Beagle Feeding Chart – How Much To Feed A Beagle Puppy

How Much To Feed A Beagle Puppies

Beagles are awesome dogs with smart, kind, interested, and loving personalities. Beagles need adequate care to retain their charm and personality, and a Beagle feeding chart will help you with that.

They need fiber, protein, healthy fats, calories, and little carbohydrates. These ingredients may be found in many commercial and homemade foods.

Balanced eating is key to prolonged life and good health.

Commercially manufactured meals save time and provide the appropriate combination of nutrients for a beagle throughout every stage of life.

We will give you the information you need to choose the best food for your dog. You will also find out how much to feed a Beagle puppy.

How Much Should A Beagle Puppy Eat?

How Much To Feed A Beagle Puppy

When deciding how much food to give your beagle puppy, consider his level of activity. It is obvious that an energetic dog uses up more calories and so requires more food.

However, it is crucial to note that beagles are far more prone to obesity, therefore food quantities must be strictly adhered to.

You may do this by maintaining a regular Beagle puppy feeding plan with the appropriate quantity of food.

And although beagles are likely to be overweight, it is also common that you could under-feed them, so knowing how they ought to be fed will come in handy.

Beagle Puppy Feeding Chart

Packaging makes feeding your beagle store-bought food easier. If you’re making homemade cuisine, you’ll need to estimate the calories and make modifications.

However, there are other methods at your disposal to feed your Beagle correctly.

RER stands for Resting Energy Requirement and is a measurement of how much energy a dog requires while they are resting.

To compute the RER for a beagle pup, you must first determine the dog’s age, weight, and activity level. RER may be calculated using the following formula: (30 x kg weight) + 70

To use this calculation, first transform your puppy’s bodyweight to kilograms. RER = (30 x 4.08) + 70 = 122.4 + 70 = 192, for instance, if the puppy weights 9 pounds (4.08 kg).

This indicates the beagle pup requires approximately 192 calories daily to sustain his weight at rest.

Take into account that this is only a preliminary estimate, and a puppy’s real energy requirements may vary depending on variables such as activity level, age, and bodily condition.

Beagle Feeding Chart

4 Week Old Beagle Puppy

A beagle pup will experience a lot of changes around 4 weeks old. The weaning process is one of these adjustments.

This is the stage during which your puppy starts to transition from a liquid to a solid diet.

To ease your puppy’s transition, provide wet food that has a more porridge-like texture or mashed potatoes in excess water.

It should be ½ to ¾ cup of nutrient-rich food, which may be purchased or produced at home.

6 Week Old Beagle Puppy

At 6 weeks old, your beagle puppy will be eating solid food and will spend less time nursing from his mother. This might be store-bought dog chow or homemade food.

You may also increase the quantity of food you offer your puppy at this time since he will be more active in exploring his surroundings.

At 6 weeks, beagle pups should eat around 1 cup of food per day, divided into three meals, so feed them about 1/3 cup of chow 3 times each day. Make sure the diet is rich in the nutrients they need to flourish.

8 Week Old Beagle Puppy

Solid food has become a typical part of your puppy’s day when they are 8 weeks old. They are also sturdy enough at this point to survive without their mother.

Because mom would no longer be nourishing and cleaning them, this responsibility will fall entirely on your shoulders.

Puppies should be eating 1.5 cups of food per day by 8 weeks old, divided into three meals. This meal should be rich in proteins, fiber, and other components necessary for growth.

8 Week Old Beagle Puppy

10 Week Old Beagle Puppy

At 10 weeks, beagle pups should be fed three times each day, although this may be reduced as they get bigger.

It may be preferable to give them food in the morning period and then periodically throughout the day to avoid hunger. Dogs usually behave more positively over time if they’re fed on a regular basis.

At 10 weeks, beagle pups should still be eating 1.5 cups of food per day, divided into three meals (half cup every meal).

Because of their diminutive size, it is not a good idea to overfeed beagles. This diet should be rich in all of the nutrients they need to grow.

12 Week Old Beagle Puppy

A beagle pup should have a good appetite at 12 weeks of age. At their usual meal times, they should be enthusiastic and hungry.

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You should regularly check your puppy’s progress and growth so that you may alter the quantity of food you feed them accordingly.

When your beagle puppy is 12 weeks old, you should give him 1.5 – 2 cups of nutrient-rich food three times each day.

14 Week Old Beagle Puppy

At 14 weeks, keep in mind that your puppy will be highly active and will have a ravenous appetite.

It is natural for children to desire to eat regularly, so be ready to check their food consumption and serving sizes to guarantee they are receiving enough food.

When your beagle puppy is 14 weeks old, you should give him 2 cups of nutrient-rich food three times each day.

16 Week Old Beagle Puppy

At 16 weeks, your Beagle Puppy should be more active, but you should continue to give him roughly 2 cups of nutrient-rich food spaced out over 3 meals each day. You certainly don’t want to overfeed.

