English Bulldog Size Chart – Growth & Weight Chart

English Bulldog Growth Chart

It’s pretty hard to mistake an English bulldog for other dog breeds because of their distinctive appearance.

This is a very special breed, so many owners require an English Bulldog size chart to help them track the overall program and milestones as their dog grows.

English bulldogs have small ears and loose forehead skin with a rough and proud demeanor which makes some people afraid of them.

They can be quite painful, especially with their owner. It is not uncommon for an English bulldog to make himself comfortable in his owner’s lap as they can be quite affectionate.

If an English bulldog is of any interest to you then this article will provide you with a wealth of information.

When Do English Bulldogs Stop Growing?

English Bulldog Weight Chart

There is no clear answer to this question because dogs grow at differing rates even within the same breed. Added to that, females tend to be slightly smaller than males.

However, you can expect an English bulldog to reach full height after about 12 months, but this may be more or less depending on a few factors.

These factors include nutrition, physical activity, biology, and whether you have them spayed or neutered.

Even after your English bulldog has obtained full height, he may continue to fill out in the chest area as well as gain more weight until he is 2 years old.

You can expect English Bulldogs who are fully grown to weigh between 51 and 55 lb while their female counterparts weigh 42 to 44 lb.

When it comes to height, the males usually stand at 14 to 16 inches whereas females are usually 12 to 14 inches tall.

English Bulldog Weight Chart

In the following English Bulldog growth chart, you will notice that there are estimations for the size of your English bulldog. The purpose of the chart is to display average Bulldog sizes so that you can have some idea of where your English Bulldog should be in comparison.

Even though it is good to have a comparison to match up against your English Bulldog, you must understand that the growth of a dog is determined by many lifestyle and biological factors.

It could be that your dog simply has genes passed down from his parents that make him slightly bigger or smaller but remember that nutrition, exercise level as well as medical procedures can affect growth as well.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your dog’s health, you should chat with a professional who can give clear and concise information after they examine your dog.

Look at the English Bulldog growth chart as a guide for where your dog should be but remember it’s not set in stone.

To use the chart you simply need to have an accurate account of your dog’s age and simply match his age with the closest age on the left column.

Then all you need to do is follow along on the column and find the appropriate size of your English bulldog depending on the sex.

English Bulldog Size Chart

AgeWeight Male Weight Female
3 Months14 - 18 lbs13 - 15 lbs
4 Months18 - 24 lbs18 - 22 lbs
5 Months30 - 33 lbs22 - 25 lbs
6 Months33 - 37 lbs26 - 30 lbs
7 Months38 - 42 lbs30 - 33 lbs
8 Months42 - 45 lbs33 - 36 lbs
9 Months43 - 47 lbs35 - 37 lbs
10 Months45 - 48 lbs35 - 38 lbs
11 Months46 - 49 lbs37 - 40 lbs
12 Months51 - 55 lbs40 - 44 lbs

English Bulldog Puppy Development Stages

English Bulldog Size Chart

Birth – 2 Weeks 

You can expect your English bulldog that is around 2 weeks old to be in a sensitive state where he is unable to walk, and he has yet to open his eyes.

In the first few days of life, there will still be rapid growth and learning as your puppy feeds from his mother and keeps warm with his littermates. He will spend the majority of his time sleeping and eating.

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks

You will continue to see rapid changes in your English Bulldog’s growth as he begins to explore. Keep a watchful eye over him as he discovers the world around him, although he will always come back to his mother.

Most dogs begin weaning during this time so do your best to make sure the process goes smoothly. Carefully introduce solid foods by making sure it is the correct texture and not too harsh on your dog’s mouth.

Your English Bulldog should weigh between 4 and 7 lbs for males and 3 to 6 pounds for females at a month old.

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4 Months – 9 Months 

There will be continuous growth as your English bulldog develops and becomes more active. Make sure that you increase the amount of food you feed him so that he can continue to grow at a steady pace.

You will see marked improvements in motor skills and this is the time when English Bulldogs go through sexual maturity.

At the six-month mark, you can expect that male Bulldogs will be around 10 to 13 inches tall and females would be around 9 to 11 inches.

In terms of weight, you can expect English bulldog males to be 33 to 37 lb and females to be 26 to 3o lb.

10 Months – 18 Months 

Usually, an English bulldog will reach his full size in 12 months when it comes to height, but this does not mean he is finished growing.

You may see an increase in his weight until he is a full two years of age. What is most important is that he is properly nourished. At 12 months you can consider your dog a young adult as he is almost fully grown.

