Springer Spaniel Growth Chart – Size & Weight Chart

Springer Spaniel Growth Chart

Springer Spaniels are lovable dogs with high energy and charming personalities. They are known for their endless stamina and long ears.

Keeping track of your puppy’s development using a Springer Spaniel growth chart helps ensure that they achieve all the growth milestones.

Springer Spaniel makes loyal companions and because of their tracking talents and agility, they are great at hunting.

To keep them busy and mentally stimulated, you can take them hiking and camping. This breed is great for the cold weather because of their double coat.

To understand more about the growth of a Springer Spaniel, continue reading this article.

When Do Springer Spaniels Stop Growing?

Springer Spaniel Puppy Size Chart

Springer Spaniels reach their adult size and stop growing at the age of 18 months. This is when they achieve their adult weight and height.

However, some Springer Spaniels may take longer than that to fill out while others fill out sooner.

When it comes to mental and emotional maturity, your Springer Spaniel takes about three years to behave like an adult dog.

Knowing when your puppy reaches their adult size will help you provide them with the best nutrition and exercise as well as understand their personality.

It is important to note that genetics and health condition plays a role in the growth of your puppy.

Springer Spaniel Growth Chart

Tracking the weight of your Springer Spaniel is necessary for ensuring that they remain healthy throughout their life.

Understanding when they are supposed to reach a certain weight milestone will give you an idea of their progress as they get older.

Our Springer Spaniel weight chart gives you a list of the average weight of puppies at a certain age. The Springer Spaniel growth chart should be used as a guide to monitor your puppy’s growth but there could be slight variations in the numbers.

This is because some factors such as genetics, exercise level, and the type of food can affect their weight.

A three-month-old Springer Spaniel should weigh around 17 and 22 pounds, at six months they weigh between 35 and 38 pounds, and weigh about 46 and 51 pounds.

If you have any concerns about the weight of your Springer Spaniel, speak to your vet and they will advise you on what to do to improve your puppy’s health.

Springer Spaniel Weight Chart

Age Average weight LBSAverage weight KG
3 Months17.5 - 22 lbs8 - 10 kg
4 Months24 - 28.5 lbs11 - 13 kg
5 Months31 - 33 lbs14 - 15 kg
6 Months35 - 37.5 lbs16 - 17 kg
7 Months37.5 - 40 lbs17 - 18 kg
8 Months39.5 - 42 lbs18 - 19 kg
9 Months42 - 44 lbs19 - 20 kg
10 Months44 - 46 lbs20 - 21 kg
11 Months44 - 48.5 lbs20 - 22 kg
12 Months46 - 51 lbs21 - 23 kg

Springer Spaniel Puppy Development Stages

Springer Spaniel Weight Chart

Birth – 2 Weeks

Springer Spaniels are born with their eyes and eyes not working which is why they spend most of their time sleeping.

They depend on their mother for warmth and nutrition. They are not able to regulate their body temperature because they are not fully developed.

If the mother cannot provide the warmth or the milk for some reason, the breeder should step up and provide the food and warmth.

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks

During this period, your puppy will go through various changes including weaning and eating solid foods instead of depending on the mother’s milk for nutrition.

They will develop their first teeth and start feeding at around the age of four weeks.

The muscles will develop and they can start running around and playing with their siblings. They will also gain control of their bladder and their immune system will start developing. You can play fetch together to keep them physically active.

At 8 weeks old, they will move to their new homes, and the owners are advised to keep feeding them the type of food they were eating at the breeder’s place.

4 Months – 9 Months

At this stage, your puppy will have developed their motor skills and coordination. Their muscles are also stronger as they grow in height and their bones begin to harden. However, they will remain playful and puppy-like.

They will also show signs of being afraid and shy because they are going through the adolescent stage. Therefore, you should socialize them with other dogs and people and take them to new surroundings.

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Obedience training is required at this stage so that your puppy does not become dominant.

Continue providing him with about 45 minutes of exercise daily but avoid playing in full sunlight and only play in the early mornings and evenings.

Springer Spaniel Puppy Diet

10 Months – 18 Months

When your puppy turns one year old, you can take them jogging but not for long distances, keeping to a mile or less is recommended and you should allow them to rest when they want to protect their joints from overworking.

This is the age where most Springer Spaniels reach their adult size.

You should transition them to adult food when they turn 18 months and ensure that you do the process gradually to avoid causing diarrhea or vomiting.

You can stick to the same brand of dog food or change depending on your vet’s recommendation.


As an adult, your Springer Spaniel has achieved most of their growth and all they need now is a healthy and balanced diet and care from you. Some may continue filling up to two years while others will stop growing completely.

