When Do American Bullies Go Into Heat Cycle? American Bully Heat Cycle

When Do American Bullies Go Into Heat Cycle

The athletic, well-balanced American Bulldog exhibits remarkable power, stamina, agility, and a pleasant attitude. If you are an owner, you might be wondering when do American Bullies go into heat.

They were originally bred to be farm work dogs or utility dogs. The English Bulldog is the ancestor of the American Bulldog.

The bulldog is thought to have arrived in America as early as the 17th century. In the 1800s, they immigrated to America along with immigrants who came with their working bulldogs.

If you are a potential or present owner, you should be well-versed in the American Bully heat cycle.

You will learn everything you require about American Bullies from this article, enabling you to get ready for your period and potential pregnancy.

When Do American Bullies Go Into Their First Heat?

When Do American Bullies Go Into Their First Heat

Dogs typically experience their first heat cycle at roughly six months of age. However, the size, breed, and health of the dog have a significant impact on this.

Due to their medium size, American Bullies have a heat cycle roughly twice a year throughout their prime years of life before slowing down as they get older. They typically go into heat around six months of age.

Similar to how children suffering from malnutrition delay puberty, a dog that has experienced malnutrition will enter heat at a later age.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that a breeding dog has appropriate nutrition starting at a young age.

Your dog’s size can help you predict when she will enter the heat cycle.

While larger dogs take longer to grow and, as a result, longer to have their first heat, smaller dogs frequently go into heat at an earlier age, some as young as four months old.

As adults, they also have a tendency to cycle more quickly, having 3 to 4 litters per year as opposed to one for larger dogs.

How Do You Know When Your American Bully Is In Heat?

It is impossible to know in advance when an American Bulldog will get pregnant or to pick the proper time and setting.

Red patches, discharge, frequent urination, loss of appetite, fatigue, acting servile around their male equivalents, and frequent licking of the vaginal area are all signs that a woman is in or about to enter menstruation.

The 4-stage estrus cycle in dogs

It is necessary to dissect the estrus cycle in dogs, into a number of components. Unless she has been spayed, your female dog will go through the following four stages:

1. Proestrus stage

The proestrus stage of the dog heat cycle is the first stage. Although it can continue anywhere between 3 and 17 days, the proestrus in dogs typically lasts for 9 days.

The vulva’s enlargement is the first indicator of this stage. One of the best methods to recognize the start of a dog’s heat cycle is through this.

You might observe behavioral and hunger changes, vulva enlargement, and tail tucking during the proestrus phase.

2. Estrus Stage

The estrus period lasts an average of nine days and can last from three to twenty-one days.

Because she is actually in heat, your dog’s ovaries are currently releasing eggs for fertilization, making her viable. This is the time when the female dog will enjoy male company.

She might make an effort to go outside more frequently than usual and wag her tail. She’s reproducing out of instinct. You might experience flirting, softer vulva, and lighter discharge at this time.

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3. Diestrus Stage

The fruitful stage of the heat cycle ends as diestrus takes hold. The dog loses her fertility during this phase, which could extend for 60 to 90 days.

The diestrus stage lasts from the conclusion of the estrus until the puppies are born if the dog has been pregnant (around 60 days). The enlargement in the vulva could eventually go away.

4. Anestrus Stage

The last phase of the heat cycle, sometimes referred to as the resting period, is anestrus. Following the longest phase of the dog’s heat cycle, which lasts between 100 and 150 days, the cycle resumes.

How Often Do American Bullies Go Into Heat?

The majority of female dogs cycle every six months, however, the intervals between cycles can range from four to twelve months.

There can be a variety in the “heat cycle” length, from as little as 4 days to as long as 3 weeks. Nine to eleven days, on average, pass between the onset of heat and the actual mating season.

The fact that some dogs experience “silent heats,” or periods without evident symptoms like swelling or bleeding, only serves to further complicate matters.

Some females may experience “split heats,” in which they enter a heat cycle but stop before ovulating, and then enter a fertile heat cycle a few weeks later.

Heat cycles can differ, so just merely because she was ready to be impregnated on the eleventh day of the previous heat doesn’t indicate she will be on the eleventh day of the subsequent heat.

When Is A Female American Bully Most Fertile?

American Bullies First Heat

Even while it’s frequently advised to breed your dog between days 10 and 14 of their cycle, this is not a surefire strategy to have a good litter. Each dog is unique, and depending on when in their cycle they become fertile.

Veterinarian vaginal smears or serum progesterone tests are the only accurate ways to find out when your dog is ovulating.

While the serum test tracks the peaks and valleys of progesterone, the smear will follow changes in the cells in and around the vagina.

Both of these tests should be able to be completed in-office by your veterinarian, but occasionally sending them to a lab can result in more precise findings.

To track alterations in the vaginal cells over a period of days, the smear test is often performed each day. It is hardly risky and only slightly intrusive.

It is less precise than a serum progesterone test, though. A blood test is used to do a serum progesterone test, which is regarded as being quite accurate.

In order to correctly forecast the day of ovulation, many of these tests are typically performed over a few days to track the rise and fall of hormone levels.

It should be taken into account that it is more pricy and invasive than the other exams.

Vaginal smears might be a great choice for you if your female doesn’t have a history of failed breeding attempts and you’re not shipping her over long distances.