English Bulldog Puppy Development


Your English bulldog is considered completely grown at 2 years of age, so this is a time when you can make adjustments to his diet.

The diet of a growing puppy should be different from an adult or senior dog. Growing poppies require more protein and larger portions in general.

As your dog continues to grow in adulthood you need to look out for obesity because English bulldogs can become overweight easily.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get?

This is a common question that many English Bulldog owners have. Usually, people would like to know the ultimate size that their dog will be to make proper accommodations for them and there are a number of easy ways that you can arrive at a reasonable answer.

The best way would be to examine your dog’s parents by speaking to the breeder who will provide information about his parent’s size.

This is perhaps the best way to estimate your dog’s ultimate size since this is a biological factor that it’s passed down.

You also have the option of following the English Bulldog weight chart that we have provided within this article.

Some people prefer to look at the dog’s paws as puppies tend to have larger paws in proportion to the rest of the body. So larger paws mean there is growing left to complete.

If none of the above options suit you, then you can also have a DNA test done so that you will make sure your English Bulldog is pure-blooded but if he is not, you can account for the other breed size.

English Bulldog Size Chart 

You can expect English Bulldogs who are fully grown to weigh between 51 and 55 lb while their female counterparts weigh 42 to 44 lb.

When it comes to height, the males usually stand at 14 to 16 inches whereas females are usually 12 to 14 inches tall.

English Bulldog Puppy Size Chart

You need to measure your dog’s height using his withers which is the highest point of the shoulder blades.

Make sure that he is standing up straight and then use a measuring tape that drapes from the withers to the floor in a straight line.

Will Neutering/Spaying My English Bulldog Affect His Growth?

Usually, an English bulldog will reach their sexual maturity at around 7 months old and experts recommend that female Bulldogs are spayed around this time so that they would be better able to handle the anesthesia.

You can do this if you do not want any puppies and would like to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Pay attention to the risk involved with the surgery and the aftercare that is needed.

It is a bit different for males, as they should also be neutered around this time, but you should wait a bit longer around 10 months to be certain.

When male English Bulldogs are neutered early they tend to be a bit bigger on average. but this can also have a few damaging effects when it comes to their joints.

So it is better to wait until he is around ten months. This happens because neutered dogs usually have lower levels of testosterone which is crucial in sealing the growth plate. If you are unsure about the correct time you need to check with your veterinarian.

French Bulldog Vs English Bulldog Size

Perhaps the biggest difference between an English bulldog and a French Bulldog is their size. Also, English bulldogs tend to have a more distinctive look with loose skin and folds. They are also a bit more muscular.

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When it comes to height English Bulldogs have a clear advantage since they are a bit taller.  They also weigh more than Frenchies. English Bulldogs who are fully grown weigh between 51 and 55 lb while their female counterparts weigh 42 to 44 lb.

When it comes to height, the males usually stand at 14 to 16 inches whereas females are usually 12 to 14 inches tall.

French bulldogs usually stand at 11 to 13 in while weighing no more than 28 lbs in adulthood.

The legs are also smaller, and they have square heads with short noses. Both of the dogs have short coats that are usually glossy and smooth.

Factors That Affect English Bulldog Growth 

English Bulldog Puppy Growth Chart

Genetics & Gender

As we have stated, female Bulldogs are a bit smaller than male bulldogs so gender and genetics do not play a role in growth.

Especially because females tend to complete their growth faster than their male counterparts.

Additionally, English Bulldogs inherent the characteristics of their ancestors. They are even more prone to the diseases that are passed down to them.


We cannot stress good nutrition enough. This is perhaps the single most important thing you can do for your dog if you want him to grow up healthy and meet all his developmental milestones.

Make sure that the kibble is of a high-quality listing protein as the first ingredient. He will need more protein while he is in his developmental stages.

Physical Activity & Health 

English bulldogs tend to suffer from a disease that makes it difficult to exercise because breathing is restricted.

The brachycephalic syndrome should not be ignored by any means because it affects this breed quite a lot. As a dog parent you need to keep in mind the importance of exercise but ensure that it is not too vigorous.

And to make sure he does not become overweight as it tends to exasperate the problem. Also, keep exercise time later in the day when there is no direct sunlight which may be too much for his system.

How Much To Feed A Growing English Bulldog Puppy?

Since the diet is so important to prevent other serious conditions that your English Bulldog may develop, you should make sure that you monitor his diet carefully.

Feeding should be adjusted based on your dog’s activity level. Remember that this breed is prone to overeating.

English Bulldog Growth

When your English Bulldog is just a puppy you need to give him smaller amounts while assessing him and always making sure that he is properly fed.