It is important that you take your puppy to the vet regularly for medical checkups so that they remain healthy throughout their life.

You should also ensure that they are maintaining a healthy weight to avoid weight-related diseases such as obesity.

How Big Do Springer Spaniels Get?

Are you wondering about the adult size of your Springer Spaniel when they are fully grown? Well, there are a few ways to predict your puppy’s adult size.

First, looking at the parents will give you a clear picture of your puppy’s adult size. Most female puppies look like their mother while male puppies look like their fathers.

If you got your puppy from a reputable breeder, they should have size information about the parents and if possible, they can even show you the parents.

Springer Spaniel Puppy Weight Chart

Secondly, look at the paws. If they appear unusually large then your puppy is still growing but if they are proportional to the body and the legs, then your puppy has reached their final size.

Thirdly, you can use the weight chart specifically designed for Springer Spaniels which is available online or can be provided by your vet.

Finally, if you do not have the parent’s information, you can do a DNA test and predict the adult size using the results.

Springer Spaniels weigh between 35 and 55 pounds with a height of between 17 and 20 inches when fully grown.

Springer Spaniel Size Chart

The growth of a female Springer Spaniel is different from that of a male Springer Spaniel. Adult females are smaller in size while adult males are bigger in size, and females grow faster than males.

On average, a male Springer Spaniel weighs about 50 to 55 pounds with a height of around 18 to 20 inches. A female Springer Spaniel on the other hand has a weight of about 35 and 40 pounds and a height of 17 to 18 inches.

Will Neutering/Spaying My Springer Spaniel Affect His Growth?

Neutering or spaying affects the development and growth of the Springer Spaniel sometimes, it is necessary to perform the procedure.

Spaying involves surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries, while neutering involves removal of the testes.

Research has shown that it can reduce the likelihood of some cancers and that it has the benefit of eliminating the risks of unwanted deaths.

However, there are some risks involved with the surgery that the pet owners need to be very careful when the surgery s competes and that recovery is necessary because it is a delicate time for the dog thus, you need to make sure they do not engage in any activities that can hurt them.

Research showed that neutering or spaying may affect the growth plates of canines. When there is delayed closure, it can lead to joint problems and hence can make your dog grow taller than normal when no spaying or neutering did not take place.

Brittany vs Springer Spaniel Size

Brittany Spaniels are less heavy than the Springer Spaniels. The Springer Spaniels are also classified into field dogs and show dogs but the Brittany Spaniels do not have the classification.

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Springer spaniel has an average weight of 18 to 25kg and a height of 46cm to 51cm, while the Brittany Spaniel is usually between 43 to 52cm in height, and weighs between 15 and 25 kilograms.

Springer Spaniels are a bit hairy than Brittany Spaniel and also have a broad skull that is flat on top. The Brittany Spaniels have round, medium-sized, and wedge-shaped snouts.

Factors That Affect Springer Spaniel Growth 

Springer Spaniel Puppy Growth Chart

Genetics & Gender 

Gender and genetics contribute greatly to the growth of your Springer Spaniel as mentioned spaying and neutering are among the top contributors to growth.

Male Springer Spaniels are large than their female counterparts. This happens throughout their lives. Genetics affecter the Springer spaniel because by just looking at their parents, you can tell the size of your dog when fully grown.


Springer Spaniels need high-quality food which is suitable for their ages. It is said that as dog age and grows old they will require less food, therefore, the feeding must be adjusted.

Ensure not to give your dog cooked foods or bones because they are high in fat.

Protein is an important part of the Springer Spaniels because they need strong muscles. The Springer Spaniel enjoys exercising hence they need a properly balanced diet.

They need about 1.5 to 2 cups of dry food per day for puppies while adults need about four cups a day.

Physical Activity & Health

Springer Spaniel Growth

The Springer Spaniel loves spending time with the owners especially when engaged outdoors in playful activities. They need enough exercise so they should be kept in the house all day.

If you have a fenced yard where they can around it would be ideal.

Exercise is good for their help because they will develop muscles and bones. Remember to start by engaging them in exercises gradually because they can suffer injuries when still young because their bones are still soft.

How Much to Feed a Growing Springer Spaniel Puppy?

The Springer Spaniel puppies need food frequently because they burn calories faster. They are recommended to take 2 ½ cups of dog food per day which is around 5/6 cups per meal. They are fed three times a day.

The Springer Spaniel needs small frequent meals because they are growing rapidly. Puppies need puppy food because they have the necessary nutrients which in important for their growth.

When they are given three meals a day, this helps them to digest food easily and maintain consistent energy levels.do not overfeed your dog because it can gain weight.

Providing good proportions in every meal because of their metabolism.

