10 Best German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario, Canada (2022)

Best German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario

German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds with the American Kennel Club ranking the breed second in popularity.

For those based in Ontario, you will likely have encountered a German Shepherd while strolling the streets and may be intrigued to learn of German Shepherd breeders in Ontario. We’re here to help.

When adopting a German Shepherd from a breeder you should do your research to ensure that you are adopting from a reputable breeder.

Reputable breeders will provide you with full registration and certification papers, a full medical history and information on the bloodline. Don’t go in blind as this can lead to issues down the line.

This article will provide you with information about the 10 best German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario, to help you select the best breeder to suit your needs.

We will provide some basic information about the breeder as well as contact details for you to follow up.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Ontario

Best German Shepherd Breeders Ontario

As the German Shepherd is a hugely popular breed in Canada, it means there are many potential breeders to choose from. Identifying the good breeders from the bad can be a challenge, especially if you are adopting for the first time.

Good quality breeders exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They are knowledgeable about the dog breed and can answer any breed-specific questions.
  • They ask you questions about the household setup to ensure the puppy will be well looked after.
  • Good breeders are transparent about their breeding practices and can provide a full medical history.
  • They start to socialize the puppies before they are adopted.
  • They won’t release the puppy for adoption before 8 weeks of age as up to this stage they are reliant on their mother.
  • They will provide you with a contract to sign.
  • They will follow up with you during the adoption to ensure all is well.

Have this list of characteristics in mind when you approach a breeder. If they seem unsure about your questions or cannot give definitive information, this should be a red flag. You should also visit the breeder in person to verify them before committing.

Top 10 Best German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario, Canada

To help you find the best German Shepherd breeders in Ontario, we’ve researched to give you the best and most up-to-date list. Explore the breeders below.

1. Shiphra German Shepherds

10 Best German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario

Shiphra German Shepherds is a breeder based in Ontario, renowned for producing some of the finest German Shepherd Puppies.

Based in Napanee Ontario, the breeder focuses on quality, not quantity, taking time to focus on the best pedigree German Shepherds.

As they are a small volume breeder, demand for Shiphra German Shepherd puppies is high so you should get in touch to ensure you can adopt a pup soon.

Shiphra aims for perfection with their breeding, by identifying and importing the finest German pedigree bloodlines, approved by FCI or AKC.

Specifically, West German bloodlines are prioritised by the breeder as they have the best temperaments for family companions.

Shiphra German Shepherds produce wonderful-looking German Shepherd puppies, renowned for their rich black and red coat.

The focus on West German Shepherd bloodlines, provides families with loyal companions, known for obedience, work and protection. They have a balanced temperament, ensuring they are easy to train, stable and great to live with.

Shiphra German Shepherds are consistently ranked as one of the top breeders in Ontario. They have great customer service and invest time and energy to provide customers with loving German Shepherd companions.

Name: Shiphra German Shepherds

Address: 1383 County Road 1 W, Napanee, ON K7R 3L1

Phone: + 1 866-936-7701

Website: https://shiphrashepherds.com/

2. Loyalist German Shepherds

Loyalist German Shepherds is a family-based kennel breeder that simply loves the German Shepherd breed and seeks to preserve it through ethical breeding practices.

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Based in Kingston, Ontario, the Loyalist pups are raised on 20 acres of land alongside a family with five young children.

The family ethos of the breeder reflects well in the temperament of the German Shepherds bred. Loyalist German Shepherds are well acclimatized to a family environment before they are adopted and are very comfortable around children, smaller dogs or other pets such as cats.

You will notice their happy and well-balanced temperament is matched with supreme loyalty – making a great household companion.

Adopting with Loyalist German Shepherds also provides a health guarantee. All puppies undergo a rigorous health screening which is FCI or OFA certified before adoption.

The screening checks all essential joints and vital signs. All puppies sold are dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped. Loyalist German Shepherds are also known for their large heads, strong bones and rich colors.

Loyalist provide customers with a health guarantee, a vet health certificate, CKC registration and a lifetime of support, ensuring customers are completely reassured.

Name: Loyalist German Shepherds

Address: Odessa Ontario K0H 2H0

Phone: +1 888-974-3639

Email: jason@loyalistshepherds.com

Website: https://www.loyalistshepherds.com/

German Shepherd Breeders In Ontario 2022

3. Von Rothaus German Shepherds

Von Rothaus German Shepherds is a holistic breeder, focusing on the full-life outcomes of each puppy. Treating each litter as if they were their babies, allows Von Rothaus puppies to feel incredibly loved and ready to make a family happy.

