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The Australian Shepherd, endearingly known as Aussie, is loved heaps by pet parents and potential pet parents alike – around the world. They are famous for their charming looks, protective zeal, and stamina. On average, they tend to grow about 23 inches in height and weigh up to 65 pounds.

Nonetheless, when it comes to determining their growth chart, there are a variety of factors such as age and gender that can come into play.

The Four Stages of An Aussie’s Development

The growth of any dog is probably the first concern that comes to our minds when we decide to buy or adopt one. This holds utmost importance as most of us want to ensure we have ample space for our newest family member in our homes; and don’t want him/her to feel suffocated as they grows in size and love.

It is also pertinent to mention that Australian Shepherds come in two different sizes – miniature and standard. The miniature ones are known to become fully grown in just 12 months, while the standard aussie will take up to 16 months to grow fully. So, your puppy’s growth can also depend on which type of Australian Shepherd it is.

Besides that, before adopting any dog, it is also good to educate yourself on the different developmental stages they will undergo. This not only prepares you for what to expect going forward, but also equips you with the right information to be able to take care of your dog as he goes through each one. After all, he’s going to need you to look out for him!

Below, we discuss these stages in detail:


The first and foremost stage of an Aussie’s growth is puppyhood. This will last for anywhere between 4 to 6 months. During this time, your doggo slowly grows and develops his/her senses. Let’s walk through how this unfolds:

0-14 Days

Taste and touch will be completely developed in this stage of life, but the other senses will not have developed to that extent. This is because the puppy still relies on his mother for all basic requirements.

14-28 Days

This stage of puppy growth is known as the transitional stage. The faculties of hearing and smell will begin to grow, as well as the eyes and teeth. The puppy will start to stand, wag its tail, and bark. Also, it will begin to interact with its littermates more.

3-12 Week

This will be the stage when the eyesight of the puppy is fully developed. You can expect him to become more aware of his surroundings.

During this time, play becomes increasingly crucial since it is the first way for a puppy to learn important skills such as improving physical coordination, developing social boundaries, and learning the inhibited bite.

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Furthermore, by the end of the sixth week, puppies should be weaned and begin eating 5-6 tiny pieces of puppy food throughout the day. Puppies are at the peak of their puppyhood at eight weeks and are ready to leave the breeder and join their new family.

A puppy’s senses are fully developed by the time it is 7 to 9 weeks old, and house training can begin.

This is also when the pup becomes aware of the “pack” hierarchy for the first time.

3-6 months

Around the age of 4 months, a puppy begins to resemble a dog rather than a puppy. This is still the best time to train.

Play progresses as teething and chewing begin. The puppy has reached full maturity and is ready to move on to the next stage of life.

When the puppy is five months old, you can take it on short walks with you, but don’t overdo it.

Furthermore, a 6-month-old Aussie puppy will have gained around 2/3 of its adult weight and enter the teenage stage.

Its adult coat will begin to grow, and it will become more independent but also fearful and disobedient. Please note that proper training and socialization at this stage are crucial.


This stage starts after the first six months of your Aussie’s puppyhood. It usually lasts between 7-12 months.

7-9 Months

It is the stage in which the puppy grows gradually and becomes bigger. You will also witness that the Aussie is maturing and finally starting to look like a big dog.

As a puppy grows and gains strength, it may challenge humans as it investigates its powers. It might begin to see the rank structure in a new light.

Furthermore, watchdog qualities, reserve with strangers, and authoritative conduct are common at this age. Owners should be informed that these traits can be very, shockingly strong during this time.

Dogs who were social as puppies may begin to avoid contact with strangers as they grow older. Dogs that had never been watchdogs suddenly become so, and they might be difficult to control while doing so.

A puppy will enter the second chewing phase at seven to nine months, and if it hasn’t been spayed or neutered, it will begin to experience the initial stages of sexual activity.

If you do nothing, the dog’s relationship with you will undoubtedly change. If you enhance your training and control, the dog will stay where it belongs: beneath you in the hierarchy, an eager and compliant partner.

9-12 Months

The adolescence stage comes to an end after the Aussie is one year old.

Around 10-11 months of age, Australian Shepherds reach sexual maturity. If you own a female pet, keep in mind that it may go into heat around this time.

You might notice some change in behavior due to the developed sexual behavior.


When the Aussies reach adulthood, they are usually very energetic. It would help if you trained this pooch in the earlier stages.

Adult Australian Shepherds who have been properly socialized and taught can usually manage almost any challenges. They are usually fully grown by this time and have completely developed senses. However, there are chances of them growing a little bigger.

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Moreover, adult Aussies with watchdog qualities are common, but a well-trained Aussie should be able to tell when it’s appropriate to be a watchdog.

