American Bully Puppy Feeding Chart – How Much To Feed An American Bully Puppy?

How Much To Feed American Bully Puppy

Just like any other dog, an American Bully puppy requires proper nutrition and care to ensure that their physical health is maintained and for them to live a long and happy life.

Understanding how much to feed an American Bully puppy will enable them to have a muscular and bulky body as an adult dog.

Therefore, you should keep an American Bully puppy feeding chart throughout your puppy’s life to guide you on the right quantities to feed them.

For your puppy to get all the important nutrients, choose brands and foods that are high-quality and recommended by the vet.

Continue reading to get more information about feeding your American Bully puppy and how you can meet their nutritional needs.

How Much Should an American Bully Puppy Eat?

How Much To Feed An American Bully

The amount of food that your puppy needs depends on certain factors because every puppy’s metabolism is unique. These factors include health condition, activity level, size, age, body condition, and brand and type of food.

Following the product guideline that is provided at the back of the packaging by most brands is the safest way to feed your puppy the right amount of food.

However, you should consult your vet to know the exact amount of food your specific puppy requires as most puppies need less food than the one recommended in the packaging.

Also, if you are feeding your puppy raw or homemade food, you should consult with your vet to ensure that your puppy is getting all the necessary nutrients including proteins, fats, carbs, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Best Dog Food For American Bully Puppies (2022)

American Bully Puppy Feeding Chart

To ensure that your puppy obtains all the nutrients that they require to maintain a healthy weight, they need to be fed a specific amount of food distributed throughout the day.

The amount of food that your puppy needs changes as they grow because the nutritional needs also change.

An American Bully feeding chart enables you to monitor the quantity of food that your puppy eats to ensure that they are not overeating or under-eating and you can tell when they have a change in appetite.

Finding your puppy’s RER, their Resting Energy Requirement, will provide you with the exact number of calories they need daily.

RER = (weight in kg)3/4 * 70

Once you find the value of your puppy’s RER, multiply it by two and you will get an estimate of their daily caloric intake.

Best Dog Food For American Bully

4-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

When your American Bully puppy is four weeks old, they are ready to try eating dog food but they will still be drinking their mother’s milk.

You can give them tiny amounts of solid food mixed with water to soften it. Solid food should quantify to a quarter of the meal and the rest should be water, then as time goes on reduce the amount of water.

The puppy will not eat that much food because they have a tiny stomach at this age.

6-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

At the age of six weeks old, your puppy should be adjusted slowly to a normal dog’s diet from an adjusted feeding as their stomach can handle more dog food.

Now is the time to gradually reduce the water content in a meal until they can eat the puppy food by themselves. The transition should be done slowly to avoid upsetting their stomach.

8-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

When your puppy is 8 weeks old, they should be ready to move to their new home and fully weaned. They need to eat four times per day and about ¾ to 1 cup of food.

When your puppy has finished eating and they have not finished their food, take the plate away as this establishes a feeding routine.

It is important that you feed them the same brand of food they were eating at the breeder’s home.

10-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

To ensure that your puppy maintains a healthy weight at this age, you should feed them four times per day. Their meal should only contain one cup of puppy food.

By now they should have established a feeding routine and gotten used to it which makes mealtimes easy and fun.

12-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

During the third month, you should reduce the number of your puppy’s mealtimes but still maintain one cup per meal.

However, if they an active puppy, you should increase the amount of food so that they have enough energy to run around.

14-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

During this age, the American Bully is becoming more active and is experiencing plenty of growth. The amount of food that you should give them is between three to five cups per day depending on their activity level. They should eat three times per day.

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16-Week-Old American Bully Puppy

At four months old, continue feeding your puppy three times per day and still maintain between three to five cups per day.

6 Months – 12 Months Old American Bully Puppy

When the puppy is between the ages of six and 12 months, you can reduce the mealtimes to two but if your puppy is active, your vet can recommend that you maintain the three mealtimes.

You can also reduce the amount of food but can range between 3 and 5 cups daily.

American Bully Puppy Feeding Chart

12 Months & Above American Bullies

At the age of one year, an American Bully is considered an adult, and this means that they now eat fewer meals and less food. You should reduce mealtimes to twice per day and feed them three to four cups.

This is also the time to switch from puppy food to adult food but ensure that you do the process slowly to not cause digestive issues. If possible stick to the same brand of food.

Understanding American Bully Puppy Nutritional Needs

The following are the nutritional requirement of an American Bully puppy to ensure that they achieve all their growth and development:

  • Proteins – your puppy needs up to 70% protein in their diet. They are necessary for muscle growth and for your puppy to bulk up. They contain amino acids that are needed for repairing body tissues, muscle strength, and regular body function. Premium sources include beef, chicken, fish, and lamb.
  • Fats – your puppy’s meals should contain about 20% of fat to provide conditions for forming a normal shape and full growth. Sources include animal fats, oil, and soy. Fats are great for hormone production, good appetite, and shinier coats.
  • Carbohydrates – your puppy needs carbs for energy and can be found in oats, wheat, barley, corn, and brown rice.
  • Vitamins – Vitamin E is great for the immune system and Vitamin A provides healthy hair and skin. Good sources include fruit and vegetables.
  • Fiber is required to prevent constipation and other digestive issues by maintaining a healthy digestive tract.
  • Minerals – the most essential minerals that your puppy needs are potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, and chloride, and they can be found in fruits, meats, vegetables, and grains. Calcium is also needed for healthy bones and teeth, and it can be obtained from canned fish, milk, and milk products.

