males. Each dog may deviate in its growth and development patterns, so make sure that you keep your vet looped in on how they are doing.

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