Can dogs eat cupcakes? 5 Steps to Take if Your Dog Ate Your Cupcake

Can dogs eat cupcakes

Can dogs eat cupcakes? Yes, dogs can eat doggie cupcakes, but you need to avoid giving your dog people’s cupcakes. Some of the ingredients found in people’s cupcakes are dangerous to your dog’s health. It is best not to feed your dog table food, period, including no cupcakes.

Why are People’s Cupcakes Harmful to My Dog? Can Dogs Eat Cupcakes?

Why are People's Cupcakes Harmful to My Dog

Like so many other people who have dogs, you no doubt consider your dog to be a beloved family member. When you sit down for a meal, does your dog beg to have what you are eating? Many dogs beg, and beg, and beg some more until you give in to their table food cravings. Stand firm and do not give in to those big sad eyes waiting in anticipation for a table scrap. Most table food is not suitable for a dog’s body.

If you want your dog to remain healthy, never give in to them when they start begging for table food, especially people’s cupcakes. Once you start feeding your dog from the table, it becomes a real problem and is that much more difficult to stop. Many ingredients are not suitable for your dog, so it is best to avoid people’s food altogether.

All is not lost because many specialty pet food stores provide doggie cupcakes, cookies, and donuts. The ingredients in these products will not hurt your beloved dog. When you anticipate eating a tasty cupcake, buy your dog a doggie cupcake treat if your pet store sells it.

People’s Food Ingredients that are Cause for Concern 

Know that dogs do not digest many foods you can eat without a problem. Many of these foods create health problems for your dog. A dog’s digestive system is different from your digestive system.

You have undoubtedly baked people’s cupcakes in the past, so you know that this delectable dessert probably contains some of the following ingredients such as,

  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Extracts
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy
  • Sugar substitutes

Most cupcakes contain milk or a milk derivative, and dogs are lactose intolerant. When dogs consume milk or a milk substitute, they cannot digest the milk sugar; thus, this acts as a laxative once in the gut.

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The dog can have bloating, cramps, restlessness, and diarrhea. Bloating is a severe side effect of ingesting milk sugar and can be fatal for dogs. Lactose sits in the gut and builds up in the intestinal tract much like a laxative, causing bloating and diarrhea.

Some of these ingredients are far more toxic to your dog than others, such as chocolate. Chocolate can kill your dog. None of these ingredients, especially sugar, is healthy for you, let alone your dog.

Allowing your dog to eat people’s cupcakes means that the sugar content helps the dog gain too much weight. When your dog becomes too obese and overweight, this carries with it many health problems, the same as you can develop.

If you think about it for a while, sugar is not healthy for people, let alone your dog. Your constant sugar intake can put you on the same path as your dog, towards,

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Digestive issues
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Kidney Problems

Sugar sweeteners are toxic and can be fatal to a dog. If these ingredients do not kill your dog, they can cause your dog to be very sick and give a whooping headache to your wallet.

Chocolate, for example, contains theobromine. This substance does not harm people; however, it can be lethal to animals, even in tiny bits. It does not take much at all to create havoc in your dog’s body. Sugar makes your dog feel miserable.

You and your dog have more in common than you probably realized, as these ingredients are not especially good for your health either. The big difference is that a human can tolerate these ingredients, and your dog cannot.

Giving your dog a cupcake containing sugar or artificial sweeteners can create problems that send you running to your vet and, worse yet, a highly costly after-hours animal emergency center bill. It is wise not to get your dog started on sugar or any people’s food at all, including cupcakes. Your dog will not understand why you are not sharing your food. However, in the end, your dog will be healthier and happier.

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Dogs can be as sneaky as children. Fido grabs one of your cupcakes and runs off to enjoy it when you are not looking. Do not worry, as one cupcake should not pose any long-term health problems. If your dog snatches a cupcake, you must still call your vet or the after-hours animal emergency clinic for advice. If your dog shows some minor digestive issues such as vomiting and diarrhea, you at least know what caused it, your cupcakes.

If you have cupcakes with sugar substitutes and your dog eats one, it could be dangerous and possibly fatal for your dog. Some home and sugar-free recipes can contain a sugar substitute called xylitol. Some store-bought frostings and toppings include this sweetener. If this is the case, please seek medical attention from your vet immediately. Time is of the essence.

What People’s Food Should Your Dog Avoid Eating?

We can give you an extensive list of people’s food including, extracts, seasonings, and herbs that your dog cannot eat, but there is not enough time or room to list everything.

Besides, extensive lists tend to confuse people. Keep the rules simple and avoid all people’s food at all costs. This list means no people’s cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, and all else that sits on your meal table, including what you have in the refrigerator and garbage can, does not go into your dog’s mouth.

We cannot say this more straightforwardly or stress the practice of keeping your dog away from table food of any kind, including people’s beverages. Would you please stick to dog food and an occasional doggie treat?

Speciality Pet Food Stores May Sell Doggie Cupcakes

As we said earlier, some specialty pet food stores sell homemade doggie cupcakes, cookies, and donuts made with your dog’s health in mind. These ingredients will not harm your dog. It would be best to give your dog these treats if you did not make it a daily practice. For example, a delicacy of this kind is suitable once a week. But be sure to speak with your vet first. In addition, keep plenty of filtered water available for your dog at all times.

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Please avoid giving cupcakes to your dog, and please do not leave the cupcake wrapper anywhere the dog can eat it. Wrappers are doubly dangerous because the dog smells out the rich goodness and can easily choke on the paper, or the wrapper could cause an intestinal blockage.

Dog Ate Your Cupcake

Steps to Take if Your Dog Ate Your Cupcake

  1. Immediately call your vet.
  2. Access your dog’s condition.
  3. Monitor side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, and any behavioral changes.
  4. You may have to take your dog for immediate treatment.
  5. Do not forget your credit card, checking account, or wallet, as your finances will take a hit.

Ending on a positive note means that if you do not give your dog table food at any time and you keep your food out of their reach, you never have to worry about your dog getting sick with,

  • Food allergies
  • Food intolerances
  • Toxic ingredients and your budget will appreciate no high vet bills.

Keeping table food away from your dog takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. This wonderful dog blessed you with unconditional love and companionship. Your dog depends on you to help them live a long and happy life. So, you must repay your best friend’s unconditional love by keeping them safe and healthy to the best of your ability.

Remember, you are the boss, not your dog. Giving human cupcakes to your best friend will not provide your dog with the best chance at a long, healthy, happy life. You will cut their lives short by letting them eat that tasty cupcake.

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