German Shepherd vs. Coyote

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Do you know that German Shepherds have their look-alike? What dog breed do you think is closest to a German Shepherd Dog? It is none other than coyote. This article will give you information about German Shepherds and coyotes.

It will also particularly discuss the characteristics of Coyote German Shepherd Mix as well as some fun facts about German Shepherd Dog and coyote fight encounters.

Comparing German Shepherd Dogs and Coyotes

The primary similarity of German Shepherd Dogs and coyotes is that they both belonged in the dog lineage or Canidae family. Both of them are noticeably look like a wolf. German Shepherd Dog is considered as the closest dog breed to coyote as far as appearance is concerned.

To clearly differentiate the two breeds, it is necessary for them to be compared by size, speed, bite force, appearance, habitat, and habits.

  • Size

The average weight of a fully grown German Shepherd ranges from 22-40kg. Coyotes’ average weight is from 8-18kg.

  • Speed

The average speed of a coyote approximately 69 kph. On the other hand, a German Shepherd’s estimated average speed is 63 kph.

  • Bite Force

A German Shepherd bite force is 238 psi while coyote’s bite force is 153 psi, which is somehow similar to the bite force of a medium-sized dog.

  • Appearance

The muzzle of the coyotes is more pointed and has longer legs than of the German Shepherd Dogs. Coyotes also have tracks that are more elongated and their tail are more bushy than of the German Shepherd. Coyotes are sleeker and have lean bodies as compared to German Shepherd Dogs.

  • Habitat and Habits

German Shepherd Dogs are usually domesticated dogs living with their owners while coyotes are living in the wild natural areas especially open areas like desert and prairie. German Shepherds are commonly dependent on their breeders or owners, unlike coyotes which can be adaptable in nature with their own.

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Some sort of special dog foods are what GSD likes to eat but coyotes can eat anything including insects, rabbits and squirrels in their hunting habit. Their flexible diet give them higher chance to survive in different territories.

Coyotes regular activity is hunting for prey while German Shepherd Dogs usually enjoy playing, performing and working with man.

Crossbreeding German Shepherd Dogs and Coyotes

What would be the possible result of Crossbreeding German Shepherd with Coyote?

Have you ever imagined what would it look like when a German Shepherd mated with a coyote? Crossbreeding German Shepherd Dogs and Coyotes will result into what is likely known to be as Coyote German Shepherd Mix or German Shepherd Coyote Cross.

Some called this hybrid creature to be a coydog which refers to the offspring of a male coyote and female dog (German Shepherd Dog) or if the male is a dog (German Shepherd Dog) and female is a coyote is called a dogote.

It is very interesting to know what will be the appearance of the offspring of a German Shepherd Dog and a coyote.

Normally, the most noticeable identification of a Coyote German Shepherd Mix will be the face mask that is usually white in color, a downward-bent bushy tail and a sable color of coat. It can also result to very piercing eyes and triangular long ears. Most probably, this hybrid can approximately weighs from 60 to 120 lbs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coyote German Shepherd Mix

Having a Coyote German Shepherd Mix has some advantages and disadvantages. Remember that cross breeding these two different breeds can result  into positive and negative outcomes, that is why it is very important for breeders as well as for future owners to understand what would be the possible cost and benefit of having a German Shepherd Coyote Cross.

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The best advantage of having this hybrid is to produce a unique appearance. Some owners and breeders are desiring to have new looks of pets especially dogs.

With that, cross breeding is a good way to produce one. It is also regarded that crossbreeding can possibly prevent genetic diseases to continue. By mixing one breed to another, inherited health problems from purebred might be reduced or when successful, be totally removed from the offspring.

Consequently, that healthy offspring will start the generation of quality new purebred. German Shepherd Coyote Cross would most likely become more energetic, agile, strong and highly smart.  

When it comes to disadvantages, Coyote German Shepherd Mix may result into an offspring with a more unpredictable temperament. Since German Shepherd Dogs have better temperaments and coyotes are not as such, their offspring would likely be having unpredictable temperaments.

Another disadvantage is that they are not really outgoing and playful which means they are not really easy to handle as pets. Taking care of it requires larger space because they prefer to live in open areas so that apartments or inside homes are not really suitable for them.  

Facts about German Shepherd Dogs and Coyotes Encounters

Can a German Shepherd beats a Coyote?

Do you know that it is really amazing to hear or read some testimonies about German Shepherd and coyote encounters.

One of the primary abilities of German Shepherd Dogs is that they are very protective and can do rescuing functions. Some stories proves this victory when a German Shepherd attacked coyotes and it rescued its owner or another companion.

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Although coyotes are more courageous to attack when they are many, a German Shepherd can still manage to win the battle against many.

Protect your GSD from Coyote Group Attack

There was an encounter where coyotes like to attack by pack and took advantage over a German Shepherd. It is usual for an average family to own one German Shepherd Dog at home, so to keep your pet safe against group attack, invest for a coyote-proof fencing and lighting your yard at night.

It is also reported that coyotes are more active to roam around every January because this is their breeding period.


Although German Shepherd and coyotes share some similarities, they still have a lot of differences especially in behavior and habitat.

It is vital for breeders and future owners to understand first what might be the cost and benefits of cross breeding German Shepherd Dogs and coyotes so that they can decide if they can really manage to take care of the offspring.

To avoid danger caused by coyotes, see to it that you do some protective works in order to be prepared to overtake their attacks.

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