How Much To Feed A Saint Bernard Puppy – St. Bernard Feeding Chart

How Much To Feed Saint Bernard Puppy

If you’re wondering how much to feed a Saint Bernard puppy, you’re not alone.

As one of the largest dog breeds, Saint Bernards have unique nutritional needs that must be met for them to thrive.

Luckily, there is a Saint Bernard feeding chart that can help guide you on how much to feed your furry friend.

Keep in mind that every puppy is different, and feed them properly by keeping an eye on their weight. Your Saint Bernard puppy will grow into a happy and healthy adult with your love and attention.

How Much Should A Saint Bernard Puppy Eat?

Because of their massive size and quick development, Saint Bernard puppies have specific nutritional demands that might make determining how much food they need a difficulty.

Until they are around six months old, a Saint Bernard puppy should consume about three to four cups of food each day.

How Much To Feed Saint Bernard

Nevertheless, the specific requirements of your puppy may vary depending on its size, activity level, and general health.

Overfeeding may cause serious health issues in puppies, so it’s important to keep an eye on their weight and manage their food intake properly.

Saint Bernard Feeding Chart

Puppy Saint Bernard feeding may be tricky without the proper expertise.

The RER (Resting Energy Requirement) is the figure you need to know in order to give your Saint Bernard puppy the right quantity of food.

The RER of your dog is the amount of energy needed by its body to maintain resting function.

The following formula may be used to determine your puppy’s RER: The RER is calculated as 30 times the puppy’s weight in kilos plus 70.

As an example, if your Saint Bernard puppy weighs 10 kg, its RER would be 370 kcal/day (30 x 10 + 70).

After figuring out their RER, you may use a feeding chart to figure out how much food to give them. Your puppy’s dietary needs will change as he or she develops and gains energy.

4 Week Old Saint Bernard Puppy

Around four weeks old, your Saint Bernard puppy should still be feeding from their mother.

If they are weaned, however, they may begin eating puppy food with puppy formula added to it.

They can still feel shaky on their feet and doze off often. Give them a quarter cup of food four times a day.

Saint Bernard Puppy Feeding Chart

6 Week Old Saint Bernard Puppy

It’s recommended that you introduce solid food to your Saint Bernard puppy at the six-week mark. Give them around a half cup to a cup of food and feed them three times a day.

They may start to take an interest in exploring their surroundings and become more lively. As early as this age, children may begin to develop their social skills and learn new skills.

8 Week Old Saint Bernard Puppy

Your Saint Bernard puppy needs around 1 to 1.5 cups of food and feed them three times a day now that he or she is eight weeks old.

It’s important to have teething toys on hand in case they start gnawing on things.

10 Week Old Saint Bernard Puppy

The recommended daily amount of food for your Saint Bernard puppy is 1.5 to 2 cups.

Make sure they get enough of exercise and playtime, as they may grow more self-reliant and active.

12 Week Old Saint Bernard Puppy

If your Saint Bernard puppy is between 30 and 40 pounds now, he or she needs 2 to 2.5 cups of food and feed them three times a day.

Perhaps, they’ll start to show more individuality and initiative.

14 Week Old Saint Bernard Puppy

Your Saint Bernard puppy may reach 40-50 pounds now and need 3 cups of food, fed in three equal portions.

It’s possible they’ll start making more noise and grow more possessive.

Saint Bernard Feeding Chart

16 Week Old Saint Bernard Puppy

The recommended daily amount of food for a Saint Bernard puppy of around 50-60 pounds is 3 to 4 cups.

When threatened, they may become more possessive and protective.

6 Months – 12 Months Old Saint Bernard Puppy

Your Saint Bernard pup may weigh anywhere from 75 to 100 pounds now, and he or she needs between 4 to 6 cups of food each day.

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There’s a chance they’ll start acting more mature.

12 Months & Above Saint Bernards

Saint Bernards as adults should be between 120 and 200 pounds and consume from 5 to 8 cups of food each day, depending on their size, degree of activity, and general health.

Saint Bernard Puppy Feeding

While cats may slow down and need less exercise as they become older, they should still get routine checkups at the vet and playtime every day.

Understanding St. Bernard Puppy Nutritional Needs

For optimal health and development, Saint Bernard pups need a special diet. In order to fuel their quick growth and development, puppies need more calories per pound of body weight than adult dogs.