It is also vital to exercise caution when giving your puppy table scraps or snacks, since they may lead to overeating and should be provided in moderation.

6 Months – 12 Months Old Beagle Puppy

At the conclusion of this time, you may try lowering the quantity of food you feed your Beagle to roughly 1.5 cups divided into three meals.

Beagle Puppy Feeding Schedule

This happens because a Beagle is regarded as an adult at roughly 8 months old, despite the fact that many of them keep gaining weight. As growth slows, the need for calories decreases.

12 Months & Above Beagles

Beagles above the age of one should consume between 1 and 1.5 cups of food each day, based on their level of physical activity.

You should, however, reduce the frequency of meals to twice each day. Keep in mind that since Beagle pups have tiny stomachs, they should be given little, frequent meals.

Understanding Beagle Puppy Nutritional Needs

If you’ve ever counted calories, you understand that your food and exercise level determine how much you require each day. It is the same with dogs.

To determine how many calories your dog needs each day, calculate his RER as explained above.

Beagle puppies require vitamins and minerals for healthy development. Phosphorus and calcium build healthy bones and teeth. Look for puppy chow with these nutrients.

A decent principle to follow is to select puppy chow with at minimum 25% protein as well as 15% fat.

It is also critical to select a diet that is developed specifically to meet the requirements of puppies and therefore is suitable for your size and breed.

Fiber and carbohydrate requirements will vary based on the food’s specific formula. It’s usually a good idea to speak with your vet or a qualified nutritionist to evaluate your Beagle puppy’s individual nutritional needs.

How Many Times A Day To Feed A Beagle Puppy?

Beagle puppies should be fed around 3 to 4 times daily. This will ensure their development and growth and stop them from being overweight.

Follow the manufacturer’s feeding suggestions for your Beagle’s size, age, and exercise level. These instructions will give you a daily feeding quantity to split into three to four meals.

Beagle Food

When your beagle puppy becomes an adult, feed it twice a day. Around 6 months. It’s vital to make this shift gradually so your puppy’s digestive tract can acclimatize.

All puppies are different, therefore you may need to change the feeding plan. Consult your vet if you have questions regarding your puppy’s feeding plan or nutrition.

Kibble Vs Wet Food For Beagle Puppies

The discussion over whether to feed your dog dry or wet food has persisted for a long period of time. Both types have a place in the world.

Looking at the benefits of wet food, you would notice that dogs generally enjoy the taste, making it an excellent alternative for picky eaters. It’s also a terrific method for assisting your dog gain weight.

The benefits of dry kibble are also favorable. Kibble is significantly cheaper than wet food.

It will also assist in cleaning their teeth, which is something wet food cannot. It is recommended to stay with kibble, except if your pet is extremely fussy.

Switching From Puppy Food To Adult Food

Once your beagle pup is about a year old, you should transition to adult dog food.

Remember that each dog has a different growth pace, therefore this time frame must be changed somewhat at your discretion.

When you decide it’s time to transition from puppy to grownup food, you should do so gradually, so that your dog can acclimatize.

It is also a good idea to mix some of the new food with the old but start with small amounts and gradually increase.

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Puppy chow it usually formulated with higher protein which is not recommended for adult dogs. Higher levels of protein is needed when your dog is still developing.

What If My Beagle Puppy Won’t Eat?

In the event that you discover that a beagle puppy isn’t really eating, you need to keep a close eye on him in order to determine what the problem is and how to solve it.

And this might be a very severe matter because it may be pointing to a health-related concern that is outside of the scope of care that you provide.

If your puppy starts to appear unwell or underweight, you must get him or her checked out by a veterinarian as soon as you possibly can.

It is possible that a lack of appetite is an indicator of a serious sickness, despite the fact that it might not always be a cause for concern.

Can You Freefeed A Beagle Puppy?

Many dog owners are familiar with free-feeding. The concept is that you put out your dog’s daily food allowance in the morning, and allow him to eat during the day.

While this may be effective for certain dogs, the Beagle isn’t one of them. Beagles are voracious eaters.

It is quite common for them to get overweight, but it is extremely tough to encourage them to reduce the excess weight.

When you decide to free-feed a Beagle, he will eat everything straight away and stay hungry and scrounging for the remainder of his day.

Best Puppy Dog Food For Beagles

Best Puppy Dog Food For Beagles

1. ORIJEN Dog Puppy Recipe High-Protein Grain-Free 

Editor’s Choice

It is no surprise that this is our top pick of dog food for Beagle pups! ORIJEN’s Biologically Appropriate Puppy food focuses on a protein-rich diet, as nature intended.

ORIJEN Puppy contains fresh, free-run turkey, chicken, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs for optimal nutrition.

ORIJEN dog chow features entire animal foods that replicate what any dog would eat in its natural state.

