English Mastiff Growth Chart – Weight & Size Chart

English Mastiff Growth Chart

Are you puzzled by your Mastiff puppy’s rapid growth and curious about what to expect as it matures?

Did you know that English Mastiffs, a giant breed, can double in size within just three months?

This article offers an informative guide on the typical growth stages of a Mastiff using our meticulously designed weight and size chart.

Stay with us to learn more about predicting your pup’s future size, ensuring their healthy development, and being prepared for the majestic creature they’ll become.

Key Takeaways

  • English Mastiffs go through several growth stages, with their puppyhood being a time of rapid growth and development.
  • Mastiffs can continue expanding their frame up until they reach five years of age, but stability in physical maturity generally settles between two and three years old.
  • Monitoring your Mastiff’s growth with the help of a weight and size chart can aid in understanding their unique growth pattern as male and female mastiffs may experience different phases in development.
  • Factors such as genetics, nutrition, neutering or spaying, and overall physical health have a significant impact on the growth of English Mastiffs.

English Mastiff Growth Stages

English Mastiff Puppy Growth Chart

English Mastiffs go through several growth stages, with their puppyhood being a time of rapid growth and development.

English Mastiff Weight Chart

The development of an English Mastiff puppy progresses through several stages, and understanding these stages can help ensure your furry friend grows into a healthy, robust dog.

The table below outlines the timeline of an English Mastiff’s growth:

Age Weight Size Development Stage
1 Month 5-9 lbs Small Puppyhood
2 Months 20-30 lbs Small-Medium Puppyhood, start of rapid growth phase
3 Months 35-60 lbs Medium Rapid growth phase
6 Months 70-130 lbs Large Rapid growth phase, fastest growth period
12 Months 120-220 lbs Extra Large End of rapid growth, growth rate slows
18-24 Months 130-250 lbs Extra Large Reaches full potential size, growth typically stops

This timeline captures the most significant stages of an English Mastiff’s growth, from puppyhood through to their full, formidable size.

Each puppy is unique and may not adhere strictly to this timeline, but it serves as a general guideline for what to expect as your English Mastiff matures.

When Do English Mastiffs Stop Growing?

Mastiff Development

English Mastiffs, renowned for their enormous size, often continue expanding their frame up until they reach five years of age.

It’s essential to understand that these gentle giants have varying growth rates and tend to mature more slowly compared to other dog breeds.

Stability in physical maturity generally settles between the ages of two and three years old. That’s the point when most mastiffs’ bones, joints, and muscles are fully developed.

Tracking a Mastiff puppy’s growth through weight chart or a growth chart based on its age can be extremely beneficial for anxious owners wondering about the full-grown size of their pet.

This monitoring aids in understanding their unique growth pattern since male and female mastiffs may experience different phases in development as well as reaching optimal sizes at disparate times.

For example, female mastiffs often hit a developmental plateau around ten months – something that varies greatly from males of the species.

English Mastiff Size Chart

In this section, we will provide an average weight and height chart for English Mastiffs at different ages to help you track your puppy’s growth.

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Average Weight And Height At Different Ages

The weight and height of an English Mastiff can fluctuate due to factors such as diet, exercise, and genetics.

However, there are average sizes at each age stage that can provide a general guideline as to what to expect. Here is an average weight and height chart for English Mastiffs at different ages:

Age Average Weight (Males) Average Weight (Females) Average Height (Males) Average Height (Females)
3 Months 50 lbs 40 lbs 15 inches 13 inches
6 Months 100 lbs 85 lbs 23 inches 21 inches
12 Months 160 lbs 140 lbs 28 inches 26 inches
18 Months 200 lbs 170 lbs 30 inches 28 inches
Full Grown 230 lbs 190 lbs 31 inches 28 inches

Keep in mind that these are average sizes and your specific English Mastiff could be above or below these averages.

Always consult with your vet if you have concerns about your Mastiff’s growth.

Full-Grown Weight And Height

Once your adorable Mastiff puppy reaches maturity, you might be wondering just how big they will get.

On average, a fully-grown male Mastiff can weigh between 161 to 220 pounds and stand at an impressive height of 27 to 35.8 inches.

While females are generally slightly smaller than males, their weight can vary quite a bit depending on factors such as genetics and nutrition.

Monitoring your Mastiff’s growth with the help of a weight and size chart is essential in ensuring they are developing properly.

By using this chart, you can make predictions about their adult size based on their age, so you’ll have an idea of what to expect when it comes to their full-grown weight and height.

Factors That Impact Mastiff Growth

English Mastiff Weight Chart

Several factors can have a significant impact on the growth of English Mastiffs, including genetics, nutrition, neutering and spaying, as well as overall physical health.


Genetics plays a significant role in the growth and development of English Mastiffs. The size, weight, and overall physique of these gentle giants are influenced by their genetic makeup.

Certain genes determine how big or small a Mastiff will grow, as well as their bone structure and muscle mass.

It’s important to understand that not all Mastiffs will reach the same size, even within the same litter. Each pup inherits a unique combination of genes from its parents, which can lead to variations in growth patterns and sizes.

By considering genetics along with other factors like nutrition and physical health, you can better understand and predict your Mastiff’s growth potential.


Proper nutrition is crucial for the healthy growth and development of your Mastiff puppy.

The right balance of nutrients, including protein, fat, and carbohydrates, will provide the energy they need to support their rapid growth rate.

