7 Common Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

Dogs Behaviour

Even if you have owned dogs your entire life, we assume that there were moments when you were taking a look at your fur buddy and wondering “Why does he do it?”. The truth is, most dog parents have been there.

And since these wonderful animals cannot speak, in these types of situations, we are puzzled because we are not sure what is really going on.

To make things a bit clearer, today, we’ll discuss some behaviors so you’re no longer confused when they occur.

1. Let’s Start With Dog Splooting

What does this represent? Namely, dog splooting is when dogs lie on the ground with hind legs stretched out right behind them.

To a lot of people, this position is adorable, but there are still those who are unsure if it means there’s something wrong with their pet or not.

Well, to provide you with instant relief, we’ll tell you right now that there is no reason for concern. In fact, dogs tend to do it simply because they find this position to be very comfortable for them.

We know that there are lots of dog owners who think that something like this will potentially lead to different joint or hip problems but don’t worry, that’s not going to happen!

2. Why Do They Howl?

Howling may not be the most pleasant sound in the world, but don’t forget that your dog is not able to talk, hence he must find a way to express certain things.

In some instances, dogs may do this when they sense some sort of danger.

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Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s always the case, but it’s worth checking out your surroundings if you notice that your fur buddy is continuously howling.

Apart from this reason, the others include pure boredom, pain, thrill, and when they need some attention.

Some breeds tend to howl more than others. If you cannot figure out why your dog is howling, just pay attention to his body language.

3. Circling Before They Lie Down 

When your dog is ready to go to sleep, frequently, he will start circling. Just like us humans love to prepare our beds to be cozy by placing the biggest and softest blankets and cushions, well, the situation is pretty similar with your fur baby.

Namely, before lying down, he will begin circling in order to find the most convenient position and spot for sleeping. Something like this doesn’t only enable them to have a peaceful sleep, but to feel safe too!

4. Biting

If you own a puppy and you conclude that he is prone to biting, usually, there’s no need to worry because that’s one of their ways to communicate with their owners.

On the other hand, if you own an adult dog, and you notice that he has a tendency to bite people, then it’s oftentimes due to fear, aggression, or anxiety. If you’re unsure what’s going on, be sure to consult a dog trainer.

5. And Then There’s Digging

Now, here’s a habit that not too many dog owners are very fond of, but the reality is that a lot of dogs are prone to doing it. So what are the most common reasons for this behavior?

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Namely, there are many, starting from their desire to run away from home, to find a comfortable spot to rest, to hide something that’s meaningful to them, and many others.

Some pet parents have probably noticed that their fur babies love to dig inside too. When we say to dig inside, we mean that they will start scratching your sofa or their blanket with the goal of finding a convenient spot to lie down.

This is something that normally occurs during the night, or when it’s time for your fur buddy to have some rest. But don’t worry, whatever the reason may be (when it comes to digging inside), do not stress out because it is completely normal.

Now, if this sort of behavior annoys you too much, yet you haven’t found any solution to it, then maybe it would be advisable to talk to a trainer to see what can be done.

6. Sniffing

Dogs are known to be excellent sniffers, and this behavior is probably what you experience on a regular basis.

Now, the question is, why do these wonderful animals do this so frequently? Well, that’s because they rely on scent as their main tool for communication.

You have probably noticed that whenever your doggo meets another dog, the two of them will almost immediately start sniffing each other. They are doing this because that’s a great way for the two of them to get to know each other.

By virtue of the scent, they can learn everything related to the other dog’s gender, age, mood, health, and many other things that are relevant to them.

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7. A Very Funny Habit – Chasing Their Tails

Now, here is something that’s funny and a bit weird to a vast majority of dog owners.

Chasing tails is a habit that arises when they are still puppies. Some dogs stop doing this when they are older, but there are still those that do not grow out of it.

So what’s the reason behind this peculiar habit? Namely, when doggies see their tails, they are not sure how it “ended up” there, which is the main reason why they start chasing it.

Even though this sight is pretty entertaining to people if you want your dog to stop doing this, then you shouldn’t laugh when seeing it, otherwise, your fur baby may think that you are praising this behavior and will continue with it even when he becomes an adult.

They will think that you perceive it as something positive and will do it solely to draw your attention.

On the flip side, if he starts doing it suddenly (and hasn’t done it before), then it potentially means that he’s dealing with infection, food allergy, or parasites

There are a number of dog behaviors that all dogs share. Some of them are entertaining, but then there are those that can be scary, or strange. Just bear in mind that all of them are showing you how your fur baby feels at the moment.

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