German Shepherd Yorkie Mix – A Guide For New Owners

German Shepherd Yorkie Mix

Playful, energetic, and loving, there is a whole lot of personality in this mixed breed. If you are curious about whether this pup will fit in with your household well, you need to do a deep dive into what this pooch may be like. Here is what you should be aware of:

What are the Basic Characteristics of a German Shepherd Yorkie?

  • Height: 8 – 18 inches
  • Weight: 6 – 50lbs
  • Coat: Single or double coat, medium to long fur
  • Level of Affection: High
  • Kid-Friendly: Maybe, depending on size
  • Dog Friendly: Yes, with proper socialization
  • Cat Friendly: Yes, with proper socialization
  • Preferred Climate: Moderate to cool
  • Shedding Levels: Moderate to high
  • Trainability: High
  • Potential to Bark/Howl: Moderate

What Will a German Shepherd Yorkie Look Like?

Many potential owners are curious about what the physical appearance of a German Shepherd Yorkie may be like. This is because the parent breeds have little in common. It should be noted that there can be a lot of variation as these dogs can take up either parent or be some combination of them.

Here is an idea of what these pups may look like:

How Big Will a German Shepherd Yorkie Get?

German Shepherd Yorkies are often on the smaller side, although not nearly as tiny as their Yorkie parents. It is also possible for these dogs to grow enough to be considered a medium-sized breed as well.

What Facial Features will a German Shepherd Yorkie Have?

The Yorkie genes can be surprisingly strong in this mixed breed, with the head shape being quite similar to this parent. You will discover, however, that many German Shepherd Yorkies will have a longer snout, reminiscent of their German Shepherd parent.

What Type of Coat Will a German Shepherd Yorkie Have?

The German Shepherd Yorkie can have either a single or double coat. Dogs with a double coat will shed more than those with a single coat.

The fur may be of medium or long length. It may be silky and straight or a bit coarser, with a slight wave to it. If there is an undercoat, the fur here will be denser.

The German Shepherd Yorkie’s coat can present in various hues. This includes blue, tan, black, sable, liver, white, grey, silver, and liver. In most cases, this pup’s coat will have at least two colors.

They may have the classic German Shepherd mask or their nose and ears may be darker than the rest of their face.

What Kind of Temperament Does a German Shepherd Yorkie Have?

German Shepherd Yorkies may have one of two distinct spirits. On the one hand, they may be loyal companions that follow you around and love to cuddle with you. On the other, you may end up with a playful pup who is always off on its own adventures.

They are quite loving towards their family, although they can demand your attention. Be prepared to spend lots of time playing with your pup.

These dogs don’t do well separated from their owners. At most, expect to spend a few hours away from home. After this, they may begin to bark or engage in destructive behavior. They are best suited to homes where someone is around most of the time.

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German Shepherd Yorkies can be intensely wary of strangers and will often bark at them. This is why it is important to socialize with them at a young age. Make sure that they meet lots of different people and get used to these individuals inside the house as well as when you are out on walks and running errands.

This mixed breed gets along well with kids, but the main concern is whether German Shepherd Yorkies are safe around children. Smaller dogs can be quite delicate and easily hurt if they aren’t handled properly.

Therefore, if a dog weighs less than 10lbs as an adult, it may not be suitable for households with small children. Larger dogs, however, will do just fine.

The German Shepherd Yorkie can get along with other dogs, especially if they are socialized at a young age. Dogs with a strong Yorkie personality can often try to take on other dogs, even if they are bigger. This is something you should be mindful of especially when you and your pup are around strange dogs.

These pups tend to be good with cats and other small pets. Early introduction and socialization can certainly help.

What are the Health Issues Associated with a German Shepherd Yorkie?

As the parent breeds of the German Shepherd Yorkie are quite physically different, this mixed breed has a lower risk of common health conditions. It is important to be aware of which issues may crop up, though, so that you can be prepared to tackle them.

What is the Life Expectancy of a German Shepherd Yorkie?

German Shepherd Yorkies can live for a longer period, with an average life span of around 11 to 14 years. To prolong your pup’s life make sure to care for them properly, offering proper nutrition and healthcare.

What are the Common Health Issues Experienced by German Shepherd Yorkies?

  • Patellar luxation
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Bloat
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Degenerative myelopathy

Take note of any changes to your dog’s appetite, behavior, and energy levels. If there are any variations, take them to the vet. Catching any issues in the early stages can help to greatly improve the prognosis.

What are the Nutrient Requirements for German Shepherd Yorkies?

For a mixed breed like German Shepherd Yorkies, finding the right dog breed can be a bit difficult. This is why it is best to speak with your vet when choosing dog food.