At 8 weeks of age, a Saint Bernard puppy needs between 300–400 calories per day, and this number rises as the puppy matures.

Saint Bernard pups need a high-calorie, high-fat diet to suit their nutritional demands. Foods like chicken, fish, and lamb are excellent choices for providing protein.

They also need fat, such that found in chicken fat or fish oil, to thrive.

Brown rice and sweet potatoes are good examples of the kinds of carbohydrates that might be useful for giving sustained energy.

Saint Bernard pups need enough of calcium and phosphorus to support their massive skeletal development.

The ratio of calcium to phosphorus in a healthy diet should be close to 1.2:1. Vitamins are essential for growth and development, notably vitamins A and D.

The diet your Saint Bernard puppy requires will evolve as he or she develops.

The ideal diet and feeding regimen for your developing puppy should be determined in consultation with your veterinarian.

How Many Times A Day To Feed A Saint Bernard Puppy?

Depending on their age and size, Saint Bernard pups need to be fed anywhere from three to four times a day.

Puppies, especially the younger ones, need to feed more often since their stomachs are smaller. Age and stomach expansion allow for fewer but bigger meals.

Saint Bernard puppies need to be fed three times a day starting at the age of 8 weeks. As they reach 12 weeks of age, you may switch to feeding them twice as much each day.

How Many Times A Day To Feed Saint Bernard Puppy

To prevent your puppy from becoming overweight, keep track of how much food they are eating and feed them at the appropriate times.

To find out what kind of food and feeding regimen is ideal for your Saint Bernard puppy, go to your vet.

Kibble vs Wet Food For St. Bernard Puppies

There are benefits and drawbacks to feeding both kibble and wet food to Saint Bernard pups.

Kibble is simple to prepare and store, and it may even improve tooth health by preventing plaque formation. It’s a better source of energy than wet food since it has a larger carbohydrate content.

But, wet food has the added benefit of keeping your puppy hydrated, and some dogs may really prefer it. It’s also usually moister and has fewer carbs than kibble.

While deciding between kibble and wet food for your puppy, it’s important to take into account both his or her tastes and nutritional requirements.

To ensure their dog gets the most nutritionally-diverse diet possible, some pet parents mix dry kibble with canned wet food.

Switching From Puppy Food To Adult Food

Avoid giving your Saint Bernard an upset stomach by making the transition from puppy chow to adult meals gradually.

At around a year, you may start switching your Saint Bernard on to adult food.

It’s recommended to begin the transition by combining a tiny portion of the new adult food with the existing puppy food.

During the course of around 7–10 days, gradually increase the quantity of adult food while lowering the amount of puppy food.

Your dog’s digestive system will be able to acclimate to the new food without any discomfort if you introduce it to it gradually.

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Keep an eye on your Saint Bernard’s health and weight to make sure they’re responding well to the new diet. If you have any worries or queries, you should talk to your vet.

Can You Freefeed A Saint Bernard Puppy?

Free feeding, which entails leaving food out for your dog to eat whenever they want, is typically not suggested for Saint Bernard pups.

Saint Bernards have a propensity for becoming overweight, which may cause a variety of health concerns including arthritis, heart disease, and a shortened life expectancy.

It’s best to feed your Saint Bernard puppy on a schedule and in measured amounts.

This helps to prevent your puppy from overeating by ensuring it is receiving the proper nourishment at the appropriate times.

You should talk to your vet about how often you should feed your Saint Bernard puppy and how much food they should be eating.

Best Puppy Dog Food For Saint Bernard

Best Puppy Dog Food For Saint Bernard

1. Purina ONE Plus Large Breed Puppy Food Dry Formula

Editor’s Choice

Check out Purina ONE Plus Large Breed Puppy Food Dry Formula if you want one of the best choices on the market!

This SmartBlend recipe with genuine chicken promotes strong muscles, a healthy heart, and a lustrous coat.

Four antioxidant sources boost immunity, while DHA improves eyesight and brain development.

High protein and glucosamine enhance big-breed puppies’ development and hip and joint health.

It also has crunchy and succulent meaty morsels that taste wonderful without artificial flavors or preservatives.


  • This high-protein for muscle and heart
  • DHA, a mother’s milk ingredient for brain and vision
  • Immune support
  • High protein and glucosamine for big-breed puppies
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives

2. Royal Canin Huge Puppy Dry Dog Food


Royal Canin Huge Puppy Dry Dog Food will nourish your large puppy.

