Short Haired German Shepherds

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With their magnificent undercoat, short-haired shepherd breeds are the only accepted German shepherd dogs in the kennel club. That’s why they’re the only German shepherd breed you’ll see in any kind of dog show.

This is perhaps the reason why many dog lovers want to buy one nowadays. But as always, you can’t make rash decisions that you might regret later.

True, different dog breeds have different needs, but they all have something in common. You can’t take care of them without knowing much about their breed. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that because this post offers a guide for dog lovers on short-haired German shepherds.

Short Haired German Shepherds: Their Personality

Regardless of the coat length, German shepherds are intelligent and loyal.

But, you still have to remember that their personalities aren’t completely the same. After all, different breeds tend to have unique personalities. 

Short-haired shepherd breeds are no exception. Let’s start with the traits dogs are best known for.

They are loyal and obedient

Short-haired shepherd breeds are extremely loyal to their owners.

That’s why the first thing you’ll notice is their willingness to do any job for you. But as usual, too much is bad.

You’ll find their loyalty a bit troublesome since they can be anxious when left alone for a long period of time.

There’s no need to worry because that’s not the only good thing about their personality.

They are cautious and loving

Short-haired German shepherds also tend to be cautious around strangers. That’s what makes them great watchdogs.

At the same time, they’re very loving once they acknowledge you, perfect for those looking for a best friend. And you can expect that your relationship will last forever.

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They are reserved

This is why they tend to see their trainer as someone special. So they won’t get too comfy with other people.

After all, the hard-hearted personality of short-haired German shepherds makes it impossible for them to get used to many people at once.

Short Haired German Shepherds are Not for Everyone

Considering their ill-tempered nature, it’s not easy to get along with short-haired shepherd breeds.

Thus, sufficient knowledge about them is necessary in order to avoid disappointment later on.

To be more specific, short-haired German shepherds are not for you if…

You go out too often

Just as usual with dogs, you’ll have to keep them company.

While short-haired German shepherd puppies aren’t exactly the same, they’d constantly want attention as they grow fond of you.

Frequent vacations, trips, and overtime are the perfect ingredients for disaster when it comes to short-haired German shepherds.

You only see them as watchdogs

It goes without saying that short-haired German shepherds need freedom, just like how other dogs do.

So keeping them restrained with chains for a long time will only lead to problems.

You’re not observative

This breed, particularly short-haired German shepherd puppies, are prone to allergies.

Paying no attention to their behavior can only spell disaster, so watch out for sudden changes.

You can’t tolerate noise

Short-haired shepherd breeds are also loud barkers, especially when left alone.

I suggest looking for other breeds if you’re not patient enough.

Pointers for Taking Care of Short Haired German Shepherds

Health, personalities, habits. The best thing about dogs is that you can take advantage of these to suit your needs.

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And that’s exactly what you should do. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Get along with them while they’re small

Short-haired German shepherd puppies are more tolerant when young.

So get them used to crowds early on so they won’t be unresponsive when they grow older.

Teach them new skills regularly

While dogs are known for being fast learners, short-haired German shepherds are beyond that.

Don’t let that amazing trait go to waste by not teaching them new tricks regularly.

Check out their paws

As short-haired shepherd breeds tend to be too loving, they won’t display pain even with a hurt paw.

Don’t take any chances and watch out for their paws. You can’t be 100% sure if they’re really fine.

If you’ve decided to buy one of them after this, you might be thinking about the short-haired German shepherd price and things like that.

Take note, however, that this isn’t the only investment you’ll have to make.

Tips for Investing in Short Haired German Shepherds

Considering their many wonderful traits, it’s only natural to want one.

But alas, you’d have to go through some thorough research to get your ideal short-haired German shepherd puppies.

When buying…

Due to the popularity of such breeds, there are many shams selling short-haired shepherd breeds. So, what you need to do is limit yourself to respected breeders.

If you think the short-haired German shepherd price is too low, it’s okay to have suspicions.

To give you a reference, the average short-haired German shepherd price ranges from $500 to $1500, and that’s from a trusted breeder. To avoid health issues, you might have to spend more on your initial purchase.

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Buy shedders… and vacuum-cleaners

Most short-haired German shepherds shed 365 days a year. They can even shed more than their long-haired counterpart.

Keep those in mind when shopping for your dog’s necessities.

Purchase chew toys, the durable ones

With proper care, short-haired German shepherd puppies can grow with tenacious jaws.

Surely no one wants to fix damages in their yards or home, so buy some chew toys. Additionally, make sure they’re the kind that lasts.

Secure a regular check-up with the vet

As previously said, the short-haired shepherd breeds tend to endure the toughest struggles.

Even when they appear healthy, they might not be. So send them to the vet once in a while.

Ensure a healthy diet

If you think their shedding, chewing, and health issues are tiresome to deal with regularly, you can minimize it through their diet.

With a balanced diet, short-haired German shepherd puppies can grow with healthy teeth, ones that don’t hurt much.

Feed them fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, berries, while providing them protein with meat. If properly fed, they can shed less and experience fewer health issues.


Short-haired German shepherds are strong, flexible, reliable, and loving dogs.

If this is the kind of dog that appeals to your sensibilities, then they might be the perfect fit for you. But you must remember that they’re not for everyone.

When properly taken care of, they can be a new addition to your family. So it’s worth giving it your best when caring for them. And that includes spending money on them along the way.

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