How To Train A Puppy To Be Alone

Steps to Take in Training Your Puppy to Be Alone

Most individuals do not like being alone any more than your dog likes being left alone. If you had it your way, you would be at home every day with your best friend. After all, it would be nice if your pup understood that you must work to buy their doggie bones and toys. Your dog needs to learn that it cannot go with you all the time. There will be times when your dog must be alone for short intervals. You need to,

  • Work
  • Socialize
  • Run errands
  • Meet emergencies

Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety

Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Does your dog become anxious, displaying negative behaviors when you leave it alone? Some dogs left alone and not penned may destroy furniture and chew up household items, clothing, or shoes. A comfortable doggie pen and some dog training will be beneficial. Your vet may be able to help you if your pup displays behaviors or anxiety when you leave them alone.

Your dog likely does not understand why you must leave the house, whether to earn a living, run errands or attend a social event. There is no getting around the fact that your dog will often be alone. How it accepts being alone has a lot to do with how successfully you train your dog. The trick is to train your dog to be at peace and to know that you will be returning.

You can do some things to remove the stress of separation. It is best to pen your pooch while away unless your dog proves otherwise. It is vital to keep all essentials inside the pen with your dog. Never pen your dog without ample food and water.

Positive Relationship

You Can Build a Positive Relationship Between the Pen and Your Pup

The following tips may be helpful to you in training your dog to be alone.

When you bring a new puppy into your home, the number one thing you must do is potty train your dog and possibly contain them peacefully in an area of the house designated for potty training. Some pet owners lay a pee pad in a specified area of the house until the dog can learn to let you know they need to go outside. Training your dog to stay in a penned place at a specific time may help them settle down and relax.

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Some pet owners tie a loud bell to the end of a cord hanging from the doorknob of the back or front door. The dog rings the bell when they need to go outside. At any rate, successful potting training goes hand in hand with leaving your dog alone. Dog training must be started early. However, it is never too late to train an older dog. It would be best to buy and utilize an inside wire doggie pen for potty training and to put the pup in when you need to leave it alone.

  • Never leave your pup alone in a locked pen without some vital essentials.
  • Never chain your dog to the inside of its pen.
  • Never think that all you have to do is put the essentials in a locked pen and toss your pup inside without first training your dog. This is cruel and unusual punishment for any animal.
  • Lay pee pads inside the doggie pen at one end.
  • Put an assortment of your dog’s favorite toys, dog bones, and treats in its pen.
  • Place fresh food and water dishes inside the pen.
  • Lay a cushy, cozy, warm doggie bed or soft blanket inside the pen.
  • Be sure to leave soft music playing for your pup.

You must slowly introduce the pen to your puppy by setting the pen up in a favorite part of the house. Leave the door open and put a few snacks or toys in the pen. Your puppy will start sniffing the pen out and may even begin spending time in the pen with the door open. Allow your pup to enter and leave the pen at its leisure.

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Never be too surprised if your puppy enters the pen and removes the toys or snacks. Just pick these items up and place them back inside the pen. After a few days of introducing your puppy to its pen and it seems acquainted with the container, gently close the door while the puppy is inside, but do not lock it quite yet.

After a few more days, try locking the door for brief periods while your puppy is busy inside the pen, but do not leave its sight. You can hand your puppy treats through the door and talk to them. If your puppy becomes agitated or restless, let them try again later that day. Every time you do this, increase its time in the pen under your watchful eye.

This wire pen can serve a dual purpose. A dog pen is a great place to lay a pee pad when potting training, so your pup and go to it to pee or poo. The other is for containment of your puppy while you are gone. The puppy’s time in the locked enclosure must be slowly increased for them to get used to the pen while you are gone. Increase the puppy’s pen time, and be sure to remove yourself from sight.

You can lay a comfy doggie bed in a specific place in the house or a pen, and this is the place that your dog goes to teach them to be alone. Dogs do best if their place of comfort allows them to see family members. Dogs like to know what is going on as much as you do. Training your dog will require you to keep a sufficient amount of treats on hand. You can lure your dog to its bed or pen with goodies, or you can lay treats on their bed.

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Animals embrace praise. Along with recognition comes a treat. Training your puppy works better if you give your dog one-word commands such as, but not limited to, the following words. Never use more than two command words at a time until the dog understands what you want them to do. When it follows your command, give them a treat.

  • Bed
  • Pen
  • Stay
  • Sit
  • No
  • Lay
  • Come
  • Stop

Always keep in mind that training your puppy takes a lot of effort and hard work. However, training your dog is well worth the effort. If you train your puppy right, it takes no time at all before your puppy understands each command and accepts being alone. Your pup learns that being alone is OK because you will return.

You will get to the point that all you need to do is to command your dog to enter its pen when you need to leave the house. It takes no time for the dog to associate its pen with being alone, and all is OK as long as you place its essential needs in the pen.

It is Best to Buy Healthy Alone Treat Options for Your Pup

Meaty bones, bully sticks, stuffed treats, and non-editable chewable toys make wonderful treats for your dog during training sessions. Fill a sock with delicious doggie treats. The dog will remove these treats and enjoy them while they are alone. These treats and toys give your dog security and keep them busy while alone. Never feed your best friend any kind of human food, no matter how healthy you believe it to be.

Perhaps your dog will not need a pen when you leave the house because your dog displays no negative behavior. No behaviors exhibited when left alone are great news for them and you.

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