Boerboel Growth Chart – Size & Weight Chart

Boerboel Growth Chart

If you recently adopted a Boerboel dog, you will be keen to know the Boerboel growth chart. Boerboels are to be guardian dogs. They are large and can be intimidating but they make excellent protectors.

They are great guard dogs but also loving and family-friendly. They love children and get along with them easily.

Boerboels originate from South Africa and were bred to help farmers fend off large animals like hyenas, lions, and other wildlife at home.

Boerboel is a Dutch/Afrikaans name that translates to ‘farmer’s dog’. Read on to learn more about the Boerboel growth trajectory and tips for monitoring their growth.

When Is Do Boerboels Stop Growing?

Boerboel Puppy Development

Boerboel begin their life as cute and tiny puppies of about 7 to 10 litter. They start very small but grow faster within a few months.

This makes sense because they have a lot of ground to cover. After all, it is a large breed dog.

Boerboel dog attains their full height at around 18 to 24 months but they will still grow in weight for another two years.

Keep your Boerboel lean because they can easily suffer from joint problems if their joints do not fully develop and they get overweight. Pay great attention to the food you give to your dog.

Boerboel Growth Chart

The Boerboel weight chart helps you to monitor your Boerboel dog by comparing average weight estimates with your dog’s weight.

Understand that a variety of factors can affect how healthy and big your dog will get. These issues include but are not limited to nutrition level, health, genetics, and exercise level. You can use the weight chart as a guide to monitoring your dog’s development.

You will know the age of your dog and the corresponding average weight range your dog should be. Therefore to use the chart you need to have the right chart needed for an accurate account of the age of the dog.

The corresponding figures in this Boerboel growth chart will indicate what his ideal weight should be. Do not be concerned if your dog’s weight is a little off as this is common.

Simply visit your vet so that you can be provided with the essential information and take action for that reason.

Boerboel Weight Chart

Age Male weight lbsFemale weight lbs
3 Months 45 lbs39 lbs
4 Months60 lbs50 lbs
5 Months80 lbs65 lbs
6 months100 lbs80 lbs
7 months125 lbs90 lbs
8 months140 lbs100 lbs
9 months155 lbs110 lbs
10 months165 lbs112 lbs
11 months170 lbs115 lbs
12 months175 lbs120 lbs
14 months185 lbs125 lbs

Boerboel Puppy Development Stages

Boerboel Puppy Growth Chart

Birth – 2 Weeks 

This is a sensitive time for your Boerboel puppy. You can expect that the puppy will mostly be dependent on his mother for nourishment and warmth.

At this stage, your pup is very tiny but will not stay that way because of the rapid growth that will take place.

They will be getting milk from their mother which is essential to stimulate growth. They will grow rapidly in a couple of weeks.

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks 

This is also a sensitive time when the Boerboel puppy will undergo a transition to solid foods. Ensure that you are making it very easy for your growing puppy to feed.

Nourishment is important as they continue to grow. Therefore the process of giving your dog solid food for the first time will affect their development.

Ensure that they have a balanced diet that is of the right texture. Their tender and tiny mouths will not handle hard kibble just yet hence the food need to be softened with water to a consistency of a thick soup.

4 Months – 9 Months

At this point expect your Boerboel to become quite larger although females are slightly smaller.

Your Boerboel will be introduced to solid food, therefore ensure that they get a diet with high protein, fiber, and healthy fats. This goes a long way in ensuring your Boerboel puppy is well nourished.

Your pup will also start to socialize so can be trained in basic commands and obedience.

Boerboel Development

10 Months – 18 Months

At the end of this period, many Boerboels will reach their full height. However, he will not be fully grown because he will still gain muscles and still develop in other ways.

Your Boerboels personality will also be more developed if he gets proper socialization. This is a large breed dog, and hence has a lot more growing to do.

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Your pup can handle more complex commands and will need daily exercise to keep fit.


Your Boerboel will be around 24 months when they reach their adulthood and would have lost the juvenile look.

At this stage, your Boerboel need to be well fed because nutrition is important throughout the life of your dog.

Ensure that he doesn’t get overweight by feeding him recommended amounts and engaging him in vigorous exercise.

How Big Do Boerboels Get?

If you want to know how big your dog will get, it is determined by several factors but there are various ways you can predict their growth.

The easiest way to predict the size of your pup is by looking at its parents. Most reputable breeders will have access to the sizes of the puppy parents available for you.

The Boerboel weight chart is a free and easy way to monitor the growth of your pup. The chart provides monthly height and weight estimates to help you monitor growth and see if your pup is on track.

In addition, you can look at the dog’s paws. Usually, dogs have large paws when they are growing. Therefore, if your puppy develops large paws than the rest of their bodies, then you will know they have a lot of growing to take place.

