Can german shepherds eat shrimps? (Benefits/Disadvantages)

Can german shepherds eat shrimps?

When you have a german shepherd puppy who likes to eat everything, it might get difficult to determine whether something is safe for it or not. You might be wondering whether certain types of seafood, like shrimp, are safe for your dog or not? The answer to this is a big fat YES! Shrimps are safe for your german shepherds to eat.

There are several benefits of consuming shrimps as well for your dog. Shrimps contain nutrients like phosphorus, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, and many antioxidants, which make them beneficial.

However, it is not all roses and good things when your dog eats shrimp; there are some disadvantages to eating shrimp. If you are in search of a complete guide on whether your German Shepherd can eat shrimp or not, you are at the perfect spot!

To learn more about shrimp and german shepherds, we will go step by step, starting from the advantages of eating shrimp.

Benefits of eating shrimp for german shepherds

Benefits of eating shrimp

Shrimp is a good source of fulfilling a german shepherd’s meat requirement because it is light, squishy, and flavourful. Shrimps are also full of vital nutrients that your puppy needs for growth, so they might turn out to be pretty beneficial for your dog.

The following part will explore the nutrients that shrimps contain and why these nutrients are good for your german shepherd.


Phosphorus is an anti-toxin that helps german shepherds flush out all the toxins from their bodies and get a cleanse. This is why phosphorus becomes a very good nutrient to help your dog’s kidneys function properly and remain healthy. It is also a necessary agent for every muscle contraction that your dog should be able to do, especially the heart muscle contractions.

Along with helping your German Shepherd with muscle and heart contractions, it also helps your dog have a stable heartbeat. Phosphorus is also a necessary agent to help transfer stored energy onto renewable energy.

Phosphorus also helps keep german Shepherd’s bones healthy, which means their bones will be stronger and more resistant to injuries.

Overall, phosphorus is a very beneficial and vital nutrient for your German Shepherd’s body, and shrimps contain an abundant amount of it. This makes shrimp an ideal type of meat for your dog to eat.

It contains vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an important ingredient that helps to keep your dog’s nervous system healthy and enables your dog’s brain to function properly. Additionally, it helps in the blood cell’s expansion and multiplication, which are essential for a german shepherd’s growth.

German shepherds are playful animals, and they often chew on and swallow things that are indigestible for them. Vitamin B12 helps in digestion problems and keeps your dog’s intestinal health in check.

Shrimps are beneficial for german shepherds because they contain many of these vital nutrients.

Vitamin B3

This is a crucial nutrient that helps the blood flow of your dog’s body be maintained. German shepherds need this to ensure that their blood flow is normal, which in turn helps them maintain healthy skin.

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Vitamin B3 is necessary for the emission of ceratin harmful acids that are present in a german shepherd’s stomach and bile; hence it helps in digestion as well. Shrimp can be responsible for all of these benefits for your puppy because it has a huge content of vitamin B3.

It contains various antioxidants

Antioxidants are necessary for almost all living beings. They help flush out the free radical cells from a german shepherd’s body and slow down the process of aging. A slow aging process is helpful because your dog can stay away from many diseases and enjoy its life to the maximum.

Disadvantages of eating shrimp for german shepherds

After scrolling through all the information above, you might have already been convinced to feed your four-legged friend with shrimps in all forms. But you might want to hold that action and learn a little bit about the risks attached to the consumption of shrimps.

Although shrimps are very beneficial and packed with essential nutrients for dogs, veterinarians still consider the disadvantages of eating shrimp greater than the advantages.

Read along to learn why.

Shrimps are high in cholesterol.

A high cholesterol level is as dangerous for a german shepherd as it is for an aged human being. Shrimps contain a significant amount of cholesterol, making them a toxic food for dogs.

When risen to extreme levels, cholesterol can even be fatal for your dog because a high cholesterol level blocks the prime artery to its heart. This artery blockage leads to heart attacks, and in most cases, the German shepherds are unable to survive.

Hence it is best to avoid giving your german shepherd shrimps, so their cholesterol doesn’t rise to crazy levels.

Shrimps can cause an allergic reaction.

Some German shepherds may be suffering from previous health conditions and allergies, making eating shrimps dangerous for them. To avoid any possible danger, make sure to contact your vet before feeding shrimp to your German Shepherd.

There is a possibility of contamination from shrimp consumption.

Raw shrimp may contain certain toxins which are harmful to german shepherds. Some toxins don’t die even when shrimps are cooked at very high temperatures. This is why shrimps can not be completely safe for your dog.

If those toxins enter a german shepherd’s body, a form of bacteria called salmonella develops and leads to contamination. Your puppy could end up suffering from neurological illnesses, paralysis, digestion problems, etc., as a result of this.

However, there is a very low probability that this might happen, which only happens in the worst-case scenario. But it is still a smart idea to be careful than to be sorry later.

Shrimp consumption can lead to food poisoning.

Shrimp is a form of seafood in the meat family. And with every meal, there is a chance of a german shepherd getting food poisoning if the meat is not cooked in the right way. If shrimps are not cooked properly, and your dog may get food poisoned. And it may suffer from symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, and stomach aches.