American Bully Feeding Charts

How Many Times A Day To Feed an American Bully Puppy?

You need to feed your Bully puppy 2-3 times a day. From 12 weeks old to 6 months, your puppy needs three meals a day.

This will allow the puppy to have small meals frequently to get enough nutrition but not gorge themselves. Beyond the age of six months, give them two meals a day.

The following ways will help achieve maximum growth for your dog:

Find flexible times to feed your puppy that work with your daily schedule for example at 7 am, 1 pm, and 8 pm.

Give your dog food depending on their size and appetite, you can follow what is suggested on the container or ask your vet how much your American Bully pup should eat.

American Bully puppies under 12 weeks need 4 meals a day.

Kibble vs Wet Food for American Bully Puppies

Dry foods are also called kibble. Kibble is good for puppies because it encourages the dog to chew their meal hence contributing to the prevention of periodontal diseases and tartar.

It is also easier to pre-portioned dry food and when left out, they cannot get spoilt easily and hence can stay longer. It is also less expensive to buy dry foods.

Wet foods usually have flavors and aromas and hence can entice a sick puppy or one who has lost appetite.

Wet foods usually give benefits to your American bully puppy that dry food does not have.

For puppies who do not like drinking water, wet food is a good choice because of its high moisture content.

Wet food makes puppies full, and they are also easy to chew.

Switching From Puppy Food to Adult Food 

Faze your puppy out slowly when you are switching from puppy food to adult food. During the transition start your puppy’s bowl with mostly puppy food with a small amount of adult food. Kee increasing the ratio of adult food as your puppy adjust to it.

When your puppy reacts negatively to this meal take some time before giving him the next food ratio. Ensure that the process is done over a period of one week.

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What If My American Bully Puppy Won’t Eat? 

Be keen on understanding why your dog cannot eat because it will help you deal with the problem.

When the dog loses appetite and then resumes normal eating with no sign of illness, then you don’t need to worry. But if there is no change after they lose appetite, seek help from the vet.

The vet may give you a special diet suggestion that will help boost the immunity of your dog and provide them with extra nutrients to promote its recovery.

If the puppy stopped eating because of behavioural problems, you can try to establish a routine by feeding them at the same time every day.

Reducing the amount of people’s food and treats can also help. You can also try to give them different kinds of food.

How Much To Feed An American Bully Puppy

Can You Free feed an American Bully Puppy?

Free feeding means leaving out the food to your puppy to eat as much as they want and any time they want.

Free feeding is not recommended for your American Bully Puppy because they grow well with a feeding schedule. Find a working feeding routine that will help your puppy to remain healthy and not get overweight.

Unlike free-feeding, having a feeding schedule for your American Bully puppy will help them with weight management and house training.

It is easy and convenient to free-feed and can cause your dog to gain unnecessary weight because of constant access to food.

Therefore, find a feeding schedule that will work well for your puppy

How Long to Feed an American Bully Puppy?

The American Bully puppies need a healthy puppy meal till they reach maturity. American Bully dog is a large dog hence matures fully at 12 months which is the time to transition to adult food.

American Bully puppies need more calories and certain nutrients for better grit and development. Adults’ nutritional food changes ad food that provides energy as well as those that help maintain lean muscles.

Monitor the food of your puppy because if there are leftovers it could be a sign they need fewer calories and hence require less food. Monitor the body condition of your dog to be able to notice any changes.

Best Puppy Dog Food for American Bully

Best Dog Food For American Bully Puppy

1. Taste Wild High Prairie Puppy

Editor’s Choice

Your American Puppy will be nourished by this balanced diet of dry food. It is formulated with novel proteins that include bison and buffalo and grain free that includes sweet potatoes and peas and delivers the digestible energy puppy needs.

It has antioxidants from real fruits and vegetables. It also has the dried chicory for healthy digestion and prebiotic support. It has amino acids for maximum absorption and benefits from complete balanced nutrition with a taste of the wild.


  • Grain-free recipe
  • Contains a species-specific K9 strain proprietary probiotic for healthy digestion.
  • Vitamins and minerals from real fruits
  • Real meat is the first ingredient.


  • Some dogs do not love the taste.

2. Origen Puppy Large Grain Free Dry Puppy Food


This is a good meal for your American Bull puppy because it has enough nourishment they need for growth. When puppies are on a biologically appropriate diet, they do very well. This diet includes proteins and fat from different animal ingredients.

