How To Identify A Purebred German Shepherd And Puppy

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The German shepherd pure breed is loving, protecting, and intelligent. So it’s no surprise to see how many families want one in their house. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, the purebred German shepherd puppies is the second most popular dog in America.

While that may be fortunate for our little German shepherd friends, it might not be for us. This is because due to their popularity, many dishonest breeders try to scam people off their money. Some sell a “purebred” German shepherd when in fact, they are mixed breeds. They use other breeds that are much cheaper than GSDs, and reap the rewards.

So coming up is a guide that will show the standard purebred German shepherd price, appearance, and more. The best way to start this guide is by tackling how the American Kennel Club looks at the German shepherd pure breed.

How can you tell if a German Shepherd is purebred?

Purebred German shepherds have a different set of color variations. The black and tan, in particular, is a color variation only seen in German shepherd pure breed.

There are also other color variations including:

  • Black and red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Gray
  • Liver and tan

There are times where you’ll see a “purebred” German shepherd with markings. So it’s worth noting that a real German shepherd does not have any markings.

Purebred German shepherds are also likely to follow the following standard measurements by the American Kennel Club.

  1. Height: 60 cm to 65 cm for males, and 55 cm to 60 cm for females
  2. Weight: 30 kg to 40 kg for males, and 22 kg to 33 kg for females

While it may not exactly a great way to distinguish purebred German shepherd puppies, it’s still important to remember that they are longer than tall. To be more precise, the ideal ratio of the length to the height of a purebred German shepherd is 10 to 8.5.

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These are the signs of a pure breed. However, purebred German shepherd puppies may not show such signs yet.

This is because they are still far from developing them for their first six months. For example, they may not have upright tails since it straightens out through age.

Lastly, the purebred German shepherd price ranges from $300 to $900. Any price that deviates from that is enough for suspicions.

Speaking of a purebred German shepherd price, it might be helpful knowing that there are dogs with different price that resembles German shepherds.

Dogs That Look Like Purebred German Shepherds

The purebred German shepherd standards are helpful signs. However, there are dogs that have the same appearance as well.

Here are some of the dogs that are likely to possess similar trait with that of a purebred German shepherd:

  1. First up in our list is the Belgian Malinois. This dog breed is the most comparable in terms of appearance with purebred German shepherds. They have similar coats and style.
    The difference is that they possess a black mask which GSDs don’t have. Plus, you won’t find a Belgian Malinois colored black and tan.
  2. King Shepherds are also similar to German shepherds, with the exception of their size and coat color. They are much bigger and muscular and only have sable as their color variation.
  3. Bohemian shepherds are less expensive than a purebred German shepherd, so they’re likely to be offered to you by a fraud. However, Bohemian shepherds have undercoat, unlike German shepherds.
  4. Another cheaper breed is Northern Inuits. They are much larger than purebred German shepherd puppies, but a bit lighter. Their coat is typically pure white or black, with a face mask.
  5. Carpathian shepherds are not as similar to purebred German shepherds as the rest of this list, but they resemble a GSD enough to be used as a ripoff.  Just like the Belgian Malinois, they will typically have black markings.
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There are many breeds that can look identical to the German shepherd pure breed. This means you’ll have to find a way to test the legitimacy of purebred German shepherd puppies.

Testing a Purebred German Shepherd

Testing a German shepherd pure breed through technical means is a surefire way to identify a purebred German shepherd.

Request Documents

Simply talking to the breeder may be enough for them to reveal the German shepherd’s pure breed, although it might be unlikely. That’s why it’s important to request official documents that explains the details of the purebred German shepherd puppies .

Pedigree. Registration certificates. These documents will disclose the details about a dog’s origins. It’s important to remember that swindling breeders are likely to avoid going to the “official documents” route as it may give away their plan.

Despite that, in the case of dogs from shelters, the caretakers genuinely have no documents to provide you. They might not even know where the dog came from in the first place.

This leads us to try out other ways of testing purebred German shepherds.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has come a long way since its discovery. Now, there are many ways to check the details about the genes of even a dog.

Though genetic testing can cost anywhere from $50-$100, it’s more than worth it considering that the average purebred German shepherd price is many times more than that.

Most companies offering genetic testing have a whole database storing data of all the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. This is especially true to purebred German shepherds since they’re the second most popular in America.

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DIY Testing

Finally, you can use your own bought DNA kit. Simply use it to get a swab sample from the dog’s cheeks and check it’s DNA using the kit. However, don’t even think of using a blood sample since it may be a bit dangerous if done by an inexperienced person.

It is, therefore, recommended that you talk to your vet about it. They will naturally have more experience with blood testing purebred German shepherds than you are.

Wrapping Up

Purebred German shepherd is listed as one of the most lovable, and therefore, popular breed in America, and even in the world. That’s the reason why many breeders are desperate in using their popularity to scam people.

Regardless, there are many problems with being unable to know if what you really have are purebred German shepherd puppies.

That’s why we talked about the German shepherd’s appearance. We then tackled other breeds that are likely to be sold as a purebred German shepherd. Finally, you learned how you can test the legitimacy of a dog.

At this point, you can easily steer away from the traps of the breeders into ripping you off your money.

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