Hence, always vary what form of shrimp you are feeding the german shepherd and contact your vet before making this decision.

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Shrimps can be a choking hazard.

The shell and tail, if consumed by your puppy’s german Shepherd, can be a choking hazard as they block the esophagus, and your puppy may be unable to breathe. This would lead to serious problems such as fatalities.

The shells and tails of shrimps can also be a choking hazard for grown-up german Shepherd, so be careful before feeding them the shrimps.

Shrimp tails and shells could lead to intestinal blockage.

The tails and shells of shrimps are indigestible materials and could block your dog’s intestinal tract. Hence, it is the best option to watch what parts of shrimp your german Shepherd eats.

Can german shepherds eat raw shrimp?

The answer is simple; NO! The risks explained above have a smaller chance of occurring if a german shepherd eats cooked shrimp. If, however, your dog eats raw shrimp, then the risks, as mentioned earlier, have a 100 percent chance of occurring. Additionally, they can choke on raw shrimps very easily.

This is because raw shrimp can contain a wide range of germs, including the very dangerous salmonella and parasites like tapeworms. Raw shrimp can make your dog sick, so contact your veterinarian if you think your dog has eaten some.

Cooking shrimp kills any dangerous bacteria that may be present. The simplest way to prepare shrimp for your dog is to either steam it or boil it without adding any salt, spices, or additional ingredients. Fried or breaded shrimp are not the healthiest options because they add fat and carbs to your dog’s diet while providing zero nutritional value.

Are German shepherds allergic to shrimp?

Are German shepherds allergic to shrimp

German shepherds can be allergic to shrimp, so be cautious when serving it to them for the first time. If your canine has a minor allergy, you may notice that it has itchy skin and can not stop scratching. If the allergic reaction is severe, your dog may also experience vomiting, diarrhea, and gassiness.

When an allergy becomes very intense, it can cause loss of consciousness, choking, coughing, and even death. So, if you see even minor signs of an allergic reaction in your dog, make an appointment with your veterinarian there and then. If you’re not sure whether to feed shrimp to your dog, talk to your veterinarian and then decide.

Lastly, there may be pre-existing allergies in your puppy may be suffering from, and these can only get exaggerated by shrimp consumption. Hence it is best to avoid shrimp in these cases and contact the vet.

How to safely feed shrimp your german shepherds?

The best way to feed your dog with shrimp is by steaming it or boiling it. However, before you do so, make sure they’re clean. In addition to properly cleaning them, make sure that you have purchased the shrimps from a grocery shop that does not add any preservatives/additional ingredients to them.

Make sure that the shrimps are thoroughly cooked when you’re cooking them so that there is a lesser risk of your dog becoming ill. To be sure that shrimps are safe, their inner temperature should be about 145 degrees F. Also, resist the urge to season the shrimp with anything!

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Finally, make sure the shrimp has cooled down before serving it to your German shepherd. Your dog would quickly eat them before even checking how hot the shrimps are, and you don’t want them to get hurt.

How much shrimp is best for a german shepherd?

A general rule that you should know by now is that treats for german shepherds can only account for 10 percent of their entire diet and you should not feed them treats more than that. Feed shrimp in such a way to your dog that it becomes a treat and not a regular diet item.

This way, your dog will be able to benefit from the nutrients present in shrimps without getting sick. However, even after knowing this, you should contact your veterinarian for full information because each german Shepherd is different. So we can not use a general policy for all german shepherds.

Can german shepherds eat breaded or fried shrimp?

Breaded and fried shrimps have a huge fat content, making them harmful for your german shepherds. If consumed in huge amounts, Bread shrimps can lead to obesity for your German Shepherd.

After reading about the benefits and risks of shrimps for german shepherds, you must be wondering, “Are shrimps the only safe choice of seafood for my dog? Can I not feed it other kinds of seafood?”. Again, the answer to this is not black and white, and we will be explaining why.

Are there any alternatives for shrimps?

Seafood is one of the most dangerous food groups for dogs because fish bones and shells can cause choking and internal injury in addition to allergies and viruses.

There are numerous alternatives to shellfish if you’re seeking nutritious, protein-rich treats for your dog who enjoys seafood. Here are a few dog-friendly dishes to try:

  • Sardines: These tiny fish are a great source of protein and omega-3 for dogs because they’re small, cheap, and nutrient-dense.
  • Serve boneless, fully cooked salmon. Cooked salmon is a tasty and nutritious treat for your dog.
  • Mussels with Green Lips: These New Zealand mussels have been commended by canine experts for their apparent pain-relieving effects in dogs with arthritis because of their high content of vital fatty acids and glycosaminoglycans.

Final Thoughts

Shrimp is a type of meat that contains vital nutrients for german shepherds. However, it also has certain risks attached to it as well. It would be best if you fed it to your dog in moderation to make sure that your dog enjoys eating it and avails of all the benefits that shrimps have to offer.

Consequently, like making any other decision for your German Shepherd, it is important to contact the veterinarian before deciding to give shrimp to your dog or not. This would help your dog stay safe from any potential side effects of shrimp.

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