It’s important to follow feeding guidelines that are specific to Mastiffs, ensuring they receive adequate amounts of food based on their age and weight.

Additionally, paying attention to key factors like energy intake and calcium levels can help promote strong bone development in large-breed puppies.

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Providing a well-rounded diet with balanced nutrition is essential for supporting your Mastiff’s overall health and helping them reach their full potential as they grow into magnificent adults.

Neutering And Spaying

Neutering and spaying are important considerations for the growth and development of your English Mastiff. Early neutering or spaying can impact their growth, particularly their joints.

Studies have shown that neutering is associated with an increased risk of certain health issues, such as tibial plateau angle abnormalities and obesity.

Waiting until your Mastiff has reached a certain age before considering neutering can have potential benefits for their overall health and growth.

It’s crucial to consult with your veterinarian to determine the best time to neuter or spay your dog, taking into account their breed characteristics and individual needs.

By making informed decisions about neutering or spaying, you can help ensure the healthy growth of your beloved English Mastiff without compromising their wellbeing in any way.

General Physical Health

Maintaining good general physical health is essential for the proper growth and development of your English Mastiff. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are key factors in keeping your dog healthy.

Exercise helps to strengthen their muscles, maintain a healthy weight, and promote overall fitness.

A nutritious diet that meets their specific nutritional needs will provide them with the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal growth.

Regular veterinary check-ups are also important to monitor their growth progress and detect any potential health issues early on. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your Mastiff grows up strong, healthy, and happy.

Understanding English Mastiff Growth

English Mastiffs can grow to be quite large, but how big do they actually get? Learn about the different sizes of English Mastiffs and gain a deeper understanding of their growth patterns.

Read more to discover fascinating facts about these majestic giants.

How Big Do English Mastiffs Get?

English Mastiffs are known for their impressive size. When fully grown, these majestic dogs can reach heights of at least 30 inches and weigh between 160 to 230 pounds for males, while females typically weigh between 120 to 170 pounds.

These gentle giants are truly a sight to behold! The American Kennel Club does not have a standard for the maximum growth of an English Mastiff, but their large stature and powerful build make them one of the largest dog breeds around.

So if you’re looking for a furry friend that will definitely turn heads wherever you go, an English Mastiff might just be the perfect fit for you!

Different Sizes Of English Mastiffs

English Mastiffs come in various sizes, with males typically being larger than females. On average, a male English Mastiff can reach a height of 30 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 160 to 230 pounds when fully grown.

Female English Mastiffs are slightly smaller, standing around 27 inches tall and weighing between 120 to 170 pounds. These majestic dogs have an impressive size and presence that sets them apart from other breeds.

So whether you’re looking for a gentle giant or a slightly more compact companion, there’s a size of English Mastiff that will suit your preferences.

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English Mastiff Growth Chart: Size Predictions

Refer to the month-wise size chart and growth patterns below to predict how big your Mastiff will get as they grow. Read on to learn more about their development and milestones.

English Mastiff Growth

Month-Wise Size Chart And Growth Patterns

The growth of your Mastiff can be predicted with a month-wise size chart and growth patterns.

This table provides a general guideline for Mastiff’s weight and height growth over the first 12 months.

Remember, this is an estimate as individual dogs may grow at different rates due to factors like nutrition, genetics, and overall health.

Age (Months) Avg. Weight (Pounds) Avg. Height (Inches)
1 20 10
2 40 15
3 60 19
4 80 22
5 100 25
6 120 28
7 140 29.5
8 160 30
9 175 30.5
10 190 31
11 205 31.5
12 220 32

It’s essential to keep in mind that English Mastiffs usually experience their most rapid growth in the first half of their adult weight.

This growth chart can help you keep track of your Mastiff’s development and allow you to ensure that their weight gain is consistent and healthy.

The English Mastiff weight calculator can be another useful tool for estimating the adult weight of your pet.

Note also that the weight of a 6-month-old English Mastiff can be predicted using this table. However, remember that growth patterns can vary from dog to dog.


1. How Can I Use A Mastiff Growth Chart To Track My Dog’s Weight And Size?

To use a Mastiff growth chart, you simply need to record the weight and height of your dog at different ages or milestones.

This will allow you to track their growth progression over time and compare it to the average measurements for their breed.

2. What Is Considered A Healthy Weight Range For A Mastiff?

A healthy weight range for an adult Mastiff typically falls between 120-230 pounds for males and 100-180 pounds for females.

However, it’s important to consult with your veterinarian as individual factors such as bone structure and muscle mass may vary.

3. Will My Mastiff Continue Growing After Reaching Adulthood?

Mastiffs generally reach their full height by around one year of age, but they may continue filling out in terms of muscle tone until around two years old.

It’s crucial to monitor their diet and exercise during this period as excessive weight gain can strain their joints.

4. Are There Any Common Health Issues Associated With Rapid Growth In Mastiffs?

Yes, rapid growth in mastiffs can sometimes lead to musculoskeletal problems such as hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia due to the strain placed on developing bones and joints.

Monitoring your dog’s nutrition, providing appropriate exercise, and consulting with your vet are essential steps in promoting healthy development.


In conclusion, tracking an English Mastiff’s growth through a weight and size chart is essential for understanding their development.

From puppyhood to full maturity, these giant dogs undergo significant changes in weight and size.

By monitoring their growth patterns and considering factors such as genetics and nutrition, dog owners can ensure their Mastiffs grow up healthy and reach their full potential as majestic companions.

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