When your German Shepherd Yorkie is a puppy, it is most important to choose high-quality food with high-quality food sources. There should also be an appropriate balance of protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

When your dog reaches adulthood, you can choose its dog food based on its final size. Continue to choose a reputable dog food brand that will provide your pooch with the nutrients that it needs for proper health and wellbeing.

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The portion for your size will depend on their size and energy levels. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the portion size. This will prevent your puppy from gaining weight and becoming obese. Make it a point to limit treats and snacks as well.

How Much Exercise Does a German Shepherd Yorkie Need?

It is tricky to ascertain just how much exercise a German Shepherd Yorkie needs as you can’t be sure which parent they will take after.

If the Yorkie genes are more prominent, these pups don’t need too much exercise as they are quite energetic and playful at home, allowing them to burn off a lot of energy. A daily walk for about 15 to 20 minutes should suffice.

If your dog is larger and takes after its German Shepherd parent, then more exercise is needed. You should aim for about 30 minutes or so of exercise a day. A brisk walk is great, but bigger dogs will love to play fetch and Frisbee as well.

Always keep an eye on your dog after daily exercise. Adjust their physical activity according to their energy levels afterward. In case your dog appears to have tons of energy, you can increase their exercise time. If they appear to be too tired, then cut back a little.

How Often Should You Groom a German Shepherd Yorkie?

Grooming techniques and schedules will depend on the type of coat your dog has inherited. If your dog has a long, silky coat like a Yorkie, then the process is a little more extensive.

To begin with, it is best to keep this coat short as longer hair can get tangled rather easily. Even then, you will need to brush your dog’s coat daily to keep it mat-free and silky.

Dogs with this kind of coat can be bathed more often. Some owners will do this every two weeks, but you will need to decide what is best for your dog’s skin and coat.

In case your German Shepherd Yorkie has a German Shepherd coat, you will only have to brush them a few times a week. Do this religiously, though, as these dogs can shed quite a bit. Regular brushing works to keep it under control.

During the warmer months, your dog may blow their coat. This requires them to be brushed at least once a day. A de-shedding brush can help to get rid of additional loose hair as well.

Pups with this type of coat only need to be bathed a few times a year. Bathing them too often can cause their skin and coat to dry out.

What is the Best Living Environment for German Shepherd Yorkies?

This pooch doesn’t tolerate extreme climates very well and is best suited to moderate ones. You will need to take care that your dog isn’t too cold or doesn’t overheat during cooler or warmer months.

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To ensure this, keep your dog indoors during extreme temperature changes. If going out in the cold, make sure that your dog is wrapped up properly. In warmer weather, avoid taking your pup out when the sun is at its warmest. Walk them during the early morning or evening.

Due to their smaller size, these dogs can live in apartments and smaller homes. There isn’t as much need for a yard, either. You will need to take your dog out on a more regular basis, though. Try to break up their walks so they get to go out several times during the day.

How Can You Train a German Shepherd Yorkie?

This mixed breed is highly trainable, but it is important to figure out what will motivate them. If the German Shepherd genes are more dominant, this pup is happy to learn commands because they want to be mentally stimulated.

Those who take after their Yorkie parents want to be at the center of attention. Showering them with lots of praise and affection can mean that they learn commands and tricks more readily.

Always start training them from the moment you bring your pup home. This is particularly important when it comes to housetraining. Smaller dogs often get away with accidents as they are easier to clean up. Don’t let this behavior continue, though, as bad habits can cement themselves within a short period.

Socialization is a form of training as well. Make an effort for your pooch to see people and other animals regularly. Continue this into adulthood as well so that they will better behave around people.

Where Can You Find a German Shepherd Yorkie?

Choose a reputable breeder when looking for a German Shepherd Yorkie. Good breeders will make an effort to research both sides of the parent breeds. This will help to eliminate major and debilitating diseases, reducing the risk that your dog will end up with such conditions.

Can You Adopt German Shepherd Yorkies?

As a designer breed, it is unusual to find German Shepherd Yorkies in shelters. You may be able to improve your odds by checking shelters that take in German Shepherds or Yorkies specifically.


Here are some frequently asked questions about German Shepherd Yorkies:

Can a Yorkie and German Shepherd Mate?

The breeding of German Shepherd Yorkies is done via artificial insemination, with German Shepherd females carrying the puppies to term.

How Long Can German Shepherd Yorkies Live?

These dogs can live from 11 to 14 years of age, making them one of the longest living breeds for mid-sized dogs.

How Big Does a German Shepherd Yorkie Get?

These pups can be as tall as 16 inches and grow to weigh up to 50lbs.

This is what you need to know about the German Shepherd Yorkie mix. From appearance to personality, they have a lot to offer. You can now decide whether this pooch would be a good addition to your family.

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