Based in Fordwich, Ontario, the Von Rothaus holistic philosophy ensures that each puppy has equal personal care and attention, with a strong focus on socialization before re-homing.

Von Rothaus is the complete opposite of large-scale commercial breeders, instead focusing on tailored care and ethical breeding choices to provide the world with physically and mentally healthy German Shepherd puppies.

Choosing the right homes for their puppies is a priority for Von Rothaus, therefore be prepared for robust discussions with the breeder before being approved for adoption.

If there are ever any issues with adopters and their handling of a Von Rothaus German Shepherd, the breeder will aggressively pursue the return of the puppy.

As soon as engaging with Von Rothaus, you will appreciate their love for German Shepherds and their keen interest in the German Shepherd breed.

You will also gain great care tips from an expert at looking after German Shepherds. If your priority is ethical, holistic breeding, Von Rothaus is a compelling choice.

Name: Von Rothaus German Shepherds

Address: Fordwich, Ontario

Phone: +1 519-291-8222

Email: vonrothhaus@hotmail.com

Website: https://vonrothhausgermanshepherds.com/

Best German Shepherd Breeder In Ontario

4. Vom Issam Haus

Vom Issam Haus is a German Shepherd Breeder based in North York, Ontario. This breeder is renowned for focusing on dogs with good temperaments, believing that families are only ever interested in dogs with sound temperaments so they can live fulfilling lives in their forever home.

Vom Issam Haus breeds the West German Working Show line of the German Shepherd dog as it provides a good medium between a working dog and a loyal family pet.

Vom Issam Haus is completely aware of the detrimental impact of poor-quality breeders and aims to correct the balance by focusing on quality over quantity.

Vom Issam Haus German Shepherds undergo rigorous testing before being approved for breeding, ensuring they have certified healthy hips, good temperament and strong bone structure.

Not only interested in producing great pets, but Vom Issam Haus is also determined to maintain the original German bloodlines that make German Shepherds such wonderful, beautiful dogs.

To ensure they find good forever homes for their dogs, Vom Issam Haus encourages prospective customer visits to the kennels and is always open for discussion over the phone or email to answer any questions you may have about the breed.

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Name: Vom Issam Haus

Address: North York, Ontario

Phone: +1 705-331-2793

Website: https://vomissamhaus.com/

5. Fraserglen Kennels

Fraserglen Kennels is a highly experienced breeder who has bred German Shepherds for over 25 years.

The kennels combine the best of the Czech and East German bloodlines to incorporate the best working traits with natural abilities to ensure they can work well as service dogs or as home-based pets.

To highlight their prominence among the working German Shepherd breeding community in Canada, Fraserglen Kennels was selected to supply puppies for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Puppy Program.

If you’re interested in acquiring a German Shepherd as a pet, rest assured Fraserglen is also vastly experienced in breeding lovable household companions.

Fraserglen is run by a husband and wife team who have years of experience in dog behavior and therapy. The kennel is located northeast of Toronto on a 307-acre plot, including fields, ponds and bushes.

Fraserglen focuses on giving each puppy the best start possible their life by providing bespoke care to each pup and encouraging socializing.

Whether you want to adopt a Fraserglen German Shepherd to work, serve, provide comfort or be a loyal companion, Fraserglen Kennels breed German Shepherds for all purposes. All puppies have undergone tests for health issues such as hip or elbow dysplasia and have a CKC/AKC certificate.

Name: Fraserglen Kennels

Address: 172 Twelfth Line Road, Dummer, Norwood, Ontario, KOL 2V0

Phone: +1 647-297-5569

Website: https://fraserglenkennels.com/

6. Von Lousar

Von Lousar is a breeder and importer primarily of German Shepherds but also Caucasian Ovcharka, based in Matheson, Ontario. Von Lousar German Shepherds are renowned for their traditional black and red thick coats.

Von Lousar focuses on breeding German Shepherds that make perfect household pets. Specifically, family pets who you can easily leave with young children while also having sufficient drive to be a family protector and guardian.

To embody these characteristics, Von Lousar breed with the German Showline imported from Germany. The breeder does in-depth research to find the optimal pedigree to import, focusing always on quality.

To ensure their German Shepherds are ready for loving homes, Von Lousar breeds and raises their dogs in a loving home. The advantage of this approach is that all Von Lousar German Shepherds are socialized and well-loved before they find a forever home. This also supports easier integration with their new family.

