About Me

Howdy, my name is Peter, and welcome to my site of all things Shepherd. 

I am a self-certified GSD enthusiast and have been owning these incredible dogs since I was a kid. 

In my youth, our family lived on a farm and we owned several Shepherd dogs. I moved to the city in my 20s but was limited to owning one Shepherd as I lived in a small starter home. This wasn’t enough for my obsession. So this led me to set up my own dog grooming business which I ran for over a decade. 

During my grooming years, I cared for hundreds of breeds of dogs but not one managed to sway me from my steadfast opinion that Shepherds are the best breed of dog out there. 

Shepherds are intelligent, obedient, devoted, and loving dogs and any Shepherd owner will know they’re also extremely hilarious at times too! They’re also incredibly healthy dogs, and many customers would come into my grooming parlor complaining of the hundreds of pounds they’d spent on vet bills on their labrador or giant poodle dogs when I was a smug shepherd owner!

During the pandemic, more people were buying dogs as companions but fewer were sending them to get professionally groomed! So I took early retirement and now live with my two Shepherd dogs, spending my free time devoted to sharing all my years of knowledge as a Shepherd owner with the readers of this site. 

So whether you’re wondering if a German Shepherd is for you (the answer is always a “yes”!) or a Shepherd owner starting out, or an experienced owner who wants to geek out on all things Shepherd, then I hope all my years of obsession and love for these dogs that I have poured into this site will be helpful. I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I enjoy writing about this fantastic animal.

I am always happy to share my knowledge on anything that owners want to know so let me know if you would like me to cover any particular topics you feel missing on the site at present.