They’re less pricey and intrusive, so you’re not stressing out the woman as much.

You may wish to spend more money for the more precise serum progesterone test if your female has a history of poor breeding attempts, you’re paying to send semen, or you’re moving her across long distances.

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How Do Male Dogs React To A Female’s Heat?

Male dogs cannot go into heat; this only refers to ffemale dogs as they are capable of doing so. Since male dogs don’t experience a heat cycle, they can mate all year long once they reach puberty, which occurs at about 6 months of age.

If your dog is more than six months old and not spayed or neutered, you probably already are aware of some of the challenges that come with sexual maturation.

When he gets the chance, an unfixed male dog will mount things and run away to meet and “greet” the area bitches. He is always willing to mate.

The cycle of the female dog’s being in heat may have a massive effect on your male dog even if male dogs do not go into heat.

A special pheromone called methyl p-hydroxybenzoate aids male dogs in recognizing the scent of female dogs that are fertile.

This stench has the potential to drive your male dog nuts if he is intact.

He will experience sexual stimulation and might focus solely on chasing the female dog. Unneutered dogs have a strong and natural instinct that is ultimately focused on mating.

Tracking your dog using a GPS dog monitor can be helpful to ensure that they keep themselves safe during this time.

How Long Does An American Bully Stay In Heat?

Your American Bully will only be super fertile for about five days out of her two to four-week long heat cycle.

Progesterone tests are the only accurate way to determine this, and it is normally expected to be between 10 and 14 days following their initial day of heat.

Your female will show signs of being in heat by swelling her vulva and beginning to exude blood, so you’ll know when this is happening.

She might also display more nervous behavior and start looking for and approaching male dogs.

Your dog is in heat the very first day you see blood, which is considered “day one.” Your dog will remain in a bleeding state for another 2-4 weeks after that.

Your dog will typically ovulate about a week into her heat and be most fertile from days 10 to 14.

While this may vary widely, the majority of females become pregnant and responsive precisely around day 11. Some canines have brief periods, while others take a few weeks to ovulate.

The eggs will develop for a few days after your dog ovulates before they become viable. Humans are different from this because we ovulate and become fertile right away.

No period of maturation is required. Your dog will be fertile for just under a week following ovulation. If no offspring have been born, she will gradually stop being in heat and resume her normal behavior.

American Bully First Heat

Can An American Bully Get Spayed While In Heat?

The general consensus is that a dog in heat should not be spayed until her menstrual cycle is complete. However, you should be aware that administering the medicine at this time carries higher than usual risks.

Despite the fact that many doctors advise you to against spaying a dog during heat because there could be serious consequences, many nonetheless carry out the treatment.

The majority of vets prefer to perform surgery on dogs that are not in heat, but they are still capable of doing so.

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The therapy involves the complete excision of her ovaries and sometimes uterus  in order to ensure that she can no longer become pregnant.

It will also prevent her from going into heat and the problems that accompany it. Most veterinarians advise doing this either before or immediately following her first heat cycle.

Taking Care Of A Female American Bully In Heat

If you’re a new pet owner, you should be aware of the best actions to take when an American Bulldog enters the heat cycle. Here are some ideas to keep them healthy and comfortable throughout their heat cycle.

Keep towels ready – Because you may not know of the amount they bleed or discharge during the first cycles, so having some towels on hand could be useful.

To increase the comfort level of the space, these towels can be spread out on their bed. By placing towels by their bed, you may help clean up any spilled blood, keep your home tidy, and lower the risk of infection.

Do not let them wander out -If your dog has a history of leaving the house and coming back after a brief walk around the block, make sure they don’t go outdoors alone now.

When they are in heat, their fragrance can travel quite far, attracting unwanted attention from their male mates. Some male dogs can even try to scale the fence in order to reach a female dog in heat.

You will have to deal with behavioral changes – As the dog goes through different heat cycles, its mood may fluctuate, which frequently perplexes pet parents.

You must accept that mood swings are common and do whatever you can to help her feel better. During heat, it’s conceivable that your dog might need affection less or not at all.

Consider using hygiene pants – If your dog is severely bleeding during its period, you may want to consider using hygiene pants.

Dogs can put on these special, diaper-like garments to absorb the blood discharge. This can help you maintain a clean home and prevent diseases brought on by frequent licking.

However, a lot of dogs dislike them and could tear them apart while you attempt to put them on.

Although if they aren’t in heat, you can try preparing them early on to make wearing the trousers more tolerable for them.

Final Words

Although they are only very fertile for about five days, American Bully dogs typically stay in heat for two to four weeks.

Although it is not advised to breed them until they’re at minimum a year old or have experienced one to two heat cycles, they begin to go into heat at about six months of age.

Ensure you are breeding your dog responsibly if you decide to.

The mom and the puppies should both receive all necessary health exams and examinations, and you ought to be able to cover any unexpected medical costs.

Particularly in the world of bullies, artificial insemination has begun taking over as the preferred method of breeding.

Prior to artificial insemination being more widely available, distance restricted your selections for studs.

Yes, you may decide to ship the female, but doing so entails a number of dangers and could cause enough stress to cause your female’s cycle to be stopped or delayed, which would make successful breeding more difficult.

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