How High Can Anatolian Shepherds Jump?

Anatolian Shepherd Jump

Anatolian Shepherds are known for their loyalty and devotion to owners. However, it may surprise you that they can sometimes be more stubborn than what one would expect from such a loyal breed!

A detailed description of the Anatolian Shepherd’s behavior could include: being highly energetic; needing lots of time outside to exercise or walk them regularly

One thing to consider is how high an Anatolian Shepherd can jump. Knowing the answer will save you from headaches and heartache, as it has for so many others who have lost their dogs at a local park or running away across someone else’s property while being distracted by something outside, of course!

You’ll want this information because they are capable of feats most would never believe possible – jumping three feet in the air without even taking off all four paws first? Yes, please! 

So make sure you’re ready for what’s out there before anything happens yourself (and don’t forget these tips!).

How High Can Anatolian Shepherds Jump

If the dog is physically at its best, it likely could jump quite 4 to 6 feet. In some instances, this means that the pup could even clear a fence. 

It makes sense that many people have called Anatolian Shepherds “escape artists” of the dog world. This is why it’s so important to not only have a secure environment in your yard when you’re letting them out on their own but also provide them with the proper training so that they’re unlikely to try to escape.

The Height of an Anatolian Shepherd’s Jump 

Several factors are at work when it comes to how high a dog can jump. One of these is the dog’s height. There are males of this breed who can get up to over 2 feet tall and females who might stand slightly shorter than the tallest males. 

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This means that they’re an impressive height compared to many other breeds. Another factor is their strength and physical agility. Since this dog is in the shepherd family, many will be strong and have a high energy level.

Why might an Anatolian Shepherd try to jump over a fence? 

  • Boredom: Shepherds, specifically Anatolian Shepherds, have had to display amazing feats of speed as they defended livestock over the last few thousand years. It’s no wonder they have a forceful nature and need frequent stimulation, or they may try a stunt like this. 
  • Guarding: They may see an animal nearby that they’d like to chase. Since this breed can run up to 28 miles per hour, you won’t be able to catch them if they decide to run at their fastest. They also might hear sounds that they’d like to investigate. 
  • Friendliness: Your pet may notice a person or dog that they’d like to meet. 
  • Fear: If your pet is alone in the yard for long enough, they can become afraid. If there is any sign of something unfamiliar or threatening around, they may want to run from it. Or, they could exhibit the opposite behavior and go off to investigate to protect the family. 
  • Separation Anxiety: Another aspect related to fear is that they may experience separation anxiety from being alone during a long period of the day. This can lead to stress, and they are more likely to act out of character, such as leaving the yard. 
  • Mating Instinct: There are certain seasons when your dog may feel the urge to mate. They might want to escape to try to find a dog with which to breed. 
  • Inadequate Exercise: Do you encourage your shepherd to get plenty of exercises? If not, they can have an overabundance of energy, and this can cause them to try to make a run for it. 
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Training Your Anatolian Shepherd Is Key 

When it comes to your shepherd dog jumping or conducting other worrisome actions, it’s best to be as proactive as possible. This is why you’ll want to start training your pet as soon as you bring them home.

If they’re a puppy, this is going to be an easier task. Still, you can train a dog who’s somewhat older not to do harmful things. 

Anatolian Shepherds are brilliant dogs. They are also protective, which can produce a conflict when they view a threat towards their territory and people. They do get along well with children and are considered a part of the extended family.

This breed makes for an excellent watch and guard dog. You’ll want to keep in mind that it’s crucial to watch out for certain behaviors and train them in a few areas early on. 

Consistency Helps with Training Progress 

The Anatolian Shepherd can be stubborn, though they’re also well-behaved and social. They are unlikely to obey you at every command.

A consistent routine of teaching commands and other types of training is crucial with them. This is why it may be helpful to bring in an expert at first who can help you give commands and curb unwanted behaviors. 

Often, you can find a local dog trainer or behavioral specialist who is willing to do house calls or meet you somewhere. It may be pricey depending on who you go with, but it’s well worth having the peace of mind that you’re doing this the right way. 

As mentioned above, Anatolian Shepherds can be incredibly social – yet they will be wary of strangers.

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Get them socialized starting at a young age, and your pet should not jump or growl at everyone who comes through your gate or front door. They’ll also be calmer and less likely to attempt getting over the fence when they’re either excited by new people or view them as a threat. 

A Final Note on Anatolian Shepherds 

It truly is a joy to have an Anatolian Shepherd as a pet. They may become excitable and have high energy, but as long as you have them exercise, keep them stimulated, and don’t leave them alone for too long, your dog will be happy and remain well-behaved.

Create a consistent training routine for your shepherd, and they’ll surely follow your lead.

Contact a professional who works with training shepherds right away when you are about to bring one into your home or otherwise as early as possible. 

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