How Much To Feed A Chihuahua Puppy – Chihuahua Feeding Chart

How Much To Feed A Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahuas have the tiniest stomachs of any dog breed because they are so small. This means their needs are distinct from those of bigger breeds so you will need to understand how much to feed a Chihuahua puppy.

Chihuahuas need a special diet because of their very high metabolic rate. You’ve come to the right place if you’re concerned about providing it with the proper nutrition.

Feeding your Chihuahua the right quantity of food to keep it at a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for its health.

When it comes to Chihuahuas, being overweight is far more prevalent than being underweight. Overfeeding is a major contributor to the problem.

To set your mind at rest, we’ll provide a Chihuahua feeding chart as well as the maximum amount of food they may safely consume.

How Much Should A Chihuahua Puppy Eat?

If you want your Chihuahua to maintain its tiny size, you can’t feed it the same amount of food as a larger dog.

Meals for Chihuahuas are scaled down significantly to accommodate their small stomachs.

Chihuahuas need just half a cup to a cup and a third every day to be healthy. You can’t skimp on the nutrients, even if the portion size is modest.

How Much To Feed A Chihuahua

Obviously, the amount of food your Chihuahua needs to consume may vary according on its age and size.

For instance, miniature Chihuahuas are predicted to have a lower caloric intake than the aforementioned range suggests. As their bodies develop, Chihuahua pups need the extra nutrition that puppy chow provides.

Although an adult dog’s dietary needs are mostly constant, those of an aging dog need a very diverse set of nutrients.

Chihuahua Feeding Chart

Using a weight-based calculation, one may determine how much energy a Chihuahua puppy needs when resting. This is the formula:

RER = 70 x (body weight in kg 0.75).

The Chihuahua puppy’s RER may be found by converting their weight from pounds to kilograms. Just divide their weight in pounds by 2.2 to get this number. Multiply the kilogram mass by 70 after first raising it to the power of 0.75.

If a Chihuahua puppy is 2 pounds, that’s equal to 0.91 kilos (2 pounds multiplied by 2.2). Then, you’d use the following formula to determine their RER:

Daily Energy Expenditure (DER) = 95.7

Hence, the Chihuahua puppy’s daily resting energy requirement is around 95.7 kilocalories.

4 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy

At about 4 weeks of age, a Chihuahua puppy should begin to be weaned off of its mother’s milk and introduced to solid puppy food.

You should feed your puppy four times a day, beginning with a quarter cup of soft puppy food and working up to a half cup.

Puppy food should be wet enough for easy chewing and swallowing. At this stage, puppies still need their mother and littermates for socialization and behavioral training.

6 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy

A Chihuahua puppy of 6 weeks of age should be fed four times a day, with each meal containing between a quarter and a third of a cup of puppy food, depending on the puppy’s size and appetite.

6 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy Food

Have an abundant supply of clean water available. You should start crate training the puppy and introducing it to other canines and humans right away.

Get the puppy its first vaccines and deworming at the vet.

8 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy

The recommended daily feeding amount for a Chihuahua puppy is a third to half a cup of high-quality puppy chow, divided into three or four little meals each day.

Make sure that there is always clean water available. The puppy should continue to be trained and socialized. Bring the puppy in for its second round of shots and deworming.

10 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy

Three times a day, a 10-week-old Chihuahua puppy should consume around half a cup of high-quality puppy chow. Puppy teething is a possibility, so make sure it has plenty of safe chew toys.

Keep up the training and integrating into society. Get the puppy in for its third round of shots and deworming at the vet.

12 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy

Almost half a cup of high-quality puppy chow should be fed to a Chihuahua puppy twice or thrice a day starting around the time they reach 12 weeks of age.

Puppy teething means it’s time for soft foods and safe chew toys. Keep up the exercise and socializing. The puppy has to go in for its fourth round of shots and deworming.

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14 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy

Feed your 14-week-old Chihuahua puppy twice a day, about half a cup each time, of high-quality puppy food. Depending on its age, the puppy may already have all of its adult teeth.

Training and integrating into society should continue. If the vet recommends it, get the puppy a booster shot.

Chihuahua Puppy Food

16 Week Old Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahua puppies should be fed two half-cup meals of high-quality puppy chow every day by the time they are 16 weeks old. Training and integrating into society should continue.

If you haven’t already, you should have your puppy spayed or neutered and updated on its vaccines.

6 Months – 12 Months Old Chihuahua Puppy

A Chihuahua puppy should be fed two half-cup meals of high-quality adult dog food each day at this point. Get them moving and thinking by giving them lots of challenging activities.

Maintain your education and friendship groups. You should have the dog checked up and vaccinated every year.

