How Do German Shepherds Show Affection?

How Do German Shepherds Show Affection?

German Shepherds show affection in a variety of ways. Keep in mind that some dogs have a unique way of showing that they love you. Are these signs something that you have noticed with your own dog?

Does Your Pup Follow You Around?

If it appears that your German Shepherd has become your shadow, this is a sure sign that they feel close to you. By following you around, they are displaying a need to be around you as much as possible. In many cases, your pup won’t ask for attention but will be content to merely stay by your side.

If you are working on something, they may plop down beside you and prepare for the long haul. If you sit down, they may take this as permission to get close to your feet or even jump into your lap.

Do They Lean on You?

German Shepherds who are showing their affection will try to cuddle with you even when you’re standing. Their version of this will involve leaning on you in some form. They may press their head or body against your legs – almost like cats do.

Keep in mind that some German Shepherds may also do this when they are nervous about something in their surroundings. They will press themselves closer to you for comfort. This still shows that they trust you enough to be vulnerable in your presence. So if you think something is bothering them, you can try to comfort your dog.

Are They Excited to See You?

Is your German Shepherd almost always excited to see you? They may jump up and down happily when you return home from work or an outing. They may also do this when they see you first thing in the morning.

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If your dog loves you, they will be excited by your appearance even if you have only been away for a few minutes. Watch out for those friendly greetings!

dog lick

Do They Lick You All Over?

Let’s face it, being covered in dog slobber isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a good time. Before you get too mad, though, it is your dog’s way of kissing you! If he’s trying to lick your face, this makes it a more intimate act.

In case you don’t appreciate this form of affection, don’t scold your dog. It is simply their way of showing affection. If you are harsh with them, it can confuse them or hurt their feelings. Instead, try distracting them or switching to pets and cuddles.

Does Your German Shepherd Give You Gifts?

Your German Shepherd may bring their toys to you as a sign of affection. They will often carry their favorite one to make sure you know how much they value you.

This object isn’t always a toy, but rather something your dog treasures. It could be a blanket, bone, pillow, or something else. You know your pup best and what their favorite items are – if they bring it to you, you would probably understand.

Does Your Pup Make Eye Contact?

You may have realized that dogs don’t like to make eye contact. This is because, with strangers or other animals, prolonged eye contact can be considered a sign of aggression. As such, they will only make eye contact with people they feel safe around.

If they are gazing at you adoringly and aren’t quick to break eye contact, this is a sure sign that your dog loves you.

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Are They Vulnerable with You?

Another sign is exposing their bellies. Most dogs strive to protect this area as it is where their major organs are located. They will only bear their stomachs to people they love and trust.

Keep in mind that when they do this, they are looking for a good belly rub. So make sure to not disappoint them.

How Do They Act When You’re Upset?

If a dog watches and is aware of your emotions, it means that they care. They are monitoring you for signs of distress and want to make you feel better.

Do you notice that your dog tries to paw at you or cuddle you when you are sad or fearful? They may also bring you their favorite things to comfort you. These pups may even act silly to get a smile out of you.

Do They Steal Your Clothes?

If you have ever seen your German Shepherd stealing and nuzzling your clothing or pressing their nose into your belongings, it means they are comforted by your smell. They may do this when they are afraid or nervous.

You may find that your German Shepherd will also drag your clothing into your bed so they can snuggle with it while they sleep. Unfortunately, this will often be the dirtiest or smelliest piece of laundry in your collection!

Do You Understand Your Dog’s Unique Ways of Showing Affection?

If your dog doesn’t do any of the above, this doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t love you. In reality, every dog has its way of expressing emotion. If you watch your dog and pay attention to their behavior, you will soon understand their particular love language.

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Remember, if your dog is comfortable around you and feels safe, this is the only sign you need. This is proof that you have created a loving home and that your pup is happy with you.

These are the top ways that German Shepherds show affection. Does your pup exhibit any of these behaviors or do they have some other way of displaying their love?

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