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Best Dog Crate For German Shepherds

Training up a German Shepherd is not just a task but a responsibility for owners. There are various ways to train a GSD, especially with housebreaking. One very effective way is crate-training. Crate-training is a very practical way to teach GSDs potty-training, obeying house rules and training on being alone without making a mess or destroying anything. A crate also acts as a shelter for them where they can feel safe and comfortable. It might be challenging to find a crate for your active GSD, but worry not, because this article aims to guide you on how to choose a comfortable crate that will suit your GSDs’ needs. 

Types of Dog Crates for German Shepherds

GSDs may have different requirements when it comes to choosing the best crate for them. Below are different types of dog crates that you might want to consider for your GSD.

Portable Dog Crates

Portable dog crates are also called “Plastic Dog Crates” or “Pet Carriers”. GSD owners who like to travel with their precious pets choose this dog crate for its portability. Moreover, it is also made of high-grade sturdy plastic which GSDs can’t easily escape from. Most portable dog crates have swinging doors on the front and a top handle for carrying. 

Wire Dog Crates

The most commonly used dog crate is the wire dog crate. Obviously, this type of dog crate has a wire design that allows air to flow inside the crate and allows GSDs to see their surroundings. This type usually comes with bottom trays where a dog mat or bed can be placed for added comfort. Most wire dog crates are foldable and suitable for GSDs who are not chewers.

Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

For GSDs who can easily destroy or chew on other dog crates, the heavy-duty dog crate fits them best. They are made of thick, sturdy metal, with escape-proof doors. Some airlines may approve of this dog crate but it might be a bit heavy to move around.

Soft-Sided Dog Crates

Soft-sided dog crates are probably the most comfortable dog crates. They are usually made of nylon fabric, denim or canvas which can easily be damaged by a destructive GSD. Needless to say, this type doesn’t suit GSDs who aren’t crate-trained yet or GSDs who are not used to being confined in small spaces. On the other hand, soft-sided dog crates are very light and easy to move around. 

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Furniture-Style Dog Crates

Fashion dog crates or Furniture-style dog crates are chosen more by interior and fashion-conscious GSD owners. They double as a furniture piece that complements the interiors of a house. Mostly made of wood or rattan, they are not suitable for GSDs who are chewers. Fashionably as they may be, but they are extremely hard to clean and move around.

Important Aspects to Remember When Buying Dog Crates for German Shepherds


Determining the correct crate size for German Shepherd is very critical when buying a dog crate. GSDs come in different sizes, especially if they are still in their development stage. On average, GSDs can weigh between 66 to 88 lbs and their average height is 22-26 inches. Keep in mind that a dog crate that’s too crampy will be uncomfortable for them and will make them feel anxious. While a dog crate that’s too big will just be too overwhelming for them that the purpose of crate-training will go to waste.


Just as important as determining the correct size is choosing a dog crate with materials that will suit a GSD’s behavior. For GSDs who are beginners in crate-training and are known to be destroyers and great escape artists, a dog crate that’s made of thick metal is the best choice.


Dog crates are created according to their unique purposes and the lifestyle of the owner. There are specific dog crates for specific purposes like traveling, camping or even house-breaking.

Review of the Best Dog Crate For German Shepherds

Sometimes it is confusing to choose which dog crate is best for your GSD. This article doesn’t only aim to equip you with the knowledge to choose but also recommends the best dog crate for GSD this 2020.

MidWest Life Stages Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Sale Life Stages LS-1642DD Double Door Folding Crate for Large Dogs(71 - 90lbs)
  • This double door folding crate measures 42L x 28W x 31H inches & is suitable for large dog breeds
  • Sets up in seconds with no tools required for assembly and folds flat for convenient storage or...
  • Two heavy duty slide-bolt latches (per door) securely lock dog crate door in place keeping your dog...
  • Durable design creates a safe place for your pet while you're away & provides for your dog's...
  • Dog crate includes a divider panel, durable dog tray, carrying handle, "roller" feet to protect...

A GSD puppy can grow very fast. Buying a new crate just as every time your GSD puppy doesn’t fit anymore is a waste of money. Investing in a crate that can adapt to your GSD’s growth is practical.

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MidWest Life Stages is a double door gauge steel dog crate that has a divider panel. With this divider panel, it can accommodate 2 GSD puppies or it can also be used to house one GSD puppy as it grows by simply adjusting the divider according to the GSD’s length. Assembly and folding are super easy and fast without using any tools. Proven to be stable, thanks to its slide-bolt latches that lock connections in place.

This dog crate has a removable pan that’s easy to clean and rounded edges to avoid accidental scraping and wounds. It can also be transformed into a cave-like dwelling by simply using a dog crate cover which is sold separately. The best feature of all is that they offer a one-year warranty on manufacturer defects.

Pawsome Reminder:

  • This dog crate is durable but it is not for GSDs who can chew their way out.

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate- XX-Large
  • For kennel trained pets only | Your dog measurements should not exceed 36” Long x 27” High | See...
  • Kennel dimensions – 39.5” L x 26.3” W x 29.3” H | Interior Usable dimensions – 36” L x...
  • Sturdy and durable plastic construction makes for easy assembly | Wheels snap on and off as needed
  • IATA airline approved. 2 dishes, 4 live animal stickers, metal bolts and nuts included | Tie down...
  • Before flying with your pet, please check with your airline to confirm additional regulations

Traveling with A GSD doesn’t need to be complicated. A GSD’s size might be overwhelming but a good travel dog crate like SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels can be a jet-setter’s dream come true.

