Doberman German Shepherd Mix – Meet The Doberman Shepherd

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You want to get a German Shepherd and a Doberman but you can only afford to buy one. Why not buy a Doberman shepherd? 

A Doberman Shepherd is the result when you breed a Doberman and a German shepherd. He has both the qualities of his parents.

Let’s find out the significant traits of this mixed breed, some tips on how to treat them well, and interesting facts about them.

Doberman German Shepherd Physical Traits

The Doberman Shepherd looks attractive because of their athletic built. The average height ranges from 22 to 26 inches while the average weight is from 90 to 110 pounds. Their coat is short and silky. Their color may be tan, brown, or black.

Some may have erect ears while others have floppy ears. The physical characteristics depend on the parents’ genes so there’s no definite description.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Temperament

The GSD is popular because it’s smart, confident and courageous while the Doberman is alert, fearless and loyal. So a half Doberman and half German Shepherd can either have all or some of these qualities.

However, the qualities of the parents are not the only basis for what the Doberman Shepherd can inherit. Provide their needs such as high-quality food, comfortable place, and proper training so you can be sure you will have the dog you want.

A mix between Doberman Pinscher and German shepherd may also have inherent negative traits such as aggression and stubbornness. This can be controlled if you start training him while he’s still young.

Doberman German Shepherd Training Needs

A German Shepherd Doberman mix needs to be trained like the other dogs so he can reach his maximum potential. Because he’s intelligent, he can be trained easily as long as his handler is determined and patient. He needs lots of engaging exercises to satisfy his curiosity. Spend time with him and don’t leave him alone for a long time because it will hurt his personality.

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It’s always a good idea to start training crossbreed puppies from a Doberman German Shepherd mix when they reach 3 to 4 weeks. Introduce them to your family members, friends, and neighbors. Let them hear sounds from different sources. Take them to new places. Remember this is best done gradually. Never force your puppies to interact with others.

Start training your Doberman Shepherd to master basic commands such as sit, come, down, or stay. Reward him with treats if he follows your commands. If he displays unwanted behaviors, ignore him.

Besides, he can be trained for police and military work like his parents who are both popular for their protective nature. He tends to be suspicious of strangers so he can be a good guard dog.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Dietary Needs

Feed your Doberman Shepherd at least twice a day. Because he is pretty active, provide four to five cups of nutritious dog food.

However, the amount of food still depends on how active and how heavy your dog is. For more active dogs, feed them with food high in protein and carbohydrates to keep them energized.

Don’t forget healthy fats like omega-3 oils to make their coat shiny since they have short coats that tend to dry out. You may also offer supplements as advised by your vet.

Doberman German Shepherd Grooming

The Doberman Shepherd requires a little grooming because he doesn’t shed much. Comb and brush his hair once or twice a week. Bathe him as needed. If he is usually outdoors, you may need to bathe him frequently than dogs who are usually indoors. T

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rimming after bathing is a good idea because his nails are softer. Trim his nails at least once a month because long nails can be annoying. If you notice dirt in his eyes or ears, remove it gently. Reward him with treats if he cooperates well whenever you groom him.

Brush his teeth daily using special dog toothpaste to avoid plaque buildup. Make your dog comfortable and allow him to take a break if he seems overwhelmed. Grooming should be a pleasant experience for him. If you’re having difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask for your vet’s help.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Health Problems

The Doberman Shepherd may get sick due to heredity or environmental reasons. To prevent these health problems, consult with your vet regularly. The following are some health issues a dog can face:

Dog Bloat or Gastric Dilation

This is common for large dogs like GSDs and Dobermans. The dog’s stomach is filled with air which affects the organs around the stomach and could lead to breathing difficulties.

If you notice your dog is in pain and his belly is distended, he’s suffering from dog bloat. Call your vet immediately when you notice these symptoms.

Hip Dysplasia 

This condition usually affects large dogs. It is hereditary but obesity and improper exercise can worsen this problem. If your Doberman Shepherd is in pain when standing up, running or jumping, inform your vet so he can determine if your dog has hip dysplasia.

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Provide a high-quality diet and proper exercise to your dog to prevent this problem.

Enlarged Heart or Dilated Cardiomyopathy

If your dog is always tired, breathing heavily, coughing, and panting even at rest, take him to your vet because this can be fatal if unchecked. Work closely with your vet on possible treatments and medications to manage the condition. 

Facts about the Doberman Shepherd

  • Their average lifespan is from 10 to 13 years
  • They can be cheaper than purebreds so the price range is from $200 to $500.
  • They aren’t suitable to live in very cold climates.
  • Cross-breeds like them can have fewer congenital diseases in some cases.

A Doberman and German Shepherd mix can be a good choice if you want a dog with a Doberman and GSD traits. Buy from reputable breeders because they ensure the Doberman German Shepherd mix puppies they sell are healthy.

Avoid disreputable breeders like puppy mills because they usually focus on profit not the health of the puppies for sale. 

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