Von Lousar is a reputable breeder and has high expectations of prospective families looking to raise their puppies.

During the adoption process, Von Lousar will ensure that their puppies are housed in homes which share the ethos of unconditional love that the breeder has.

Name: Von Lousar

Address: Matheson, Ontario

Phone: +1 705-262-5611

Website: https://www.vonlousar.com/

German Shepherd Breeders In Ontario

8. Von Aries Kennel

Von Aries German Shepherds is a small-scale, highly selective German Shepherd breeder based in Milton, Ontario.

Despite their small size, Von Aries has been widely acclaimed winning highest rated male in the North American Championships and at the prestigious International Championship of the German Shepherd dog. This recognition shows Von Aries focus on quality in their breeding program.

Von Aries mission is to produce sound German Shepherd dogs which easy to train, have a great temperament and are beautiful to look at.

Von Aries is recognised as the premium source of Pure Bred German Shepherds as well as the source of trained persons for protection and obedience with the breed. Von Aries are certainly more than just breeders, as they seek to advance knowledge and expertise of the breed.

Von Aries also strive to provide households with a German Shepherd that has a super character and personality, while also exceeding their expectations for the breed.

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For prospective breeders, Von Aries do provide a stud service but note this is only for approved females. All German Shepherds bred by Von Aries are CKC and AKC registered.

Name: Summerview German Shepherds

Address: Milton, Ontario

Phone: +1 416-886-2901

Website: https://www.va-germanshepherds.com/

9. Wild Winds German Shepherds

Based in Arthur, Ontario, Wild Winds German Shepherds is a small-size German Shepherd breeder who has been breeding since 1998.

Located on a 45-acre farm, Wild Winds opt for home-based breeding to ensure all puppies are raised in a loving homely environment which has children of many ages.

To ensure the German Shepherds bred by Wild Winds are prepared for their forever home, they are taught life skills of obedience, tracking and herding.

These life skills lessons bring out the best and most natural characteristics of German Shepherds. This also prepares puppies to be prepared and resilient when encountering everyday scenarios.

In terms of the pedigree on offer, Wild Winds breed the West German, East German and Czech bloodlines and are always on the lookout to improve the pedigree that is bred.

Wild Winds German Shepherd puppies are large and square with the traditional German Shepherd structure. They are available in rich black and red, as well as pure black.

Wild Winds provide customers with a two-year warranty for their puppies on common health issues such as hip or elbow dysplasia and kidney issues.

As German Shepherds are active dogs, Wild Winds encourages prospective owners to research the breed and ensure they can house a German Shepherd.

Name: Wild Winds German Shepherds

Address: Arthur, Ontario

Phone: +1 519-848-5554

Website: https://www.wildwindsgsds.ca/dogs.html

Best German Shepherd Breeders In Ontario 2022

10. Vom Keleran

Vom Keleran is a German Shepherd breeder based in Timmins, Ontario. The kennel breeder resides on 20 acres of land and focuses on the Czech bloodlines which are renowned for working border control dogs.

Adhering to the belief that ‘loyalty is bred, not bought’, Vom Keleran takes a holistic approach to breeding. Vom Keleran is a specialist in raising working German Shepherds and they do not breed showlines.

The German Shepherds bred at Vom Keleran derive from the sought-after bloodlines from the famous Jinopo kennel in the Czech Republic.

The characteristics of Vom Keleran German Shepherds are their strong genetic health, solid nervous system and high drive.

This gives them a clear head and the ability to compete across various activities. Having a sound mind is a key element of the breeding program so that these traits can be passed down through the generations. In addition to having strong working capabilities, they also make great family companions.

Similar to other breeders, Vom Keleran provides customers with two-year protection against hip and elbow dysplasia and DM tested by OFA. This reassures customers that industry standards are met. All Vom Keleran puppies are also CKC-registered.

Name: Vom Keleran

Address: 799 Kamiskotia Road, Timmins, Ontario

Phone: +1 705-465-0394

Website: https://vomkeleran.com/

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you a helpful guide to the 10 best German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario. While there are many other breeders out there, be assured that the breeders listed in this article are reputable.

As it has been made clear, breeders often go above and beyond to ensure that the puppies bred in their care, go on to live fulfilling lives in other people’s homes.

Bare this in mind as you will need to prove that you can provide a loving home for a German Shepherd puppy.

Also, if you come across a breeder who has none of the characteristics outlined in this article, they may not be reputable, so we recommend doing rigorous online research before committing.

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