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Over the years, all-black German shepherds have become more popular to dog lovers. Now that the black color is already accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC), more and more black German shepherd puppies are getting adopted.

However, there’s no denying that there’ve still lots of negative opinions towards the black German shepherd. They’re often mistaken as a different dog breed or a mix breed when in fact, they’re a purebred.Despite their many similarities with the standard German shepherd, black GSDs have distinct features as well.

This blog post serves as a guide for those who are looking for black German shepherd puppies for sale about the unique traits of black GSDs.Before anything else, it’s important to go back to how solid black German shepherds came from.

The History of Black GSDs

As the name suggests, black German shepherd dogs came from Germany best known for being herding dogs. The history of the all-black German shepherd goes way back.

The Start of Interest in Herding Dogs

Since the 1800s, many types of herding dogs already existed. They were known for their hardworking nature, mainly seen as an admirable trait. This pushed people to produce the perfect herding dog. This will later on result to the birth of black German shepherd puppies.

The Birth of Black German Shepherds

There had been many attempts to breed the perfect herding dog, but some of them failed. Put simply, there were defects.This explains the misconception that the line of black and white German shepherd breed is defective.

It was only in 2010 that the German shepherd dog breed came to life, giving birth to black GSDs.

Breeding Black German Shepherds

Now, black German shepherd puppies are produced by breeding two black GSDs, with the purpose of creating a working dog.

However, the kennel industry constantly changes. At some point, modern breeding became more inclined in turning the black GSDs breed as more of a companion than a worker.

Of course, this includes other variants such as the black German shepherd golden retriever mix or the black lab German shepherd mix. Due to this change in their breeding environment, their physical appearance may have changed over the years.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are some characteristics of the black GSDs.

Description of Black German Shepherds

As I’ve said, there are many similarities between the pure black German shepherd and the standard German shepherds.

So there may be familiar characteristics in the following paragraphs. That is, if you’ve tried looking up other breed lines of German shepherds before, especially the black sable German shepherd breed.

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Physical Appearance of Black GSDs

The weight of black German shepherd dog varies according to their breeding process and environment. They possess a double coat. Therefore, a black GSD typically has a dense undercoat.

Some variants may be different, though, like how black long haired German shepherd have no undercoat.

Additional Characteristics

Their life expectancy can range from 9 to 13 years which, of course, can vary depending on how healthy their lifestyle is. Lastly, if your dog is expecting puppies, it may be a litter of anywhere from 4 to 9 pups.

All this shows just how scarce the differences between the black GSD and standard GSD is. Their uniqueness can mainly be seen through their personality.

Black German Shepherds: Their Personality

As I’ve said, it’s been years since black GSDs were bred solely for working and guarding purposes. Now, the majority of them are family-oriented, obedient, intelligent, loyal, and adaptable.

Black German Shepherd Puppies as Family-Oriented Watchdogs

While you DO have the right and ability to train them as such dogs, you’ll be wasting their potential by solely training them as watchdogs.

So if they are going to protect someone, it would be their family.If you’re planning to keep them as a pet and a watchdog, I’d suggest training them as early as possible.

Training Black German Shepherd Puppies

Additionally, the young ones are typically more capable of learning than an adult, since they are yet to develop habits. If you’re successful, they can be reliable watchdogs and a best friend at the same time. Since they are suspicious, as usual with watchdogs, it may take time before they get along with strangers.

The Disadvantages of Black GSDs

If you haven’t had a dog before, I’d recommend not looking for black German shepherd puppies for sale. Contrary to common belief, black GSDs are more difficult to handle than the normal breed.

Not only are they powerful, they may also become destructive if left alone for a long period of time, which is a mistake often made by beginners.

But that’s not the only thing you have to worry about. There’s also their health to add to your bucket list.

Health of a Black German Shepherd

As a trainer, it’s your duty to be knowledgeable about the health of black GSDs. The following tells you the common health issues with black GSDs as well as how to take care of them.

