10 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario, Canada (2022)

Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario

Australian Shepherd is a popular dog breed in Canada, known for their natural herding ability, intelligence and loyalty, Aussies make great household companions or working dogs.

For those based in Ontario, you will likely have encountered an Australian Shepherd and be intrigued to learn of Australian Shepherd breeders in Ontario. We’re here to help.

We always recommend you do your research, either online or through word-of-mouth, to learn about Aussie Breeders near you.

Reputable breeders will provide you with full registration and certification papers, a full medical history and information on the bloodline.

Unfortunately, there are poor-quality breeders and even scammers out there, so it is always good to invest time to research breeders.

This article will provide you with information about the 10 best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario, to help you select the best breeder to suit your needs.

We will provide some basic information about the breeder as well as contact details for you to follow up.

Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Ontario 

The Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario

Due to the popularity of the Australian Shepherd in Canada, there are many potential breeders to choose from. Identifying the good breeders from the bad can be a challenge, especially if you are adopting for the first time.

Thankfully, there are many high-quality Aussie breeders in Ontario and this article will connect you to them.

For your reference, good-quality breeders exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They are knowledgeable about the dog breed and can answer any breed-specific questions.
  • They ask you questions about the household setup to ensure the puppy will be well looked after.
  • Good breeders are transparent about their breeding practices and can provide a full medical history.
  • They start to socialize with the puppies before they are adopted.
  • They won’t release the puppy for adoption before 8 weeks of age as up to this stage they are reliant on their mother.
  • They will provide you with a contract to sign.
  • They will follow up with you during the adoption to ensure all is well.

Consider this list of traits when approaching a breeder to see how many they exhibit.

Red flags should be waved if they show no signs of breed knowledge or don’t seem to care much about where they place their puppies. We also recommend in-person visits to verify the breeder.

Top 10 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Ontario, Canada

To help you find the best Australian Shepherd breeders in Ontario, we’ve researched to give you the best and most up-to-date list.

Note, this breeder list is not exhaustive as there may be many great Ontario-based Aussie breeders for you to explore. We thought we’d get you going on some great breeders that we have come across.

1. Cheynat Australian Shepherds

Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario 2022

The Cheynat Australian Shepherds are known as active members of the ASCO (The Australian Shepherd Club of Ontario), CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), and the ASCA (The Australian Shepherd Club of America).

These breeders take high prizes in agility, conformity, and Rally Obedience sports.

The Cheynat Australian Kennel breeders is a small kennel located in Victoria Harbour, north of Barrie, and has been known for reeding Australian shepherds since 1991.

They have invested in many years of hard work resulting in high-quality Australian shepherds. Their Aussies are famous for their easygoing temperaments and their outstanding intelligence

Each of their puppies comes with veterinary records including a microchip, first vaccination, and deworming treatment. Their puppies have a written six weeks of free pet health insurance and a three-year health guarantee.

All of their Aussies have health clearances done with routine health check-ups. Before the breeding program, their breeding stock is thoroughly checked for hereditary diseases.

At the age of eight weeks, Cheynat Australian Shepherd puppies are ready to be taken by their new owners.

Every new buyer should pay a non-refundable deposit of $200. A puppy goes for $2500 along with the mentioned documentation and health testing.

Name: Cheynat Australian Shepherds

Address: 4791 Vasey Road, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K 2A0, Canada

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Email: cheynataussies@gmail.com

Website: www.cheynataussies.com

Phone: +1 (705) 333-0615

2. Holler Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario 2022

This Holler Australian Shepherds kennel had its first male Aussie in 2011. Three years later they had their first female Aussie and that is where they all started.

It is a small kennel that focuses on the puppies individually and pays attention to the needs of every puppy.

These puppies are surrounded by different people, sounds, and other animals. They are born and raised in a loving and fun environment where they develop their great traits.

The Holler breeders use the Puppy culture protocols in bringing up their little Aussies. They develop happy and healthy puppies that grow into beautiful adult dogs that make great family pets.

The Holler breeders are active members of the Canadian Kennel Club. These Australian shepherd dogs can be seen in the CKC dog competition and shows.

They are also members of the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association (CNASA) and the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA).

Holler Aussie puppies have received microchip implantation, deworming treatment, and vaccinations.

You have to fill in a questionnaire when you want to buy a Holler Australian Shepherd and sign a non-breeding contract. You can also find out more about their story through their website.

Name: Holler Australian Shepherds

Address: New Tecumseth, Ontario, Canada

Email: holleraussies@gmail.com

Website: www.holleraussies.com/

Phone: +1 (416) 450-6073

3. Terwin Aussies

Best Australian Shepherd Breeders

The Terwin Aussies is a passionate breeder who loves breeding and raising these great canine companions. This reputable breeder breathes and lives Australian shepherds and is located 30 km east of the city of Peterborough.

Their love for Aussies dates back to 2003. The dog owner became a dog trainer because he got amazed by the Aussie’s intelligence and unique personality.