This dog food’s mineral combination supports bone and joint development, appropriate for your pup’s prolonged growing phase. It has a special antioxidant and vitamin combination to boost immunity.

Your puppy’s big jaw can easily chew and digest the kibble’s shape and size.


  • Promotes healthy growth and development
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces digestive issues
  • Unique kibble size and shape help your developing puppy chew
  • High-quality ingredients


  • Contains grain

Best Dog Food For Saint Bernard Puppy

3. ACANA Puppy Recipe Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food 

Choose ACANA Puppy Recipe Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food for a healthy, tasty supper for your puppy!

A protein-rich food with fresh or raw chicken and turkey as the first two ingredients can help your dog grow.

The dish is maize, soy, wheat, and tapioca-free and contains fiber-rich whole pumpkin and collard greens.

Using trustworthy farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, the kibble is covered with freeze-dried chicken and turkey for a delicious flavor.


  • Your puppy needs animal-based protein and fat.
  • 60% animal components and 40% fruits and vegetables
  • It’s grain-free, corn-free, soy-free, wheat-free, and tapioca-free.
  • Fiber-rich pumpkin, collard greens, apples, and pears.

4. ORIJEN Puppy Big Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food

ORIJEN Puppy Big Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food is ideal for developing puppies.

This kibble delivers important proteins, vitamins, and minerals for proper growth and development with 85% quality animal ingredients.

The first five components are always fresh or raw animal protein, and the dish is filled with WholePrey nutrition, including nutrient-rich organs, for a full and balanced meal.

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This freeze-dried dog chow is made in the USA using high-quality ingredients.


  • Protein-Rich: With 85% quality animal products
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Biologically Appropriate for Big breed pups
  • Puppies like the freeze-dried coating’s raw taste
  • Organs and bone for nutrition a developing puppy needs


  • Tougher kibble bits

5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is great! This Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Food has all the nutrition your dog needs.

This formula includes everything: DHA and ARA for brain and eye development, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health, high-quality protein and L-Carnitine for lean muscle building.

This “puppy-sized” kibble removes tartar and fits tiny jaws. You may feel good about feeding your dog without corn, wheat, soy, or poultry by-product meals.


  • DHA, ARA, and high-quality protein for growth
  • Contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat
  • Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins for bones and teeth
  • Vitamins, chelated minerals, and antioxidants for the immune system
  • No Artificial Preservatives, Colors, or Flavors


  • Contains brown rice

Is A Raw Diet Healthy For A Saint Bernard Puppy?

If you’re considering feeding your Saint Bernard puppy a raw diet—composed of uncooked meat, bones, produce, and other items—you should first discuss the decision with your vet.

It might be challenging to find a healthy raw food diet that provides all the nutrients a developing Saint Bernard puppy requires. Puppy and human health are both vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Food For Saint Bernard Puppy

If you’re thinking of switching your Saint Bernard puppy over to a raw food diet, it’s important to do your homework and consult with a vet before making any drastic changes to your puppy’s diet.

How Much Do Saint Bernard Puppies Grow Each Week?

Even more so in the first few months of life, Saint Bernard pups develop rapidly.

Puppies of the Saint Bernard breed may put on 2–4 pounds per week in their first few months of life, but their rate of development decreases with maturity.

Saint Bernard pups may gain just a few ounces their first week of life, but by the end of their second week, they may have doubled their birth weight.

The average newborn will gain three times its birth weight in the first four weeks of life.

If you want your Saint Bernard puppy to grow into a healthy adult dog, you need to take extra care of him or her during this phase of fast development by giving him or her a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and regular veterinarian checkups

How Much Water Should A Saint Bernard Puppy Drink? 

Puppies of the Saint Bernard breed need a lot of water to thrive. Their water requirements will fluctuate with their age, size, and degree of activity.

Saint Bernard pups should always have access to fresh, clean water. Each day, they may have half a cup to a full cup of water for every 10 pounds of body weight.

A Saint Bernard puppy weighing 20 pounds would consume 1–2 cups of water daily, whereas a Saint Bernard puppy weighing 100 pounds could drink 5–10 cups.

During warmer weather or after activity, your puppy’s water intake should be closely monitored to ensure it receives a enough supply. Problems with dehydration may be rather dangerous.

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