German Shepherd Beagle Mix: Beagle Shepherd

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A German Shepherd Beagle cross is a good hybrid designer dog choice for individuals looking for lovable, intelligent and protective company. While there are certain traits in Beagles that make Beagle Shepherds hard to recommend as dedicated guard dogs, they can learn tricks and commands easily which make them excellent companion dogs. Read on for more pertinent Shepherd Beagle mix info on what to expect, how to take care of them and basic facts.

What is a Beagle Shepherd?

A “Beagle Shepherd” is a Beagle and German Shepherd mix breed. This hybrid usually does not have any defining physical features as their appearance varies significantly from one dog to another, but they tend to classify as a medium-sized dog. 

In terms of how big do German Shepherd Beagle mixes get, this hybrid can stand as tall as 2 ft (0.6 m) and can weigh up to 70 lbs (32 kg). 

German Shepherd Beagle cross coat colors include solid black, silver, liver, tan, red, brown, white or a combination of any two colors. A Beagle Shepherd’s eye color is usually light or dark brown.

What are some basic facts about Beagle Shepherds?

This section details some physical Beagle German Shepherd mix traits that prospective dog owners may need to take into consideration.

Life span

A Beagle Shepherd has a relatively long life expectancy of 15 years.


Depending on the reputation of the breeder, a Beagle German Shepherd mix puppy can cost between US$450 – $1200.

Commonly-occurring known health problems

Take note of the following diseases and ailments known exclusively to affect Beagle Shepherds.

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Joint problems

Hip dysplasia, intervertebral disk disease and patellar luxation are joint problems that can affect your Beagle Shepherd. All of these illnesses can negatively impact your Beagle Shepherd’s quality of life which may lead to shorter life spans. In extreme cases, severe joint problems may cause Beagle Shepherds avoid exercise and contract depression.

Symptoms include stiffness in the legs, pain during exercise, abnormal gait and difficulty when walking.

Eye problems

Cherry eye, glaucoma, cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are eye problems commonly associated Beagle Shepherds, mainly linked to the Beagle parent. These eye problems may leave your Beagle Shepherd permanently blind if left untreated and can be extremely painful. Cherry eye is a particularly common occurrence that may affect a Beagle German Shepherd puppy under two years old.

Symptoms include red eyes and cloudy or milky-colored lenses.


This neurological disorder is known to affect both dog breeds as abnormal electrical synapses disrupt normal brain activity. This is a genetically-inherited disorder that can only be treated with prescription drugs and will affect your Beagle Shepherd for life.

Symptoms include disorientation, confusion, catatonic state or signs of shock. Your Beagle Shepherd may also suddenly stop breathing, in some cases.

How can I take care of my Beagle Shepherd?

This next section details grooming, care and exercise methods best suited for Beagle Shepherds.


Beagle Shepherds usually take their Beagle parent’s coat genes, which means that their fur measures short to medium in length and is low maintenance. The coat is straight but thick, which means that you will need to use a pin brush to properly groom and clean your Beagle Shepherd.

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Use long brush strokes (front to back) to smooth out any tangles and promote blood circulation on your Beagle Shepherd’s coat. You can expect to groom its coat in this manner once or twice a week. Bathe your Beagle Shepherd once a month with standard dog shampoo.


A Beagle Shepherd has very active parents, so it should come as no surprise that this hybrid is very energetic and has lengthy exercise requirements. At the very least, your Beagle Shepherd needs to have 1 hour of outdoor activity and is recommended to walk an average of 12 miles per week to maintain its physique and overall health.

Hiking, obstacle course training, running, jogging and walking are all good activities for Beagle Shepherds to engage in physically. It is recommended not to stick with one activity as Beagle Shepherds may soon find the exercise dull and monotonous.


Beagle Shepherd ears are very sensitive and need regular maintenance. Use regular dog ear drops, but check to make sure their ears are dry before and after each application.

You can perform this ear maintenance once a week.


To prevent cavities, tooth loss and plaque buildup, Beagle Shepherd teeth need to be cleaned with a soft-bristled toothbrush regularly. Supplement this routine by feeding your dog dental snacks as well.

You can brush your Beagle Shepherd’s teeth or feed it dental snacks twice a week.

What is a Beagle Shepherd’s personality like?

Consider the following Beagle German Shepherd mix traits if you commit to adopting or training this dog.


A Beagle Shepherd is a highly social dog that is well-suited to social situations. If raised and trained properly, this dog can be gentle towards humans and other dogs

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This breed cannot be left alone for extended periods of time however, as they become destructive and have a tendency to howl when they are anxious. 


A Beagle Shepherd is an energetic dog that is muscular and possesses large energy reserves; these physical characteristics are inherited from both parents. This means that this dog requires some effort from its owner to prioritize exercise and should engage in outdoor activities or play everyday.

It is also highly recommended to keep your Beagle Shepherd on a leash when engaging in activities outside as their highly sensitive sense of smell may cause them to become unruly or overexcited.


Beagle Shepherds can be very affectionate towards their owners. This dog breed likes to please its handlers and will get a boost of morale when rewarded.

This hybrid can be protective and affectionate towards children, but adult supervision is recommended around small or very young children. Early socialization training is a good practice that can greatly help Beagle Shepherds acclimate to intimate family settings.

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