You can also use a DNA test to get to know if your Boerboel is a purebred dog. This will ascertain your dog’s factors and heritage and help you determine how big they will get.

Boerboel Size Chart

Boerboel Growth

Boerboel is a large dog breed. In adulthood, they reach an average final weight of 120-140 lbs for males and 110-115 lbs for their female counterparts. The maximum height of an adult Boerboel male dog is 24 to 28 inches while female dogs are 22 to 25 inches.

You also note that females differ slightly from male dogs in size. Knowing the height of your dog is a simple task.

Simply, take your tape measure and place your dog straight on a flat surface then measure from the withers to the ground to get an accurate measurement of the height. The withers is between the shoulder blades.

Will Neutering/Spaying My Boerboel Affect His Growth?

If you spay or neuter your Boerboel early, it can harm their growth if done at the wrong time.

Large breeds like the Boerboel get affected at their joints because this procedure can delay the growth plate closure which makes the dog grow taller than usual. This sets them up for joint problems.

Wait until they are 12 months before you decide to neuter or spay your Boerboel to be on the safe side. The reason is that the testosterone hormone associated with growth problems is interrupted when the dog is spayed or neutered.

However, neutering and spaying have their place in some instances because they may save a dog’s life.

Another added benefit is that it prevents unwanted pregnancy which can take a toll on the owner and the dog.

Neutering and spaying procedure comes at a risk to your dog hence you need to consider a recovery process that will keep your dog safe.

Bullmastiff Boerboel Growth Vs Boerboel Size

Boerboel and Bullmastiff are similar sizes with a few subtle differences. The male Boerboel will grow up to be about 24 to 27 inches tall and their weight is about 120 to 140 lbs.

Usually, female dogs are smaller, therefore the female Boerboel stands at 22 to 25 inches tall with a weight of about 110 to 115 lbs.

A male bullmastiff, on the other hand, stands at 25 to 27 inches while their females stand at 24 to 26 inches tall. However, Bullmastiffs weigh a bit less than Boerboels with the male usual weight being 110 to 130 lbs. and females weighing between 100 to 120 lbs.

Factors That Affect Boerboel Growth 

Boerboel Size Chart

Genetics & Gender

Growth can be affected by genetics and gender because of the dogs’ physical body and development that changes as they grow.

Male Boerboel grow slightly bigger than the female counterpart hence this is one way that growth will be affected. These two sexes would have different hormones that will affect their growth.

The biological parents of your dog are important in finding out his genetics. This is because most traits are hereditary and therefore adopted by the puppies. Consult with your breeder to learn about the parent of your dog.

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Boerboel is a large to giant breed. Therefore, when it comes to his diet we need to consider a lot of protein-rich food. Diet is very important in your dog’s development because they are building their muscle mass.

Protein provides a very important nutritional content but your dog also needs fiber and healthy fats for good digestion. Be very keen on your dog’s nutritional requirements during its growth and development. A healthy diet is important.

Physical Activity & Health 

Boerboel dogs are athletic and very strong dogs, therefore they need a lot of exercises, especially during their adulthood. Do not start exercises too soon because Boerboels are naturally playful as they run around to develop strong muscles and bones.

A grown-up Boerboel needs at least one 60-minute walk per day and ensure you start slow and be aware of joint problems. Also, continue to watch out for any difficulty during exercises and play.

How Much to Feed a Growing Boerboel Puppy?

A two-month-old Boerboel puppy needs 2-4 cups of food divided into three meals. 3 months Boerboel needs 3-5 cups of food per day divided into two meals per day. 4 months old Boerboel puppy needs 4-6 cups of food divided into two meals daily.

5 months Boerboel puppy needs 5-7 cups of food divided into two meals daily while a 6 months puppy needs 6-8 cups of food divided into two meals per day.

When the Boerboel puppy reaches 7-8 months they are given 6-9 cups of food divided into two meals. When a puppy is between 9-12 months, they require 6-9 cups of food divided into two meals daily.

This guideline is general so that they don’t take a lot of calories before 6 months of age because too many calories will disrupt their growth pattern causing fast-tracked growth with possible bone problems.

Ensure that your puppy has a lean body with a smooth coat and provide them with a healthy and nutritious diet.

How To Tell If Your Boerboel Is Underweight Or Overweight

Boerboel Puppy Size Chart

Spotting signs of any significant overweight or underweight in Boerboel is an important factor every dog owner should consider often.

Underweight or overweight can be an indication of insufficient care or a medical issue. Therefore, it is critical to you can tell it.

Weight gain is a gradual process hence the pet owner may not notice if the dog is underweight or overweight. The following are simple checks that pet owners can use:

Feel your dog’s ribs– let your Boerboel stand up and run your hands along his sides. If you cannot his ribs because of the fat then he has excess weight while if you can feel the ribs easily and see it then your Boerboel is overweight.