It includes meat, organs, bone, and cartilage, without gluten, potato, or tapioca. Protein-rich dog chow enriched with fresh, premium animal products keeps your dog happy, thriving and healthy.


  • High in protein with 85% quality animal ingredients
  • Includes meat, organs, bone, and cartilage
  • A taste your dog will enjoy
  • Natural, high-quality ingredients
  • Grain Free


  • Small bags aren’t resealable

2. Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula


Is your dog having trouble maintaining a healthy weight? They can get their lives back on track with the help of the delicious and high-protein Purina Pro Plan Weight Management formula, which consists of crunchy kibble combined with tender, shredded chicken and rice.

Not only is it delicious, but it is also enriched with live probiotics, which are beneficial to the health of both the digestive tract and the immune system.

Your dog will be able to keep their muscular mass while losing extra fat thanks to the protein-to-fat ratio that has been improved for weight loss in this Pro Plan formula. It has 15% less fat than previous Pro Plan formulas.


  • Optimized protein-to-fat ratio for muscle maintenance
  • Aids in weight loss for sedentary dogs
  • Ingredients for a healthy immune system and digestion
  • Natural, high-quality ingredients
  • Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A for skin and coat


  • Crunchy bits may crumble

Best Dog Food For Beagles

3. Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Formula

Grab a bag of Purina ONE Natural Chicken and Rice Formula for 100% nutrients and no fillers.

To support strong muscles and a healthy heart, this adult dry dog food is formulated with high-quality ingredients, including real chicken as the first ingredient.

It also contains prebiotic fiber for gut health and immune support, as well as vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as vitamins A and E for healthy eyes and calcium for strong teeth.

This high protein dog food contains four antioxidant sources for a healthy immune system and natural glucosamine sources for joint health.

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  • Natural glucosamine sources for joint health
  • Includes prebiotic fiber
  • Easily digestible with a microbiome balance
  • Real chicken is first ingredient
  • Crunchy kibble for strong teeth


  • Not the best Packaging

4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Blue Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food is an amazing dog food! This delightful treat, made with high-quality, natural ingredients and packed with critical vitamins and minerals, will have your dog yearning for more.

Furthermore, it contains real meat as the first ingredient, whole grains, and an antioxidant-rich combination to help promote immune system health.

You may also feel good about what you’re feeding your dog because it contains no chicken by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.


  • Easily digestible small kibble size.
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy coat and skin
  • Rich in Antioxidants and vitamins for immune system.
  • Natural, high-quality ingredients
  • Real meat is the first ingredient


  • Contains grain

5. NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Looking for a healthy, high-quality diet for your puppy? NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Dry Dog Food is the answer!

This dry food provides everything your puppy needs to flourish, including omega-3 fatty acids for brain and eye development, natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints, and critical antioxidants for a strong immune system.

You can ensure that your pet is receiving all the nutrients they need in a tasty chicken and brown rice dish made with genuine, recognized ingredients from reputable sources.


  • Made with non-GMO chicken
  • For pups up to 18 months.
  • Omega-3s assist brain and ocular development.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints.
  • Immune-boosting antioxidants

Is A Raw Diet Healthy For A Beagle Puppy?

Raw food diets have resurfaced, leaving dog owners everywhere wondering whether it is necessary to give your dog raw food or if they need to stick to kibble. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

You will be able to view all the components that your dog will be receiving, and there won’t be any fillers. You can also customize it to fit your dog.

Beagle Puppy Food

On the other hand, it is far more expensive than kibble and necessitates more calorie calculations.  Bacteria can be found in raw foods.

If you do decide to go with a raw food diet, limit it to one meal each day to ensure that the dog is getting enough nutrients.

How Much Do Beagles Puppies Grow Each Week? 

Beagle puppies have diverse metabolisms and growth rates, therefore it’s hard to anticipate their weight at a specific age.

Your Beagle’s feeding pattern and amount fed determine a puppy’s weight.  Activity level determines how many calories your puppy burns.

Should You Feed A Beagle Puppy Supplements?

If they’re fed a high-quality, industrial puppy food intended for their age, beagle puppies don’t need supplements. These foods contain the right levels of nutrients for pups.

Some puppies may benefit from vitamins. If your Beagle suffers from medical issues that demands a particular diet or was weaned too early, supplements may be needed.

Your vet can assist you in determining if your puppy’s nutritional needs aren’t covered by their usual meal and, if so, offer the right supplements and dose.

How Much Water Should A Beagle Puppy Drink?

Beagle pups must keep hydrated to grow and thrive. Age, size and exercise levels affect a puppy’s water demands.

Always give your beagle puppy fresh, clean water and check its consumption.

Fill your puppy’s water bowl with enough water for the day and replenish it as required. Wash the water bowl frequently to keep it fresh.

Beagle puppies should drink 1/2 to 1 ounce per pound of body weight every day as a general rule. This is an approximate estimate; your puppy may require more water.

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