Common Health Issues of Black GSDs

The most common health issue of German shepherds involves their skeletal system.

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Hip dysplasia, in particular, covers the majority of bone problems faced by German shepherds. Black GSDs are no exception. While this health issue is hereditary, early detection is crucial for minimizing the damage to the dog’s joints.

There are other bone problems likely to develop on your black GSD. Some may affect the spinal cord such as canine degenerative myelopathy, osteoarthritis affects the joints, and more.

However, all these may also be found in German shepherds in general. This is why it’s crucial that you send them to the vet regularly and check their hips, back, etc.

Put simply, focus on their skeletal system.

Ensuring the Health of Black German Shepherd Puppies

Another friendly tip is to do a thorough check on the parents of a black German shepherd puppy before buying them. This is because most health issues can be inherited by the pooch.

Black Color Doesn’t Affect Health

Lastly, you shouldn’t consider their black color as a threat. If you’ve heard of such cases, those are just myths. It doesn’t affect their health and make them more susceptible to these health issues.

Taking Care of Black German Shepherds

There are many other things that you can do for your dog other than maintaining their health. Grooming, feeding, and training. While these are equally important, do your best in keeping at it because these may give them a comfortable life.

Grooming Black Shepherd Dogs

Since they are double-coated dogs, grooming black GSDs can prove to be difficult. Other variants such as the black lab-German shepherd mix may require different grooming techniques.

Black long-haired German shepherd, in particular, require you to put more effort into grooming.

Feeding Black GSDs

Black German shepherds normally have the identical nutrient needs as that of the standard GSD. Additionally, their nutrient requirements will change through their lifetime.

For example, black German shepherd puppies have the most needs, but as they grow, they will require fewer meals a day. The nutrient requirements will also differ from male and female, a topic that we’ll discuss another day.

Exercise and Training Black German Shepherds

Remember that dogs will also need some exercise. If you’ve had a standard German shepherd before, you might have gotten used to exercising and training them.

But in the case of black GSDs, that regiment will be less effective. Because they have higher energy levels than the standard breed and therefore, require a more intense exercise regimen. While you’re at it, you can teach them all sorts of things.

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Teaching them about the outside world, for example. Children, women, policemen, teenagers, etc. Let them interact with them as soon as you can because, as I’ve said, black German shepherd puppies are more trainable than adults.

Those are all the things you need to know about black German shepherd before buying one. If you’re currently taking care of one, however, this won’t be enough information. Fortunately, I have lots of blog posts about black German shepherds.

Looking for Black German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

If you’ve decided to buy one after all the things you’ve learned, no one can blame you. But remember that there are other factors that you should consider when buying these dogs other than the black German shepherd price.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll talk about how to go about buying black GSDs.

Black German Shepherds are Costly

Before anything else, remember that the black German shepherd price may be more than standard GSDs, mainly due to being rarer.

So if a standard GSD costs anywhere from $300 to $700, you may be looking at spending $700 to $2000 a puppy. Yes, it’s quite expensive.

Plus, you might spend more on variants such as the black German shepherd golden retriever mix or the black sable German shepherd.

All the more reason to watch out for irresponsible breeders. But how do you find a responsible and respected breeder?

Finding Respectable Breeders

Remember: There are many breeders that are in it for money. They don’t care about the health of the dog.

So when looking for a black German shepherd puppy for sale, make sure the breeder up for personal meetings. Most responsible breeder wouldn’t wish for their dogs to fall in the hands of irresponsible owners.

Such breeders may also allow you to meet the parents of the puppy. If that’s the case, ensure that they have no health issues.


Dogs in the black and white German shepherd breed are lovable creatures. If properly taken care of, black GSDs can be a versatile and family-oriented dogs. 

However, there’s only one way to do that. You have to be knowledgeable about them. Their characteristics, personality, and health. Make sure you know how to look for a respectable breeder first. Then you can find out how to take care of them, including the grooming, training, and feeding.

Then, and only then, will you be able to provide them with a fulfilling life.

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