6 Tips On Transporting Your Puppy In A Vehicle

Dog Traveling In Car

Dogs are simply amazing. They are, without a doubt, man’s best friend, and sometimes you want to go on a walk somewhere else than your routine.

Dogs are not great fans of cars, but if you do it well, they won’t have a problem driving alongside you.

Travelling with your pups is easy if you know how, but if you don’t, it can turn into more than a challenging experience.

If you don’t take regular precautions, it may seriously hurt them or even you and the rest of the passengers. This is why you must know how to handle the situation.

If you’re planning a trip, you’re at the right place. In this article, we share six essential tips you must know for those times when you’re travelling with a doggo.

Read on to learn everything you must know about this situation and stay safe on the road.

1. Always Choose a Dog Crate If Possible

Contrary to what many people will say – dogs love crates. Owning a UTE and installing a dog crate in the rear tray means your pup will be thrilled when you open the door for them, knowing they are going on a trip.

Installing a dog box canopy or another type of crate will allow you to transport a dog in the safest manner possible. The reason for this is simple – dogs love crates and dog boxes.

They feel safe inside and will be calm when you’re driving. The crate feels like home for them, so they’ll be cool and happy while looking over the surroundings without being inappropriate.

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2. Provide Proper Ventilation

The most important thing that dogs need is ventilation. Dogs do not sweat like people do. They constantly need a breeze to feel good. You’ve probably seen how dogs keep their tongue out in the summer, which is the only way for them to cool off.

This is why you must keep the windows open or let them stay in the crate you have in the rear tray.

If you must drive with your dogs inside the vehicle, keep a window open rather than turning on the A/C, especially in the summer.

This will feel much better for them than anything else. The most important thing, though – don’t keep the windows shut with your dog inside – it will kill them.

3. Make More Stops If You’re Travelling Long Distances

Before going on a long ride, it’s wise to have multiple short trips. Dogs often need stretching and will appreciate it if you stop every 45 to 60 minutes.

Find a place where they can run off and stretch their legs, but if this isn’t possible, a simple gas station where they can take a walk will also be enough.

Aside from the stretching, dogs can become uncomfortable in one place. Riding is not the happiest time for them, so they can’t stay in one place for a long time.

Just like kids, their temper is different than the one of adult humans

4. Secure Your Dog Similar To How You Would Fasten A Person

If you place your dog in the back seat of the car, you must fasten the seat belt.

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Since the regular seat belt won’t suit your dog, you should find additional items that will help you protect your pup from falling off in case of a sudden turn or an accident.

Just like people, dogs need the same protection. If you don’t have the option to place them inside a crate, the second best option is to provide a special type of seat belt to keep them in place.

5. Secure Loose Items Inside The Vehicle

Aside from the need to secure all loose items in case of a sudden turn or an emergency for obvious reasons, it’s great to do it because it will attract the dog’s attention when they move.

A sudden turn and a loose object inside the car will provoke the dog to jump and catch it.

This can be dangerous for the driver. An act like this may scare the driver and force them to make a turn that will cause an accident in traffic.

Even if everyone inside the car is unharmed, the damage it may cause on the road is too much to risk.

6. Provide Dog Items That Will Keep Them Busy

You’ll find tons of toys and items for dogs on the market. It’s wise to bring their favourite toy on the road as this can keep them busy for hours. Suppose it’s a rubber duck they love chewing.

Throw it before them, and you’ll be driving calmly for hours.

Tricks like these can really save you from trouble on the road. Keep heavy foods and treats away, as they may cause nausea and irritation to your dog.

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Instead, bring toys, some light foods, and water to keep them hydrated.

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