He later dedicated his all to breeding Australian Shepherd puppies known for their great performance and good health.

The Terwin Australian shepherds are loyal, healthy, fun-loving, affectionate, and dedicated to their owners.

They are suitable for singles but can also make great family dogs. They are also great for every paw lover that dedicates time, care, and devotion.

Terwin Aussie puppies are registered with CKC, the ASCA, and AKC and every puppy comes with a pedigree that proves the high-quality lineage.

You need to answer a puppy questionnaire from the Terwin Aussies Kennel before purchasing a new puppy. The questionnaire is found on their website.

Name: Terwin Aussies

Address: 1385 Settlers Line, RR1, Keene, Ontario, K0L 2G0, Canada

Email: terry@terwinaussies.com

Tel.: +1 (705) 295-2114

Website: https://www.terwinaussies.com/

4. Ausable River Australian Shepherds

Best Australian Shepherd Breeders Ontario 2022

This is a kennel that started with a dog named Benny. The relationship the owner had with Benny made him develop a great love for the Aussies. He then began breeding in 2018.

Every litter at Ausable River Aussie is planned with great consideration and care for health, temperament, and soundness of mind.

They are bred to reflect the standards of the Australian Shepherd Club of America and the Canadian Kennel Club.

This kennel raises their puppies in their home with consideration for every puppy and great care is observed. Each puppy has a special personality hence this kennel encourages their individuality.

Puppies that are meant for companions are registered under the non-breeding Canadian Kennel Club while the competition/show prospects are selected at 8 weeks and placed under private agreements on Co-Own contracts.

This kennel, however, does not breed often because they need time invested into nurturing and raising the puppies. They consider sex and color preferences when making selections.

The following are ways the consideration before giving out their puppies for adoption:

  • Families that consider spaying or neutering
  • Prefer fit because Aussies require training.
  • Active lifestyle

All Ausable River Australian Shepherd puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and may be registered with the Australian Shepherd Club of America and the American Kennel Club.

If you want an Ausable River Australian Shepherd puppy, you have to fill out a wait list application form or contact them to confirm your placement.

Name: Ausable River Australian Shepherds

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Address: Motherwell, Ontario

Phone: +1 (226) 921-0253

Email: ausableriveraussies@gmail.com

Website: https://www.ausableriveraussies.com/

5. K & L Aussies

The Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario 2022

Founded in 2011, K&L is an Aussie Shepherd breeder based in Thamesford, Ontario.

K & L is focused on providing their puppies with holistic health and nutrition, as well as appropriate physical and mental stimulation to ensure they are ready for household companionship.

Led by an enthusiastic, specialist team of dog trainers and dog behavior specialists, K & L are committed to providing the best care for Australian Shepherd puppies in Ontario.

In addition to breeding, K & L seek to educate their clients by providing helpful information about the breed to support the lifelong companionship that every Australian Shepherd craves.

The K & L breeding program carefully pairs two dogs that perfectly complement each other. Once born, the puppies are given plenty of individual care and attention, giving them the building blocks for adulthood.

K & L follow methods from the Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Sound Stimulation (ESS) programs, to create a healthy balanced puppy.

A core focus of the breeding program is nutrition and exercise. K & L commit to providing a natural raw diet to encourage optimal, long-lasting health, while also encouraging their dogs to be off the leash to ensure they develop their natural, hunting instincts.

Name: K & L Aussies

Address: Thamesford, Ontario

Phone: +1 (226) 234-7692

Website: https://kandlaussies.com/

6. GraceRok Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario

GraceRok Australian Shepherds believe that grace, athleticism and the sound temperament of Aussies are built on a solid foundation from birth.

GraceRok provides that solid foundation by providing breeding excellence in terms of body structure and temperament.

Based in Port Hope, Ontario, GraceRok has bred Aussies for many years and has entered competitions since 2010. Recent accolades include winning the Best Baby Puppy and a Grand Champion title.

Although GraceRok has a track record for producing show dogs, the breeder believes that dogs are companions first and foremost.

GraceRok is based on a 7-acre land with plenty of space for the Aussies to roam and develop their characteristics. The Aussies raised by GraceRok live in the house, with the firm belief that Aussies should not be raised in kennels.

In terms of vaccinations, GraceRok follows the Jean Dodds DVM protocol which proposes minimal vaccinations to prevent issues caused by over-vaccination.

The solid temperament of GraceRok Aussies is also enabled through the positive-reinforcement training methods which are encouraging, human and fun for the Aussies.

GraceRok is also the founder of a 500+ Toronto Aussie Meetup Group which can provide a good network to engage with.

Name: GraceRok Aussies

Address: Port Hope, Ontario

Email: ecogrl10@gmail.com

Website: https://www.gracerokaussies.com/home

7. Oracle Aussies

Oracle Aussies is a family-run Aussie breeder that is dedicated to preserving the breed. Oracle Aussies have a small setup, breeding just once per year and they often team up with TreeStarr or Eweturn Aussies for litters.