It is made of high-grade plastic that’s durable, reinforced with hinges, bolts, and nuts to keep your GSD safe and secure during transport and travel.

Most travel dog crates can be suffocating, but not with this product. It has 3 windows made of wire which let air circulate and a metal door with secure locks.

It also comes with easy attach detach wheels, making traveling and transporting a breeze. Cleaning is also a breeze with its floor gutter.

Pawsome Reminder:

  • This dog crate is approved by most airlines but the best practice for travelers is to check from their airlines to avoid last-minute travel issues.

ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel Crate and Playpen for Training Large Dog

ITORI 42'' Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel Crate and Playpen for Training Large Dog Indoor Outdoor with Double Doors & Locks Design Included Lockable Wheels Removable Tray(42in 48in) (42 in, Black)
  • ★ 【PREMIUM QUALITY & CONSTRUCTION】- Made out of reinforced steel and having all parts welded...
  • ★ 【CONVENIENT & SAFE】- The double door design is not only convenient for dog in and out but...
  • ★ 【DURABLE & NONTOXIC】- The metal frame of kennel is treated with a multi-layer hammer-tone...
  • ★ 【EASY TO CLEAN & MOVE】- Features a removable tray to make cleaning up accidents or spill...
  • ★ 【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】-Because of outbreak, tracking information delay to 5 days update. We...

The biggest dilemma for GSD owners is finding a dog crate that’s escape-proof, chew-proof yet comfortable enough.

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Itori Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage is a holistic dog crate made with a sturdy 20-gauge thick metal frame, coated with non-toxic multi-layer hammer-tone, with parts welded together to prevent GSDs from breaking away. It is tough against corrosion and GSD destruction but lessens GSD anxiety through its open design. The two separate doors make it easy for GSDs to get in and out.

This dog cage might be heavy but moving it won’t be a challenge because of its removable wheels which can also be locked for added stability. Plus, mess and dirt are just so easy to clean with its detachable tray. 

Pawsome Note:

  • Due to its bulky size and weight, this dog cage will be delivered partially assembled. However, it is designed to be assembled with minimal effort and can be done in as fast as ten minutes.

AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Crate

Amazon Basics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel - 42 x 31 x 31 Inches, Khaki
  • Soft-sided carrier crate for pets that collapses down easily for storage
  • Made with durable polyester and PVC material
  • Well-ventilated with multiple screened panels for your pet to look out of
  • Includes plush fleece-covered pet bed for comfort while on the road
  • Accessory pockets on the top and sides for storing treats, toys, and more

A gentle and calm GSD deserves a comfortably soft pet crate especially while traveling. Let your GSD travel in a comfortable fashion with the AmazonBasics Premium Folding Soft Pet Crate.

This dog bed is designed to prevent your GSD from feeling claustrophobic by having large mesh windows on each side and a high top cover. Nor will they feel rough rides with its soft, plush pet bed where your GSD can rest or relax while freely looking at the outside world.

And since this dog crate is collapsible, storage and assembly are effortless. It is so handy that you would love having your GSD in tow wherever you go.

Pawsome Notes: 

  • As a soft pet crate, this is definitely not for GSDs who are certified chewers.

Precision Pet by Petmate 2 Door Great Crate with Precision Lock

Sale Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier with Antimicrobial Protection,
  • Collapsible Dog Crate: This adjustable metal dog crate features a divider panel to accommodate large...
  • Secure & Versatile: Front & side door access allow for versatile placement in rooms & a 5 Point Door...
  • Kennels & Houses: Crate & kennel training is vital for dog safety & comfort. We provide traditional...
  • Petmate: For over 50 years, we at Petmate are passionate about our dogs, cats & furry friends in...
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens & other small furry...

An extra-large GSD will definitely need a dog crate with extra-large space. The Petmate 2 Door Great Crate is spacious, measuring 48” x 30” x 33”.

It has 2 doors for easy access with precision lock systems in five different locations to ensure GSDs are secured and safe in the crate.

Young GSDs’ growing need for space is not a problem with its divider panel for adjusting enough crate space.

It is made of durable and corrosion-free materials that can surely last for a long time. Collapsible, easy to store and clean, this is what makes this dog bed great in value.

Pawsome Notes: 

  • This company offers a 1-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. 

Tips on How to Determine What Size Crate for German Shepherd You Should Buy

GSDs come in different sizes, so determining the exact size of dog crate can be tricky. The best crate size for GSDs is according to the purpose of having a dog crate.

The best size crate for German Shepherd puppy should be enough for it to move around without leaving a big space.

Having a big space will only defeat the purpose of its training. For adult GSDs, measuring its height and length, then adding 2-4 inches for each measurement is the most ideal method to get the exact size.

It should be large enough for a GSD to move around, sleep, sit and stand. Remember that cramped crates may increase the possibility of anxiety in GSDs.


Dog crates were created to aid in the training of GSDs. The best crate for German Shepherd dog is not designed to confine and punish their misbehaviors.

Dog crates are not playgrounds for GSD puppies. It is important to consider individual GSD behavior and dog crate purposes before choosing what’s best for your GSD. 

GSDs, just like any other pets should be given time to exercise, run, play outside. A responsible GSD owner makes a healthy, happy GSD.

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