12 Months & Above Chihuahuas

There should be one or two modest meals per day of high-quality adult dog food for an adult Chihuahua, with the amount of food consumed at each meal varying from a quarter to a half a cup, depending on the dog’s size and appetite.

Adult Chihuahua Food

Keep supplying them with lots of water.

Understanding Chihuahua Puppy Nutritional Needs

To have a healthy Chihuahua puppy requires knowledge of its dietary requirements. Chihuahuas have special diets. Chihuahua puppies require nutrition and calories from high-quality puppy chow.

Chihuahua puppies should eat 40–55 calories per pound each day. A 4-pound Chihuahua puppy needs 160-220 calories per day. For energy, they require numerous tiny meals a day.

Protein builds and repairs tissues, thus puppy chow should include high-quality protein.

Carbohydrates for energy, healthy fats for growth, and vitamins and minerals for health should be included. Puppies require food designed for their nutritional needs.

Depending on maturity, Chihuahua puppies need multiple little meals every day.

Around 8 weeks, they should take 3-4 little meals each day, each about a third to half a cup. As the puppy develops, lower feeding frequency and increase portion size.

Always offer clean water and avoid giving people food or table scraps.

Overfeeding may cause obesity and health issues, so watch the puppy’s weight and reduce their food consumption. A vet can ensure the Chihuahua puppy gets the right diet for growth and development.

How Many Times A Day To Feed A Chihuahua Puppy?

Because to their tiny stature and rapid metabolic rate, Chihuahua pups need to be fed on a regular basis.

The recommended feeding schedule for Chihuahua pups begins at the eighth week of life and continues throughout the dog’s life, with three or four meals each day.

Chihuahua Feeding Chart

This implies that rather than having three large meals each day, they should have six or seven smaller ones instead.

A puppy’s dietary needs change as it matures, going from many little meals to fewer larger ones. Hypoglycemia is more likely in small breed pups, and this may be avoided by making sure they get enough of little meals throughout the day.

Kibble Vs Wet Food For Chihuahua Puppies

There are advantages and disadvantages to both kibble and wet food for Chihuahua pups. Kibble is less cumbersome to give than canned food, and it aids with oral hygiene via mechanical means.

Compared to wet food, it is cheaper and lasts longer in storage. Yet, the greater moisture level of wet food might make it simpler for your Chihuahua puppy to digest and help him stay hydrated. Picky eaters could find it more appealing as well. 

Your puppy’s unique tastes, dietary demands, and nutritional preferences should ultimately guide your selection between kibble and wet food.

Switching From Puppy Food To Adult Food

While making the transition from puppy chow to adult food, it’s best to take things slow to avoid any stomach distress.

There is no hard and fast rule on when to switch your Chihuahua puppy over to adult food, however it is often recommended at 12 months of age.

During the course of 7–10 days, start adding a little quantity of adult food to the puppy meal, and gradually increase the amount.

As a result, your Chihuahua will have more time to acclimate to the new diet and will be less likely to have any stomach problems as a result.

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Choose an adult dog food of good quality that satisfies your Chihuahua’s dietary requirements; if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.

What If My Chihuahua Puppy Won’t Eat?

There are a number of potential explanations for why your Chihuahua puppy isn’t eating.

Taking your puppy for a checkup to the vet might help you identify and eliminate any health problems. You may try a few things to get your Chihuahua puppy to eat if there are no medical reasons for him or her not eating.

Provide fresh, high-quality snacks and mini-meals often throughout the day.

If you want to make the dish more appetizing, consider adding some warm water or low-sodium chicken broth to it. Talk to your vet for further advice if the issue continues.

Can You Freefeed A Chihuahua Puppy?

It’s not a good idea to leave food out all day for your Chihuahua puppy to graze on whenever they want.

Puppies of small breeds, such as Chihuahuas, have a rapid metabolic rate and, if not fed often enough, might suffer hypoglycemia.

To avoid this health problem, it’s best to provide modest, frequent meals throughout the day.

Overeating and weight gain, which might raise the risk of various health conditions, are other possible outcomes of free-feeding.

The best way to guarantee that your Chihuahua puppy gets the nutrition it needs is to stick to a regular feeding schedule and to limit the size of each meal.

Best Puppy Dog Food For Chihuahua

Best Puppy Dog Food For Chihuahua

#1. Purina Pro Plan Brand Puppy Small Breed Chicken And Rice Formula

Editor’s Choice

Check out Purina Pro Plan Brand Dog Food Puppy Small Breed Chicken and Rice Formula. This recipe for active little dogs has genuine chicken as the first component and is strong in protein.

It’s also enriched with proven live probiotics for digestive and immunological health, so you can be certain your puppy is receiving the nourishment they need to be healthy and happy. This mixture supports brain and visual development with omega-3-rich fish oil DHA.