They breed small numbers to ensure that each puppy gets the love and attention they deserve.

The love Oracle has for their puppies is lifelong. They do not simply sell on a first-first-serve basis but carefully match individual puppies to the best home.

Be prepared to undergo a rigorous process to qualify for housing an Oracle Aussie.

Priorities for Oracle’s breeding program are temperament and health.

Oracle is committed to ensuring they are breeding a pedigree that is absent of disease and is low risk for common health issues such as hip dysplasia, movement issues or eye conditions. Each Oracle puppy undergoes rigorous testing before finding a forever home.

In terms of temperament, Oracle Aussies are determined to breed Aussies that embody the true Aussie personality type of being active and smart but also shy with strangers.

Oracle breeds using pedigrees from Working Trial Champions to enable this temperament.

Name: Oracle Aussies

Address: Erin, Ontario

Email: oracleaussies@gmail.com

Website: http://oracleaussies.ca/

8. MorningDove Aussies

Founded in 2015, MorningDove Aussies is an Aussie breeder based in Fergus, Ontario.

Renowned for breeding beautiful and healthy Aussies, MorningDove has experience in breeding Aussies for all purposes, whether it be the shown ring, sporting endeavors or a household companion.

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Some of the Aussies raised by MorningDove have competed in competitions on obedience, dock diving and conformation.

Located on a 55-acre farm, MorningDove believes in breeding at home and not in kennels. Their busy farm includes cats and horses which provides great stimulation and socialization for the Aussies.

To ensure the Aussies have the best chance of a long and fulfilling life, MorningDove provides a raw food diet, provide no maintenance drugs and minimal vaccination.

In terms of breeding, MorningDove focuses on longevity as the key driver during mate selection. Longevity ensures that the genetic mix of the parents reduces the risks of common health conditions.

MorningDove only uses breeding dogs that are conformation Champions and have passed health clearances in the OFA hips and elbows, DNA tests and annual eye clearances.

Name: MorningDove Aussies

Address: Rosemont, Ontario

Email: anthonsarah@hotmail.com

Website: https://www.morningdoveaussies.com/morningdove-home

Australian Shepherd Breeders Ontario

9. Cedarpaws Australian Shepherds

Cedarpaws Australian Shepherds is a family-run breeder based in Grafton, Ontario. Founded by Karen Cunningham, the breeder was developed through her unconditional love for the breed and for rehabilitating dogs.

Having initially bred Siberian Huskies, Cedarpaws first started breeding Aussies in 1994.

Cedarpaws aims to preserve the affection, trainability, intelligence and loyalty of Aussies by breeding high-quality dogs.

They commit to breeding at least one litter of Aussies per year, requesting prospective clients to fill out an online questionnaire to register their interest.

In terms of the breeding program, Cedarpaws carefully consider the character of the dog. Cedarpaws strive to maintain the strong working characteristics, versatility and companionship of Aussies in the breeding program.

For prospective breeders, Cedarpaws has three available male Aussies available for stud services.

This demonstrates the breeder’s commitment to sharing the pedigree with other breeders. The breeding female will have to be approved before the approval of the stud.

Name: Cedarpaws Australian Shepherds

Address: Grafton, Ontario

Email: cedarpaws@xplornet.ca

Website: https://www.cedarpaws.ca/

10. Taiga Aussies

Taiga Aussies is a small hobby kennel determined to raise beautiful, loyal Aussies for households in Ontario.

Taiga Aussies are run by Oceanna, who has many years of experience working as a herding dog trainer and dog trick trainer.

Taiga Aussies are raised in a home environment to prepare the dogs for their forever home.

Before a home placement, Taiga Aussies are up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped and registered with the CKC. Taiga Aussies also provide clients with a five-year genetic health guarantee.

All dogs deployed for breeding by Taiga are working dogs who compete in agility, herding and dock diving competitions.

This ensures the Aussies bred by Taiga are from a strong pedigree which encompasses the very best of the Aussie characteristics.

Taiga takes the placement of their Aussies in homes very seriously with the duty of care to their puppies at the forefront.

All prospective clients need to fill out an online questionnaire and ideally visit the breeder in person to boost your chances of selection.

Name: Taiga Aussies

Address: Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

Email: taiga_aussies@outlook.com

Website: https://www.taigaaustralianshepherds.com/

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you a helpful guide to the 10 best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Ontario. While there are many other breeders out there, be assured that the breeders listed in this article are reputable.

As it has been made clear, breeders often go above and beyond to ensure that the puppies bred in their care, go on to live fulfilling lives in other people’s homes.

They will also specialize in various aspects of breeding, whether it be for working dogs or household pets. Bare these factors in mind as you work out which breeder will serve your needs the best.

Also, be ready to prove your credentials for housing a beautiful Aussie.

Finally, if you decide that a breeder does not exhibit any of the characteristics discussed here, they may not have a good reputation or worse, could be scammers.

In these instances, always research them online and visit them in person, if possible, to verify them before making any financial commitment.

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