How Long Do Australian Shepherd Puppies Sleep?

How Long Do Australian Shepherd Puppies Sleep
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If you have just welcomed home an Australian Shepherd puppy, you might be unsure about how much sleep the little tyke needs. Getting a puppy accustomed to your home is already hard – but a sleepy and cranky puppy makes the process even more excruciating. But how much sleep is too much and how little is too little? Well, the answer to this question can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Nonetheless, if one were to generalize it, an Aussie puppy needs to sleep for around 18-20 hours a day.

But don’t worry. This sleep time will get shorter as the puppy ages.

At 8 weeks old, they usually sleep the most. And once they reach adulthood – which happens at 16 months in Australian Shepherd puppies – their sleeping time cuts down to 12-14 hours a day.

This change, however, will be gradual. It will also be affected by other aspects of your dog’s life.

Why Is This Stage Of A Puppy’s Life Important?

A growing puppy is going through many changes. They will be greatly affected by the way they are treated and their surroundings. Their bodies are also developing, and they may get sick often. All these factors affect your Australian Shepherd’s sleep schedule.

They Are Still Growing!

Puppies are quite similar to human babies. Each needs a different sort of nurturing to feel at home and comfortable.

A dog’s sleeping patterns will differ from others and not be regular. Since puppies are still developing, they will have even more drastic changes.

Aussie puppies are affected by many things that impact their emotions, mental well-being, and bodies. They are also still learning about their own feelings, their home, and their preferences.

You can help aid their growth and their ability to sleep soundly greatly.

Activity Levels

Aussie puppies will be able to sleep longer and get better rest when they start being active. Australian Shepherds are an extremely active breed. This, coupled with a puppy’s high energy and curiosity, will mean a whole lot more playtime.

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When the puppies begin playing and exercising a lot, they will tire themselves out and sleep longer. So, make sure you take your little ones out on adventures!

Toilet Training

As the puppy grows up, their bladder will develop. They will be able to go without the bathroom breaks for longer. This will let them have a long, good night’s rest. This will also be a long process, and your puppy may regress from time to time.

The key is being patient with them. They are only babies and need to learn and grow.

Caring And Nurturing

You might love taking pictures of your pupper all the time. If you do, you will be able to look back and tell how fast they are growing physically. However, the childhood stage of a puppy also means a whole lot of mental and emotional growth.

A puppy’s formative years are integral. They are usually taken away from their mothers and their litter, which would be a big shock for their little beings.

They might enjoy it or get very depressed. Now that they are your kids, you will have to provide them with that love and affection they’re missing. A happy puppy is one without anxiety. Such puppies will be able to sleep easier and more soundly.

Health Issues

If your Aussie is sick, they might have trouble sleeping, or they may sleep more than usual. A puppy is likely to sleep a lot more when sick in order to recover. If you notice a big change in their sleeping habits, you might want to check with a vet to see if they are healthy.

Will My Aussie Puppy Sleep Through The Night?

A very young pup is not very likely to sleep throughout the night. Australian Shepherds start sleeping through the night once they are around 6 months old. However, this is not true for every puppy.

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Some need a longer or shorter time to adjust to their environments. You can help this process go after if you follow some steps and help your puppy feel at ease.

How To Make Sure Your Puppy Sleeps Well

There are some steps you can take to help your tiny puppy feel more at ease during naptime. Sticking to these will help with the learning curve.

Lots Of Activity

With Australian Shepherds, your best bet to keep them knocked out is if you keep them active. Aussie puppies love the outdoors and playing with others. If you manage to keep up with them and tire them out, they will get a good night’s rest.

Your puppy may wake up suddenly and seem full of energy. They might even have trouble falling asleep in the first place. If this is so, you should give them an activity to engage with.

Try a chew toy or a walk. Give the little guy something stimulating to do. This will use up their energy and let them fall asleep.

Dogs and puppies are also very sensitive. Suppose you show them that you are angry and that they have done something to upset you. They will be able to sense it and learn that they should not repeat this behavior.

Alternatively, you can choose to completely ignore the puppy and hope that they eventually get bored and fall asleep. This can take longer, but sometimes the bed is just too warm to get out of.

Routine Is Key For A Good Night’s Rest

It can be helpful if you and your dog have a bedtime routine. Planning their day is also important. You can then space out their activity and rest.

The reputation of routine will help the Australian Shepherd puppy to learn and adjust to their new lifestyle. Not only can this help discipline them, but it can also bring them comfort.

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The routine should be made in such a way that it fits your own. This would make life easier and would make it, so you two do not disturb each other.

A dog is for life. You and your puppy will be living together, and so a similar schedule makes the most sense. Basically, your dog should sleep when you sleep and be active when you are out and about.

You would want to schedule eating, training, and walking times as well as rest.

Before bed, you would want to make sure your dog has been taken outside to relieve themself. They should be full but should not eat right before bedtime. Give them lots of cuddles and kisses so they can fall asleep feeling loved.

The Puppy’s Sleeping Area

Dogs are den animals, and so they enjoy sleeping in crates or on dog beds. The area should be quiet, with dim lights, and secluded.

Keep guiding your puppy to this sleeping area when it is bedtime. They may be confused at first but will soon learn that this is their bedroom.

Make the puppy’s bed soft and warm. You can use cheap blankets and soft toys.

Some owners opt to have their puppies sleep near them so that they can monitor them and make them feel safe.

Sleepy Puppies And Rested Owners

We can tell that establishing a rest time routine for your puppy will be difficult. Dog’s need patience and understanding.

Adopting a dog is a joy, and soon enough, you and your buddy will have some late-night cuddles and rest.

You and your Australian Shepherd will soon get those hours of sleep that you need. Stay active and healthy with your pup. Have a good night!

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