  • Real chicken as the first ingredient.
  • Probiotic-enriched  with certified live probiotics.
  • Bite-sized easy-to-chew kibble
  • Extremely digestible
  • DHA from omega-3-rich fish oil for brain and visual development

#2. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Chihuahua Puppy Dry Dog Food


Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Chihuahua Puppy Dry Dog Food will nourish your purebred puppy. This puppy chow for 8- to 8-month-old Chihuahuas has compact, easy-to-chew kibble.

This dog food’s proprietary antioxidant and vitamin E complex boosts your puppy’s immune system.

Exceptionally digested proteins and correct fiber content prevent unpleasant stool smells and promote good stool quality, while great fragrances and tastes make this meal very appetizing, even for picky eaters.


  • Tailored chihuahua puppy food
  • Little customized kibble bites
  • Improves immune system and natural defenses
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Smells, and tastes make this meal appealing to fussy eaters.


  • Chicken by-product meal

#3. Merrick Puppy Food, Genuine Chicken and Sweet Potato 

Merrick Dry Puppy Food, Genuine Chicken and Sweet Potato Grain Free Dog Food Recipe is a game changer! This puppy dish starts with deboned chicken to provide high-quality protein.

This high-quality meal is grain-free, corn-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. With additional glucosamine and chondroitin for hips and joints, omega fatty acids for skin and hair, and DHA for brain development, your puppy will receive all the nourishment she needs to grow up healthy and strong.


  • Safe and high-quality ingredients
  • Genuine deboned chicken first ingredient
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for hips and joints.
  • Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.
  • DHA helps puppy brain development
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How Many Times A Day To Feed A Chihuahua Puppy

#4. Rachael Ray Nutrish Tiny Bits Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Tiny Bits Dry Dog Food is carefully created for little breed dogs of any age. This dry dog food has smaller kibbles for little jaws, making mealtime easy.

It promotes healthy organs and lean muscular mass with genuine chicken as the #1 ingredient. It also lacks artificial flavors, preservatives, chicken by-product meal, fillers, wheat, and wheat gluten.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Little Bits Small Breed Dry Dog Food will keep your pup healthy and happy.


  • Real Chicken as #1 Ingredient
  • Has extra vitamins, minerals, and taurine
  • Specifically Designed for Small Breed Dogs
  • Smaller Kibble Size
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, chicken by-product meal, fillers, or wheat


  • Contains grain

#5. BLUE Freedom Grain Free Natural Puppy Dry Dog Chow

Presenting BLUE Freedom Grain Free Natural Puppy Dry Dog Chow with genuine chicken as the first component!

Say goodbye to puppy chow laden with grain that includes gluten and welcome to a healthier option for your pet buddy.

With antioxidant-rich LifeSource pieces and a precise combination of vitamins and minerals, this natural dog food gives immune system support and supports a healthy oxidative balance.


  • Genuine chicken is the first ingredient
  • Grain-free
  • DHA and ARA for brain and eye development
  • Contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • No chicken by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives


  • Not the best Packaging

Is A Raw Diet Healthy For A Chihuahua Puppy?

While raw feeding is a contentious issue in the veterinary world, you should do your homework and talk to your doctor before starting your Chihuahua puppy on it.

It’s true that a raw food diet has its proponents who swear by its curative powers, but opponents worry about contamination and nutritional deficiencies.

Your Chihuahua will need a well-balanced raw food diet to ensure appropriate growth and development.

Also, there is the possibility of contamination with germs like Salmonella and E. coli, which may be harmful to the dog and the human family members who come into contact with it. The final choice to switch to a raw diet should be made after discussion with your vet.

How Much Do Chihuahua Puppies Grow Each Week?

Puppies of the Chihuahua breed develop quickly during their first few months of life. They may acquire between 10-15% of their birth weight in the first week.

Chihuahua pups may gain up to three times their birth weight in the first month.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

Puppies’ rate of weight increase decreases to around 2 to 4 ounces each month from the time they are 4 months old until they reach maturity.

Yet, genetics, diet, and other variables may cause noticeable differences in how quickly different people develop. Keep an eye on your Chihuahua puppy’s development and see a doctor if you’re worried about anything.

How Much Water Should A Chihuahua Puppy Drink?

Like with any puppy, young Chihuahuas need constant access to clean water. Age, physical activity, and environmental temperature are all variables that affect how much water a person needs to drink.

Every day, a Chihuahua puppy should consume between half an ounce and an ounce of water for every pound it weighs.

A Chihuahua puppy that weighs 2 pounds would need 1 to 2 ounces of water every day.

It’s crucial that you keep an eye on your puppy’s water consumption and provide them with enough of fresh water at all times. Have them checked out by the vet if you see any changes in their urinating or drinking patterns.

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