The dry puppy food has raw and fresh free-run chicken and turkey, cage-free eggs, and sustainably farmed and wild-caught fish.

It is formulated with succulent and nutrients dense parts of the prey.

This dry puppy food includes WholePrey animal ingredients that include organs and bone providing high-quality 85% animal ingredients. It is also coated with wag-worthy raw flavor that dogs love and it is also freeze-dried.


  • Good source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Good for puppies struggling with food adjustment and weight
  • Keeps the dog’s coat shiny
  • Has premium animal ingredient


  • Some puppies constipate.

3. American Journey Puppy Lamb Sweet and Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog food.

The American Journey dry food is a nutritious meal that helps your puppy to grow. It features reals and it is deboned with protein and amino acids the puppy needs to grow its muscles lean.

This dry food meets specific nutritional requirements and has an exceptional flavor your puppy will crave for. Has delicious sweet potatoes and chickpeas for lasting energy.

It also has fruits and vegetables like carrots and blueberries for antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber. They also have plenty of Omega fatty acids.

Which come from several sources like salmon oil and flax seeds and help keep the skin and coat healthy. It is grain free hence a good choice for those prone to food sensitivities.

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  • Grain-free is hence helpful to puppies who are food sensitive.
  • Nutritious vegetables and fruits for immune system support
  • Omega fatty acids help support the dog’s skin and coat health.
  • Fiber is rich in energy.


  • Some puppies did not like it because they seem to be too hard

Best Dog Food For American Bullies

4. Nulo Freestyle Turkey Sweet Potato

The Nulo Freestyle dog food gives every puppy the best diet they deserve for a start. 80% of the proteins come from real meat and one can be sure that the puppy gets the amino acids required for growing muscles.

It also has the DHA fatty acids that support brain and eye development. They have enough calcium levels that promote strong bones and teeth.

The flavor of the grain-free peas and salmon encourages the dog to eat.


  • Grain-free for sensitive dogs.
  • Low glycemic index ingredients with added phosphorus and calcium for strong bones.
  • Omega fatty acids for brilliant coat and skin.


  • Could not find any

5. Pedigree Puppy Growth Protection

This dog food will help your puppy to thrive well. It is formulated to help your young ones to keep up with the big dogs and is packed with the necessary nutrition and delicious chicken flavor.

It has DHA for healthy brain development in addition to phosphorus and calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth. It also contains antioxidants Vitamin E that help develop strong immune systems.

The Pedigree dog food also has a special fiber blend that promotes healthy digestion and keeps your patrol under control


  • Balanced and complete nutrition for a healthy lifestyle
  • DHA for healthy brain
  • Whole grains and fiber for healthy digestion
  • Small crunchy pieces for good oral health.


  • Could not find one

Is A Raw Diet Healthy for An American Bully Puppy?

A raw diet has benefits for your American Bully puppy which include a healthier coat and skin, cleaner teeth, improved digestion, and a better immune system.

However, according to some experts, raw food like chicken can cause a dangerous salmonella infection in your dog.

American Bully Feeding Chart

In addition, raw food that has bones can make the dog choke and some bone fragments present in the food can cause intestinal blockage and internal punctures.

Before giving your puppy raw food, consult with your vet. Raw requires proper cleaning, and correct handling practices raw diet also requires special preparation and better storage requirements.

How Much Do American Bullies Puppies Grow Each Week? 

Due to their body characteristics, American bullies can get overweight. It is good to have a weighing scale to check your dog’s weight.

It can be difficult to tell the weight of your puppy week by week, but the following ways will help you find the right weight for your puppy;

Your puppy can weigh between 4-9 pounds at 4 weeks and when they are 8 weeks their weight is about 8 to 23 pounds. By 12 weeks the weight of your American Bully puppy is about 15 to 45 pounds. By 4 months they weigh around 20 to 65 pounds.

By the age of 6 months, the puppy’s weight is about 28 to 102 pounds and at 8 months the grows to about 32 to 128 pounds.

Should You Feed an American Bully Puppy Supplements? 

Supplements are not necessary for your American Bully Puppy unless directed by the vet. Supplements should be given to those puppies with severe deficiency of certain nutrients so that the body receives the nutrients necessary for healthy growth.

The vet may advise that puppies fed with homemade and raw diet food be given supplements because it may be challenging to find the right amount of nutrients in their food, unlike commercially prepared food which already has the nutrients pre-mixed in the correct amounts.

Therefore, if you are feeding your puppy a raw diet or homemade food consult your vet to know the right supplements to give to your American Bully Puppy.

How Much Water Should an American Bully Puppy Drink? 

The amount of water to give to your American Bully puppy varies because of illnesses, dry diet, medication, physical activity, and dehydration.

However, the normal amount of water to give to your American Bully puppy is usually ½ to 2 ounces per pound.

To judge every situation, you need to tell your puppy’s normal thirst. Keep your puppy’s drinking habits and diet so that you can tell if there is a problem. If there is any change in the amount of water they need to drink, take them to the veterinary.

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