Feel the spine– you can apply the same test of the ribs on the spine. When you run your hands gently you should be able to feel the spinal cord without its bone protruding. A pronounced spine with no or little flesh indicates the puppy is underweight while if there is a lot of fat on your Boerboel spine, it shows that he has excess weight.

What Are the Most Common Conditions to Be Aware of In Growing Boerboel Puppies?

Boerboel is usually a healthy dog but can suffer from a few common diseases like heart disease. Hip and elbow dysplasia and eyelid disorders the entropion and ectropion.

Ensure to regularly check on their eyes, and brush their teeth frequently. According to AKC (American Kennel Club), they suffer from bloat and vaginal hyperplasia.

Nutrition and proper health can help mitigate these conditions. Visit the vet first if you are unsure of anything.

Do Boerboels Experience Growing Pain?

Dogs usually suffer from growing pain during their growth. It is a bone and joint disorder. It can cause great pain in dogs, hence one is advised to be very keen on their dogs to tell when they are going through pain.

Growing pain, however, does not affect the later life of the dog but it is painful and may disrupt the growing experiences of the puppy.

What To Do If My Boerboel Is Not the Right Weight?

Dog’s weight is determined by several factors, therefore, check on your dog’s habits to determine if he has the right weight.

Before you consider if he is the wrong weight, you must have monitored him properly and even visit a vet to rule out any possible health challenges.

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You can check your dog’s weight through BCS (Body Condition Score) which is a pet version of a BMI. Boerboel is typically a lean dog but the ribs should not be visible.

They might be overweight if you can run your hands along the ribs and cannot feel them through the fat.

Feed your dog a proper diet that has high protein content and is low in carbohydrates. This is a good way to proper nutrition.

Exercise is also an important part of helping your dog to attain the right weight because muscles cannot be built if they are not allowed to use them.

How To Help Your Boerboel Lose Weight If He Is Overweight?

Boerboel Weight Chart

The following are ways you can help your dog to lose weight according to AKC:

  • Know your dog’s weight– It is good to know an ideal weight for your Boerboel. If your dog goes beyond the range consult the vet. It is good to seek professional help when you are assessing the accurate weight of your pet
  • Keep your dog active– Exercise is very crucial when it comes to helping your dog lose weight. Increase the level of your activity to burn off the energy. The exercise involves regular walks, plays, and maybe running. You can also create a stimulating indoor environment for your dog to keep them active
  • Limit treats and table scraps-Your pet doesn’t need to share everything that we eat. Use low-carb treats if you use treats for training. Hence concentrate on a healthy diet and reduce the urge to give them treats.
  • Measure and monitor– Do not free feed your overweight dog but instead ensure that you monitor and measure accurately all meals.
  • Customize the diet of your dog– it is also good to match your dog with a nutrition plan that directly addresses its specific dietary needs.

How To Properly Weight My Boerboel?

If your dog is healthy and falls within the recommended weight range for their breed consider weighing them at least once every six months.

The following is how you will weigh your Boerboel dog:

  • Find a digital scale
  • Find something like a platform that your dog can stand on while on top of the weighing scale.
  • Place the scale on a flat surface and coax your dog to stand on the digital scale. Ensure that your dog is sitting down steadily then record the reading
  • Move the dog out of the platform and record the weight of the platform without the dog
  • Find the difference between the weight of the platform without the dog from the one with the dog on the platform. The difference is the weight of your dog.

Boerboel Genetics And Common Health Problems

Boerboel is generally a healthy breed but it is prone to some hereditary health conditions including:

Hip and elbow dysplasia– this defect happens as a result of an incorrectly developed elbow and hip joint. It can cause damage to the cartilage resulting in arthritis. Hip dysplasia can be caused by genetics and environmental issues.

Entropion/ ectropion is a condition that causes the lower eyelid to turn outward with increased tear flow. Look for a breed that tests their dogs for these conditions.

Vaginal hyperplasia is a defect that causes the vaginal tissues to react to estrogen, especially during the dog’s heat. It is a hereditary condition.

Demodicosis– this is caused by Demodex mites which are commonly found in dogs but harmless.

Allergies– Boerboel are known to have a lot of hereditary allergies from mites, pollen, and some food products. Symptoms of allergies include bald spots, fungus, vomiting, diarrhea, and itching

Patella luxation is caused by the kneecap developing incorrectly so that it moves outwards or inwards. Can cause mild to severe pain

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given all the essential information you need to know about the Boerboel growth chart as well as helpful tips for monitoring their height and weight.

Most owners of the Boerboel dog love spending time with them. These dogs love such moments much. They are very intelligent, beautiful, and loyal and if you make them one of your family members they will thrive.

Give your Boerboel pup the best chance of success by feeding them well, taking them for regular exercise and contacting the vet whenever you have concerns.

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