As he grows up you can increase the amount of food he is given. However, after he has reached adulthood in 24 months you need to maintain the rations to an acceptable amongst and make sure that he does not get overweight. For English Bulldogs, about 3 cups of food should do the trick.

How To Tell If Your English Bulldog Is Underweight Or Overweight? 

An English bulldog has less fur, so figuring out if he is the correct weight is a bit easier than many other breeds.

The first thing you should do is look at your bulldog from above and pay special attention to the waist area. If you noticed a dramatic sink in that area, and you can also see his ribs then the chances are you have a dog that is underweight.

English Bulldogs are supposed to be muscular, and their ribs should not be visible. All so you can run your hand along the rib cage and if you are unable to feel his rib cage and all then he may be overweight.

Take your dog to the veterinarian to make sure that his health is in perfect order.

What Are The Most Common Conditions To Be Aware Of In Growing English Bulldog Puppies?

Remember that you should always take your English Bulldog for regular checkups as there are a few conditions that he may be susceptible to.

A veterinarian will be able to provide precise and personal recommendations that will help your dog if there are any pressing concerns with regard to his house.

English Bulldog Development

English bulldogs may have joint problems affecting the hips and knees as well as skin infections because of the skin folds that can collect bacteria.

For these conditions, preventative care is often the best solution. You should not wait until the problem has gotten too far.

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Do English Bulldogs Experience Growing Pain?

English Bulldogs have certain orthopedic conditions that may lead to pain. You may notice your dog behaving strangely, or he may be hesitant to engage in physical activities he is used to.

There may be swelling of the feet or limping. If these symptoms are not derived from some sort of injury then it may most likely be the cause of growing pains.

Growing pains may affect your dog suddenly and without a prior history of the condition.

At this time you should ensure that your dog has rest and access to food and water. You may visit the veterinarian to get him checked out to ensure that it is nothing serious.

What To Do If My English Bulldog Is Not The Right Weight?

If you notice that your English Bulldog is not the correct weight after comparing him with the entries on the chart we have provided, you need to examine him further.

Remember that there may be a number of reasons why your dog is at his current weight. After you have checked his ribs to feel if he is overweight you should definitely look into a veterinary visit.

If your dog is underweight then there are a few supplements that you can use but seek advice from a professional.

The obvious thing to do would be an increase and rations so that he can gain weight but make sure he is given protein of a high-quality along with healthy fat and a lot of fiber.

How To Help Your English Bulldog Lose Weight If He Is Overweight?

English Bulldogs are prone to obesity because of their stature. This condition also prevents them from doing a lot of strenuous exercises which also plays into their overall weight.

Because of the breathing problems that they have, it is very important that you do not allow them to become overweight.

A lot of people use treats to train their dog, but you should look for alternatives like words of praise instead. Do not overfeed your English bulldog if he is already overweight.

Consider reducing the rations but do it gradually so that it will not affect him to the point where he feels like he must dig through the trash. Light walks are also a good idea so dance he gets the proper exercise.

How To Properly Weight My English Bulldog?

When your English Bulldog is a puppy it is quite easy to do, as you can just place him on a scale that you have at home and record his weight.

However, when your bulldog is an adult, or he has reached his full size and cannot fit on your typical scale you definitely need to get a bit more creative.

Stand on the scale and record your weight, and then you stand on the scale and record the weight of you and your English bulldog after holding him in your arms. The difference between these two measures will be the weight of your bulldog.

It is a good idea to take your dog’s measurements at least once per month to track this progress so that you are aware of any problems during his development.

English Bulldog Genetics And Common Health Problems

English Bulldogs have quite a few genetic problems that require your attention. Firstly the skin folds create a problem that requires regular baths to keep infection at bay.

It is also quite easy for an English Bulldog to gain extra weight which can lead to other medical conditions that are detrimental to his health.

With brachycephalic syndrome, you may find that your English bulldog has difficulty breathing because the nose is a bit shorter than other dog breeds.

They are also more prone to heat strokes so exercising may prove to be difficult.  Always make sure that there is adequate water available.  The brachycephalic syndrome may need to be treated in some cases to help your dog breathe a bit easier.

Final Words

As a dog parent, it is important to care for your English Bulldog properly especially when it comes to grooming and regular check-ups.

When you bathe your English bulldog, remember to check between the skin folds and to make sure it is clean and dry after you are done. If you are unable to do this yourself then it is best to invest in a professional groomer.

English Bulldogs take well to grooming so ensure that you have this completed at an early age to avoid problems in the future.

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