How To Tell If Your Springer Spaniel Is Underweight or Overweight? 

Springer Spaniel Size Chart

Being overweight is a big challenge to even the most careful pet parent. Being overweight is accompanied by many challenges. You can feel the ribs of the thick layer.

The springer spaniel show has a slightly wider chest than its abdomen. The chest needs to be visibly tucked up from the chest to the stomach.

When a dog is overweight, there is no separation of the stomach and chest; the Spring spaniel is underweight when there visible ribs, stomachs, waist, and ribcage.

What Are the Most Common Conditions to Be Aware Of In Growing Springer Spaniel Puppies?

The Springer Spaniel is susceptible to certain conditions. when you want to go for a Springer Spaniel ensure you are aware of the parent breed and have undergone the necessary screening before adoption.

Springer Spaniel Puppy Size Chart

This will help reduce the chances of puppies developing certain conditions.

There is Hip dysplasia where the joint does not fit well and leads to arthritis. They also are affected by some eye conditions,

Do Springer Spaniels Experience Growing Pain?

Growing pain is also known as Panosteitis and affects a lot of dogs. The Springer Spaniel is also susceptible to bone and joint disorders when growing.

These disorders include Hypertrophic osteochondritis and osteochondritis dissecans.

This condition can cause great pain to the dog hence be keen on your dog so that you can tell when it is undergoing pain.

What To Do If My Springer Spaniel Is Not The Right Weight?

Your dog is not the right weight when underweight or overweight. You could want to understand why your dog is overweight or underweight.

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For this medium size, you may not be sure whether they are too small or too large.

There are several methods you can use to ensure that your dog is healthy with the correct weight. Your vet can help you to know if your dog is the right weight and if he is healthy without any conditions that may affect him.

BCS scores are always handy in pinpointing the body mass of your dog. The Springer Spaniel is a bit fluffy so looking at them simply may not be helpful.

When you run your hand through the ribcage you need to see if you can feel flat easily. When you can feel the bone properly throughout the skin and all you are feeling is fat, then your dog is overweight.

How To Help Your Springer Spaniel Lose Weight If He Is Overweight?

There are several ways you can use to help your dog to lose weight;

Physiotherapy- when dogs are old, physiotherapy can be recommended to them if they have mobility problems. This will help the muscles and joints to be strong and lose weight.

A balanced diet is good for your Springer spaniel and avoiding unhealthy treats will save you a lot.

Ensure the vet has ruled out any health conditions first before you help your dog to gain or lose weight. Human snacks are not good because they have high calories hence causing weight gain.

Exercising your dog regularly is beneficial for weight loss. You can take your dog to play with others in the park or play with him in your backyard.

Break the mealtimes o allow them to digest their food well and allow them not to get hungry. You can do homemade food so that you can provide the essential nutrients for your dog.

How To Properly Weight My Springer Spaniel?

Springer Spaniel Development

Two methods can be used to measure the weight of your Springer Spaniel:

The first method is more accurate and better when using the dog’s weighing scale.

When using the weighing scale, helps in monitoring the growth of the Springer Spaniel regularly hence being able to detect any abnormal growth earlier. A weighing scale will help you check your dog’s weight regularly.

The other method is using the bathroom weighing scale. When you are using the bathroom weighing scale you need to hold your dog and stand on the scale to weigh yourself.

Then weigh your weight alone without the dog. Then you subtract your weight alone from that of the dog and the difference will be the weight of the dog.

The second method is quite inaccurate and can be difficult to use when your Springer Spaniel is heavy and if he cannot stay calm when held.

Springer Spaniel Genetics and Common Health Problems

The Springer Spaniel are medium-sized dogs; therefore, they are typically healthy with few health conditions that affect them. This breed lives longer than the giant or large breeds.

These dogs however have a few conditions that may affect them including:

Hip and elbow dysplasia is a condition that affects the elbow and the joints causing dislocation and leading to inflammation, irritation, and pain.

The dog may struggle to put weight on one or both legs creating difficulty in mobility. It is hereditary but it can be treated.

They also get affected by eye problems which include cataracts. Cataracts manifest at 8 weeks, and if not treated, they make the dog go blind by 2-4 years.

They should screen their adults for these health conditions. Ensure to check on your dog’s ears and brush their teeth regularly.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article gives you confidence in tracking the growth of your Springer Spaniel.

Taking care of a Springer Spaniel puppy involves providing balanced nutrition, regular visits to the vet, and plenty of exercises. It also involves grooming them because they have a double coat and are full of fur.

To reduce shedding, you should brush the coat once per week and bathe them twice a month. A happy and healthy Springer Spaniel means that you have a faithful companion to spend your time with.

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