They belong to the herding dog category, so you must make sure that you take them for a walk. Your dog will thrive in competitive dog sports if you have the time and commitment.

Aussies require a job, and if they are not trained and stimulated, they will be dissatisfied. This is not a dog you can leave unattended in the backyard for several hours. So, make sure the exercise session is not missed.

You can try any kind of exercise you want but remember the goal should be to curb the stamina this pooch has during this stage of life.

Old Age

The last stage on our list is seniority. It is usually the time when your Aussie reaches 8-10 years. The Aussies have a lifespan of 14/15 years, and their health is majorly affected as they grow old.

There can be a variety of diseases that can affect the Aussie at this stage. You have to take proper care and make sure that it is safe. You might have to make frequent visits to the doctor and get your Aussie checked.

Some of the other changes are seen throughout these stages. Your Aussie will grow more or less like other dogs, but the significant difference will be their herding instincts.

You have to be very determined to train your Aussie. If you ignore their small aggressive moves, you will face difficulty in the future.

Average Australian Shepherd Weight By Age

A standard Australian Shepherd can weigh up to 69 lbs. That said, the weight of any dog breed is affected by a whole other range of factors as well. The major reason, however, remains gender.

Below, we have listed down the weight for male and female dogs separately – categorized by age.

Male Australian Shepherd Weight

A male Aussie will gain more weight during the growth stages than a female. It is generally noticed that the males grow up to 65-69 lbs. However, there is a possibility of lesser weight if they are not fed properly.

Here is a chart depicting the weight by the age of a male Australian Shepherd:

Age Weight (in lbs)
One month 3 to 5
Two months 10 to 15
Three months 20 to 25
Four months 27 to 32
Five months 34 to 39
Six months 40 to 46
Seven months 45 to 52
Eight months 45 to 55
Nine months 50 to 58
Ten months 50 to 60
Eleven months 50 to 65
Twelve months 50 to 65
Two years 50 to 69

Female Australian Shepherd Weight

As you now know, a female Aussie will weigh less than the male one. They can grow up to a maximum of 55 lbs. Here is the weight by age table for your understanding:

Age Weight (in lbs)
One month 2 to 4
Two months 5 to 10
Three months 15 to 20
Four months 20 to 25
Five months 25 to 30
Six months 30 to 35
Seven months 35 to 39
Eight months 37 to 41
Nine months 38 to 42
Ten months 40 to 45
Eleven months 40 to 45
Twelve months 40 to 50
Two years 40 to 55
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Please note that these tables show the weight of a standard Australian Shepherd. The miniature Aussie will not weigh more than 18-20 pounds when fully matured.

Average Australian Shepherd Height by Age

The Australian Shepherd can grow up to 23 inches in height. But the height is also dependent on the type of Aussie you have. Is it a miniature or standard one? The miniature Aussie will grow up to a maximum of 14-17 inches in height.

However, they are generally longer rather than being tall. Other than the type of Aussie, the height will also be affected by gender. We have listed the height by age for both the male and female Aussie for your convenience.

Male Australian Shepherd Height

The male Aussie is taller than the females in general. They can grow up to 23 inches in height by the time they are fully grown. Here is the table that shows the height by age for a male Australian Shepherd:

Age Height (in inches)
One month 3 to 5
Two months 5 to 8
Three months 7 to 11
Four months 9 to 12
Five months 11 to 13
Six months 12 to 14
Seven months 13 to 15
Eight months 15 to 17
Nine months 16 to 18
Ten months 17 to 19
Eleven months 18 to 20
Twelve months 19 to 21
Two years 20 to 23

Female Australian Shepherd Height

As mentioned earlier, a female Aussie will not be as tall as the male counterpart. However, the difference is just a few inches. The female Aussie can grow up to a maximum of 21 inches in height.

Here is a table depicting the height by age for a female Australian Shepherd:

Age Height (in inches)
One month 3 to 5
Two months 5 to 8
Three months 7 to 11
Four months 9 to 12
Five months 11 to 13
Six months 12 to 14
Seven months 13 to 15
Eight months 15 to 17
Nine months 16 to 18
Ten months 17 to 18
Eleven months 18 to 20
Twelve months 18 to 21
Two years 18 to 21
Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherds are truly delightful pets to have. You will be amazed by their beautiful looks and powerful demeanor. If you are planning to buy or adopt an Australian Shepherd, we would say that you are not making any mistake.

Now that you know about their weight, height, and growth stages, you can make a wise decision.

Please note that the height, weight, and overall growth of an Aussie will be considerably affected if you don’t give it a proper diet. The numbers mentioned above indicate the height and weight of a healthy Aussie. Make sure you change its diet and visit a doctor if you find anything awry.

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